Zooming Model List (2018 Updated) Tell us about your newest zoomie!

B158 here for less than 1/2 the price, but in red or green: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32831194642.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dAcJRJS

This is where I bought my last one. I got a SBT90.2 in a B158 now - not bad! Roughly ~300 kcd but it drops fast.

(oops! - corrected)

Asafee one looks way better and appears to have a better switch but who knows what you actually get. Maybe someone else will try and report back :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report on the performance of that one. A B158 is on my shortlist of upcoming purchases, and I’m always afraid of getting a clone with a under-performing lens.

I’m curious if the HT11 performs equivalently to the B158 in terms of throw. If so, that’d be a better investment IMO having the interchangeable heads. It looks like the HT line might share pills with the B158 as well, which would be a nice bonus.

I really like that (at least in their pictures) they don’t have any markings/laser etchings on them. Really a pet peeve of mine with otherwise nice lights.

I’m going to write to them and see if I can get a ‘BLF’ package including an extra pill or two and all the heads. I doubt it’ll save me any $$ though over just getting each full light. We’ll see…

14500 USB rechargable zoomie with side (momentary?) switch:


If anyone is interested, I'm still working on my big head zoomie, the Xanes X915 P10 bought here, talked about here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/41081/401.

I have a 17mm FET+1 driver installed with my Anduril version, and working on mounting the flat white W1 LED on a 28 mm MCPCB, and adding a copper heatsink under the shelf. I'm hoping to kill off some voltage/amps by using thin long LED wires. Already replaced the driver side brass button with a spring, and it's got a big amp killing tail spring already.

Decided to go with a W1 instead of an SBT90.2 because the LED wires have to be very long for this light, and thermally, it's a typically poorly designed zoomie for heat mgt. Also the lens turns out to be about the same width as a UniqueFire 1504, and I already have a SBT90.2 in a 1504.

Using a FET+1 because I want to get as close to 6 amps as possible and don't have any other choice to run Anduril on to get 6 amps out of a 17 mm driver, least I'm aware of. (?)

Oh, with Anduril, I got the side blue and green LED's wired up, actually to 2 different input pins so in theory, they can be used/controlled separately. Right now stock Anduril doesn't take advantage of that though. Think the support was in the FireFlies config files.

I have one of those. It was sold as a Nebo Redline.

It looks quite nicely built with a side electronic switch, built-in USB support, and a tailcap magnet.

Unfortunately, the feeling that this might be a good light only lasted until I turned it on.

  • The output is cool white and quite dim. I’m not sure what the LED is, but if it’s like previous Nebo Redline entries, it is not using a CREE, or even a CREE clone. The LED’s output seems like something I would expect in an 5 or 8 year old light. It’s dim. My guess is 100 lumens max output.
  • I also worry about durability… the red line between the bezel and the head is a trademark of the Nebo Redline series lights. It is made of translucent red plastic and glows brightly when the light is on. But this also seems to be a major point of weakness. Most similar zoomies have a metal bezel that screws into a metal head. But in the Redline, that thin red plastic is all that’s holding the bezel and lens on. There is no metal-to-metal contact in the head. I worry that if I drop the light bezel down onto a hard surface, the red plastic might crack and possibly destroy the head.
  • The light makes no attempt to be waterproof or even water resistant. The USB socket under the zoom bezel is not sealed in any way.
  • The UI is high-low-off, with double-click for strobe. You have to cycle modes to turn the light off.
  • The entire light is also quite long. It is longer than some 18650 lights even though it uses a 14500.

NOTE: I have not tried opening this light to test modding potential, but I did try modding a smaller Nebo Redline that used a CR123 cell. that previous Redline proved an unsuitable host for modding. It had barely any superstructure around the LED and insufficient mass to run an LED at full power with a 16340.

Is this CountryMan B1 the first 21700 zoomie?


Another 18650 zoomie with side switch and DC charging:


Although it has a Fresnel lens, Brinyte has the T28 Artemis that is a 21700 zoomie.
Then lens is different, though and it has 3 different leds inside (in an oscillating platform to alternate between White, Red and Green).

Zanes big zoomie, X915 P10, mod is done! Some details: posts #17 and #18 here

Summary : white flat W1, FET+1 Anduril, long 24 AWG LED wires to reduce amps: 717 kcd measured at 5m.

Nice work! Did you ever get a measurement of the lens? Functional diameter?

Ok, got the #'s, posted in the mod thread here as well, along with more pics/info including swapping with the 1504 glass:

Bezel Bezel Lens

Outer Opening Outer Bubble

Zanes X915: 67.0 62.0 65.5 61.0 mm

1504: 67.0 59.2 66.6 62.1 mm

26650 zoomie with powerbank and unusual styling:


New to me 3*18650 zoomie:


Your above link is broken Agro, here is fixed.

Anyway, at 40 pieces per lot and nearly $700 pricetag…

Thx, fixed in my post as well.

:open_mouth: Sounds overly impressive…. “Dynamics Direct Light Illuminator is the un-flashlight”

Sounds overly bullshite, but that's just me.

Patented. Well, people should learn to “not touch or deal with patented stuff even with a ten feet pole”. Patents must die as they are. Without patents involved, everyone's happy except maybe the morons those who think they have the right to confiscate our knowledge.

Other than this, the CALS must be some small variarion of Led Lenser's focusing system just to meet what is required for a new patent. A sick sheesh which is the bread-and-butter in the pharma industry.

Yes, I let myself go a bit. And proud of it LoL.

AA right-angle zoomie: