Zooming Model List (2018 Updated) Tell us about your newest zoomie!

Anyone know of a pocket clip that works for the Nicron N81?

I probably wouldn’t use the light without a pocket clip.

It appears that you have to go through the blinky modes as part of the mode sequence and can’t avoid them without turning the light off for a moment before you get to them and then turning the light back on to get high mode again. Is that correct? At least you don’t have to go through the blinky modes to turn the light off.


Thank you! I'd like to see the switch assembly and the pill, if possible without destroying your light.

A nice looking, fairly compact 18650 twisty zoomie:


A fairly small 18650 zoomie, 27x115mm.


And another, 117x25mm
This one comes with 2 LEDs, white and UV


A seriously small 26650 zoomie, 106x30mm:

For comparison, Emisar D4S is 105x39 mm.
I see a recommendation to avoid it I’m not sure if that’s a killer for someone looking for a modding host.

18650, 117x23 mm


I am proud of the latest finding.
Some may remember Aleto N8. With 108x24 mm size it was one of the smallest 18650 zoomies ever manufactured.
Firelight2 modded one to create probably the smallest 18650 zoomie ever made.

Aleto N8 was availabe for sale only for a while and disappeared years ago.

Now I found a Yaoming light that appears very similar but, a sign of the times, comes with a USB port under the bezel.
Sadly, so far I found 0 information about it outside of what is on the sale page. Among others - I don’t know the size.
It is not present on Yaoming website and I failed to find other sellers. I asked Yaoming about it.


Anyone managed to find small zoomie host with glass aspherical lens, 18650 cell only (1”, 25mm tube), andodized threads as very important lock out safety feature, without redundant parts like usb charging port?

Only 1 light with everything mentioned is On the Road Z821 which seems discontinued…

I found a cheap clone of On The Road Z821:


This Yaoming brand does have a bunch of very interesting looking lights. Too bad no information of how they perform or modability.

I purchased it…the seller didn’t ship. I messaged them to find out whether the failure to ship was some temporary or permanent issue but got no response. :frowning:

That sucks but with ocassional sellers on Aliexpress, it sometimes takes a Loooooonggg time to ship. But good news is you will get your refund if you open a dispute against the seller.

Since the seller didn’t claim it was shipped, I got an immediate refund.

Yea that’s the good thing with Aliexpress. Their buyer’s protection is much better than Banggood. I’ve disputed with BG several times and although I got what I wanted each time, it took more effort and a longer process. I just wish the prices on Ali could match BG.

Well at least you got your refund.

I’m curious as to whether that is really 18650 or if it is actually AA/14500. From the picture the cut of the lens and heatsink fins looks closer to the standard AA version than the Aleto N8’s 18650 version.

Yeah, I got the Nicron N81 because I saw it here and liked the look of it - and the blinky modes are part of the main sequence.
However, I’m okay with that since it doesn’t have mode memory, and also doesn’t have a lot of brightness modes - if I missed the one I wanted, it’s simple enough to turn the light off and try again.

Anyone used the Wuben L60, which will be on sale for $25.83 on 11/11 and could be even cheaper with coupons

The Wuben LT35 Pro looks interesting too but is not on sale.

The reflector is painted white instead of black. I’m guessing it minimize lumen loss.

The L60 is on sale for ~$18 at amazon

There’s not much search results for L60 but The LT35 (not pro) looks remarkably similar to L60

I was going to order it for that price but turns out the code doesn’t work. Guess it is expired. The LT35 Pro looks like a smaller head version of the L60.

Cheap 18650 light with side switch and USB port:


This seems to be one of the smallest AA zoomies, 20x90 mm:


Would like to get one but a little cheaper. :wink: