Zooming C8 Host with De-domed XP-G2 - Complete with average beamshots

Oh right so its just the same but you use the blank contact board instead of the driver. Oh well, that will be the next project.

Maybe a dereelight nightmaster with a direct drive de-domed XP-G2

use these:


Cool, thanks for that!

You’ll have to sand the edges down a tad to get it to fit!

Plus, try these:


Or these:


Thanks, I already have the wires. I ordered a bunch of stuff from IOS a while back, wire, spare AR lenses, a whole heap of different sized springs, heaps of rubber boots, gaskets, emitter centering gaskets, tweezers and I bought some Armtek Nyogel for the threads.

Now I just order the specific parts as I need them.

Who or what is IOS?

Oh wait….Intl Outdoor?

Intl Outdoor Store. The same place that you have been linking to. haha

Damn….too slow on the edit there!

how the f* do I add pics?

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from photobucket or something?

tried that, no good!

if you copy the link from photobucket it will have on either end. Thats no good. you need just the www.sdfadsfasdf.jpg etc with the exclamation marks either side.

I’ll try later lol

Nice job LSX on the completion of your build. I’m looking forward to your next mod.

Thanks mate! Not decided what I will do next but whatever it is I think I am going to try a direct drive.

NMV2 would give you around 260KCD in direct drive.

But if you are worried with efficiency like I take Dereellight 2MT-M pill(2×18650 2,8A driver) and put your XP-G2 on copper star.

From start to finish results are 220KCD(7meters) without light loss. After one hour I stopped with measuring.

It was hot but not as hot as XP-G2 on nanjg 105C 8×7135 driver with single cell that can provide nice light for just few minutes. So it travels from 250 - 150KCD…

Nanjg can not compete with stock dereelight driver(although it has only tiny 26AWG wires - I did not wanted to swap them with 22AWG because that looks pretty risky to me)…

Thanks for that. What is the cheapest place for buying Dereelight’s? I haven’t seen them listed in many places.

Dereelight dot com?

Yeah I know about that one obviously, just wasn’t sure if there was any other online retailers selling them. Most of the lights I have bought from retailers are farrr cheaper than what the manufacturer are selling them for on their own website.

Now see,

I’m having doubts, in the thread “A perfect dedome” there’s lots of ‘goo’ mentioned after petrol dedomering!!

What to do what to do…….

Well for what it’s worth, there was zero goo left on mine.