Zoomable flashlight for airsoft

Hi, I want to buy zoomable flashlight for airsoft and I was searching on ebay and DX but there are a lot of flashlights and I do not know much about them. Can someone suggest me something? My conditions are: 1. Runtime more than one hour on biggest bright (if there are more modes), 2. Strong light (big bright), 3. Option to buy pressure switch, 4. Price max 50 dollars or euros, 5. From shop with international free shipping.

Welcome to the family, Azuritko!

If you use the search, there are numerous threads for gun lights.

Pressure switches are most common for popular lights like the Ultrafire P60 hosts (501/502/etc) and C8 thrower.

You can look through this list: http://www.manafont.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=pressure+switch&log=&x=0&y=0

The WA555 model they sell might interest you.

It is hard to find something ideal. If there is good zoom, there is no pressure switch. If there is pressure switch, there is no zoom. If there is zoom and pressure switch, the zoom mechanism is only slideing without screw. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1600LM-CREE-XML-T6-LED-Zoom-Adjustable-Focus-Waterproof-Flashlight-Torch-5-Model-/280804648532?pt=US_Flashlights&hash=item416142e654

Get a C8 style xml with a custom 1mode driver along with your pressure switch. The C8 has a pretty good size reflector in a small package. Some of those lights you listed, although had zoomable aspheric lenses but still a little too small IMO to be anything special. The bigger the lense/reflector, the farther it will throw.

Why a C8?

  • Lighter than dual battery torch
  • Cheap - $15 - 20
  • Good spill and can reach 100 yards no sweat
  • Pressure switch easy to find and again cheap <$10
  • Easy to upgrade LED and 17mm driver

I do not recommend stock zoomable torches. They are usually underdriven and therefore not very bright. 1600 lumens? Not on your life! Not to mention hard to find a pressure switch for it if it doesn't come with one. You can upgrade the driver and customize a pressure switch but may be too much work. You didn't say if you are able or willing to spend time and effort to modify/sodder.

Don't get me wrong. I love zoomable flashlights but I think a light like the C8 would be your best bet and most amount of lumens for the $.

Most importantly you want a one mode light that turns on high every time you press that pad. One good quality 18650 battery should give you more enough light for 1hour of Airsoft play since its not on all the time. Just carry a spare with you in case you need it. I usually don't opt to buy the torch and battery as a set from the dealer because those batteries are usually lower quality. Those dual battery torches can get a little heavy on your gun.

Anyways that my $0.02 and good luck.

I was thinking about lumens, that reality is much different from what is written.
So you are suggesting something like this?

And I am not sure with batteries, because they deffer a lot in prices even if they are same type and brand. I have there two examples, which one would you prefer?

P.S. Thank you for your good suggestions.

The C8 and switch you linked look right. I never bought from that ebay seller before so cant comment. I would spend a few $ more and buy from a more trusted seller like Manafont as agenthex pointed out. Kaidomain is another option too.

I would stay away from those 4000mA Ultrafire You linked. I know they are fake because 18650 batteries don't have capacity over 3400mA. There are so many fake Ultrafires on eBay that most people here just avoid them altogether.

These Trustfires are ok. I bought a pair to try them out. as I recall the tested capacity was around 2500mA at 3A. there are better if you do the research but they get more expensive for better performance and better capacity.


let us know how you pan out. Take your time and do the research. We'll help you out if we can.