Zooming bulbs

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon this Yuji bulb:

I thought it was very cool. But pricey, $40 per bulb plus $25 shipping. And 65 lm/W leaves something to be desired.

Recently I noticed that IKEA carries a zoomie GX53 bulb:

It’s CRI90 only and GX53 which is a rare format though. At $5 I would buy one without hesitating except that to try it I need to buy a lamp as well. I wonder whether it’s reasonably easy to swap LEDs for some better ones.

Do you know any other zoomie bulbs?
Have you used one?
What do you think?

I see that there are GX53 to E27 adapters available:

I’m going to try one.

My adapters have arrived and I bought the IKEA bulb.

I have mixed feelings. The beam is nice. Zooms quickly between mule-like and wide spot.
But the beam is TIR-like in that even in the spot mode there’s wide spill. And actually the spot itself is quite wide. I wanted to use it in night lamps which I would focus where it’s needed on low setting to avoid polluting the room with light and therefore reduce the effect on the sleeping spouse.
It won’t work for that.

The zooming movement is very short and there’s a large difference between static and dynamic friction of the mechanism. This means that once I start zooming, I often arrive at the opposite end before I react to “it started moving”. I guess it needs practice.

What is interesting is that compared to TIR zooming flashlight, this one doesn’t have a donut hole in the beam in intermediate zoom level. Me likes that!