Zooming Model List (2018 Updated) Tell us about your newest zoomie!

Although declared as a zoomie this is reflector light? So this is zoom style reflector light. Like maglight? :slight_smile:

I missed the reflector. It may be a maglight-style zoomie and the use of a word “focusing” clearly suggest some zoom mechanism. But I’ve seen Chinese people call other lights which simply had twisty UI “zooming” - and this seems to have a magnetic ring.
So it may be just a translation error.

Rcv'd it today! Not bad - quite bright in flood mode, and much wider flooder than a 1504, and wayyy easier/faster to zoom in/out - it's a slider!! Stiff enough to not easily go on it's own. The head diam is 80 mm, maybe ~79 mm at the widest so the lens looks the same width as the 1504, no bigger. Ugly UI, as expected - gotta click thru all modes to turn it off: hi-med-lo-strobe. Hold button down for 3 secs and it auto switches modes - no advantage there.

The 7 square images at max spot mode is pretty bad... Been testing it on the provided no label cell as-is, and still the light does well. Might be a boost driver, not sure yet. No square threads on this budget light, but nice o-rings on the batt tube, big thick tail spring. Side e-switch feels pretty good, actually, and the condition is bout perfect - no dings or noticeable imperfections. It's a big light though - wayy longer than a 1504. You'd think it could take 2 18650's given it's length, but there's a lot of wasted space.

My favorite high end flashlight brand SkyWolfEye® has this new sleek AA zoomie:


It’s the AA version of this beauty:

The AAA version i already have, so i had to order the AA version too.
It’s nice and compact, as opposed to the good old SK68 design.
It’s possibly the most compact (read thin walled) AA zoomie on the market.
Luckily they make it of military grade aircraft aluminium (recycled WWII planewrecks?)

Is the lens any good?
I bought a 1504 head in the past, and the glass lens wasn’t what i expected… Only suitable for large die LEDs…

Oh hey, i missed that one!
It seems to be listed no longer, but maybe i’ll find it, as part of the SkyWolfEye® sleek zoomie series. :slight_smile:
(there’s also a 2x AAA version by the way)

Well I got two 1504's and got ~500 kcd on a good dedomed good XPG2, also got a red and green pill and they do very well. I made up a 1504 pill with a SBT90.2 recently and measured 545 kcd at 21 amps.

Dunno, but I think it does well, maybe not as good as a B158 for it's size, but they are the best performing aspherics I have.

For this P10 light, haven't taken measurements yet but won't really know til I get a decent LED in it.

Comparing the P10 stock to the 1504 w/SBT90.2, the spot on the 1504 is much brighter (measured ~2400 lumens at 30s, calibrated) but much narrower. The flood mode on the P10 is nice and wide, and of course is about perfect compared to reflectors or TIR's. Looking down at the LED, the P10's LED appears to be closer to the lens - it zooms about 37 mm, while the 1504 zooms about 23 mm.

Found the 3x AAA / 18650 version:

And yes, it should be able to fit 21700 too, after modding the tailcap (a bit of reaming, spring super-glued on the back of an ‘Omten 1288’ (no PBC), switch boot without nub)

This is a R / G / W zoomie light, soon to be reviewed, the Brinyte Artemis T28.

It has a “twist head”, but unlike other zoomies, it doesn’t have a convex lens. It has a flat lens which I don’t know how to designate!

Within some days I will post the review on this !

Must be a “Fresnel lens” then.

Usually not a good choice for flashlights though…

You found it for a reasonable price. :+1:
If the problems with my AAA are what you guessed (I don’t yet have the time to check) I’m going to get one soon. :slight_smile:

Hmmm…this host with 21700 and tail e-switch mod…not a bad dream to have. :slight_smile:

Review and nice mod of Skywolfeye B18:

That guy is funny.
Good to know how to make the driver single mode. :+1:

Say, if anyone is looking for a Brynite B158, they’re very much available on ALiExpress:


They’re just not called Brynite anymore, apparently.


Even the B158B is out there:



Hm, I bought some Skywolfeye 18650 lights a few years back and found them very lightweight, thin metal, kind of fragile.
How does the current batch feel for hand weight/sturdiness?

They have so many different models with their name on it, you’ll have to be more specific.

I found one for a better price:


€ 4.07 + 0.49 shipping.

Elsewhere on BLF, someone posted about a deal on a zoomie:

Did anyone catch this yet? A big long 2-cell zoomie. I swear they’re targeting their ads based on something they know about me ….

Price: US$15.99


I see quite a few good looking lights made by cheapo brands lately.
Xanes in particular.
This is of course a fake XHP 70 though, but could be replaced by a real XHP50 (and the LED PCB too).

Yes I purchased one. Pretty sure the led is a fake. But its still not bad for the price. It is very mod-able.
One very good cheap zoomie is the Haikelite HT35 with the XHP35HD led from Banggood for $39.99 us. with code: BGRA from finn17.

I have the HT35 XHP-35 HD CW and I love it, my favorite right now. Mostly use it on low with wide spread. Using the Shockli 26650 IMR 5500mAh from Mountial Electronics.