Zoomie Headlamp

Are there any decent brands that have a variable focus system like led lenser? Their headlamps are very popular in New Zealand but cost way too much and I’d like to sell something similar

You can see many models of TIR zoomies here:

There are some headlamps as well. Please note that it’s not a list of recommendation-worthy lights but merely a list of whatever the members could find.

Thank you, i used the search beofre posting and found similar threads. I was just hoping there was a recent brand making them

Why is it that Led Lenser are the only brand making zoomie headlamps? They’re extremely popular

No, they are not the only. You can find several others there.

Led Lenser has a patent on zooming TIR lenses. I believe the other brands that offer similar lights either pay them or (in the case of cheap Chinese brands) - are unavailable outside of China.

Ah, so it’s a patent on all TIR zoomies, I always thought you just couldn’t copy the exact way they built it. That explains everything, thank you

The first “headlamp” I had was a zoomable one, a cheappo sold in local chinese store. It takes 3xAAA, High-Low-Strobe-OFF, weird wannabe LED, push-pull.

In AliExpress (my fav place for shopping this stuff) there are several models, but I’m not sure if any one is good.
The Boruit D20 seems a reasonable option, but I’m not sure about UI.

Led Lenser will probably have a cleaner beam I guess.

Is the D20 a patent design with TIR? I don’t want to get into trouble selling them

D20 is a fair quality host. Reasonably lightweight, solid, overall well built. Very good for the price.
Do note that D20 is not fully waterproof. And the lens is not great…but better than the only Led Lenser that I’ve seen so far.
In Boruit Headlamp Review D10 (aka. EHL0628) - King of the Budget Headlamps? there’s a lot of discussion about D10 / D20 / D25 family of lights…though mostly about D10.
Here’s a review:
Ultimate Headlamp Review Comparison!

Do note that there are differences between seemingly identical lights:

  • some are glued, others are not
  • some have headbands with weak holders. They don’t hold the flashlight securely. Seek the ones which have a nub in the middle:

UI can be improved, Quadrupel offers custom drivers which are compatible with Andruil.

As to the legalese…I can’t give you a quality answer so I won’t even try. Maybe other members will help, if not - study the subject yourself or ask a technically-competent lawyer.