Zooming Model List (2018 Updated) Tell us about your newest zoomie!

Amutorch E3 - 21700, triple LED TIR optic, 95 mm long, 25.4 mm batt tube width. Head is a bit wide - worse spot at 29 mm, but it's not a standard round shape. It's about as compact you can get for a 21700. Quadrupel layed out a FET+1 driver for it - I uploaded it in OSHPark here: https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/4p0UsWYK. I got 3 of these boards ordered, wait'n.

On BG here. Neals' site here.

If I ever have disposable income again, I really need to try a couple of Amutorch’s lights. In my eyes, they’ve really been trying to innovate, even if (last I checked anyway) they wouldn’t know a good UI if it bit them on the nose.

Larger form bat factor gives more juice… But why we should go in that direction?Larger bats and flashlights? We should strive to as smaller form/performance factor possible.
There will come day when we will have low current draw emitters(diodes) which will give give max performance at lets say 1A current draw with surface brightness cd/mm2 over 500…

That is already happening in 850 IR spectrum with technology called VCSEL laser (on Samsung INR 30 Q and linear 7135 driver I have around 3 hours of runtime with 1A draw, and more than 1 kilometer of IR throw with 20mm lens zoomie over night vision equipment).

And of course when that technology appears it will happen what I predicted years ago. Zoomie form lights will become no. 1 light. Cause we will have extreme thrower/flooder in right pocket of our T-shirt.

Agro original post here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/41081/501

Ok, there's a lot goin in this post, but, I ordered the first listed "Pocketman" zoomie for under $8 at the time and it finally arrived today! Only took ~7 weeks, but for under $8. Overall look is ok. As expected, classic cheapy/cheezy 5 modes, nice blue tint, but it puts out a lot of light. Finish and optics is decent, but the tailcap - major issues. The threading doesn't match up well - the tailcap is bigger, gotta play with it to get a good lock down, but it's do-able. Bought it more for mod potential so the driver and LED would go. Fully zoomed out I get a nive cross pattern for the cheap/clone XHP50, so I think the focus is ok, and it's got a pretty wide flood mode which is good.

Price went up from $7.nn to $10.nn. I find that happens a lot after I order one. I think it's something that's a common practice - first few order are dirt cheap, and if it sells, then bump up the profit.

Does the Skywolfeye B16 take only AAA or also 10440 or NiMH?

It works with all these chemistries.

Thanks Agro! :slight_smile: That’s great news. Just returning the Led Lenser P3R due to ring artefacts in beam both zoomed in and out. Let’s hope the B16 does a better job at 1/20th of the price :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. what 10440 do you use with it? Apparently button top (protected?) due to earlier uncertainty on whether it takes flat tops?

1) Lumintop Zoom1 doesn’t seem to be in the list on the first page yet? Uses XPL-HD, takes in 21700 or 18650 battery, with built-in USB charging port.

2) Nicron B22W doesn’t seem to be listed: it uses 2xAAA, although the zooming is quite small, and low lumens. I think the LED is LH351B.

3) Sofirn S11-B (uses XPL-HD LED?? need to be verified) and Sofirn S11 v2.0 (supposedly uses LH351D), uses 18650, built-in USB-C charging port, twist head to zoom, cylindrical shape body (including the head)

4) Convoy Z1 (SST40) doesn’t seem to be listed yet. I think it uses 21700 battery.

5) Wuben L60 appears to be the exact same flashlight as the Wuben LT35, same LED, similar UI (very slight difference in UI between the LT35 and L60: LT35 includes SOS in regular cycle, whereas on the L60, SOS mode is not part of regular cycle, but instead accessed via double-half-press. Otherwise, physically and performance appear to be exactly the same.

I’m looking into the Convoy Z1. My interest is as a semi-floody walking light with throw capability in one unit.

The only throw figures I can find are on Gearbest, which shows 150 metres. Does that sound right? My 18650 tube light has half the power and more throw.

It comes in 4 mode or 12 group versions. The 12 group (biscotti?) is advertised with thermal regulation. Is that new? I thought it was limited to the 4 mode only.

Also, does anyone know if it’s a push-pull or twist zoom?

I use PKCELL 10440, button top. IDK if flat top works but I think it should.

Unfortunately the first page hasn’t seen an update for a long while.

It looks like twist but I can’t tell for sure.

That throw figure sounds wrong. For the lens size and any decently-driven emitter, 150m should be easy. If that figure were correct, we’d be looking at the following: under-driven emitter (could be due to bad thermals), insufficient lens travel (doesn’t focus fully).

I’m really excited for someone to get one, though. It should throw like the Jaxman Z1 for half the price.

Convoy Z1 is a twisty. :frowning:

Do we know the throw for Jaxman Z1 models, specifically the XHP50?

That would be perfect for hunting purpose(gun recoil) but only with 25.4mm, 1” body. Hope that Simon will offer 1x18650 version of this light in a future.

Simon I like you and your Z1 is probably good start…
But ultimate zoomie(from mine personal hunter stand of view) should have PC or acrylic lens(shock resistance), Aluminum pill with retaining rings for MCPCB and Driver (easier to assemble for manufacturer and easier to modd by us), above mentioned will also lead to great flashlight weight loss, good anodization on threads and body as your Z1 has but only in wrong diameter! 1” body rules for different kinds of mounting solution, and all serious hunting flashlights have 1” body.
Mechanism is something that is personal preference but for larger zoomies is hard to achieve good push-pull zoomie without head wobbling and I think twisty is good solution.

I think your next one could have mentioned properties cause it will not be only good for hunters. It will be good to almost any zoom flashlight user.

I also have mounted a lot of lights on ARs, long rifles, and shotguns. I particulately love Lexel’s FET tail switch for triggering them. :+1:

However, I’ve been surprised how older “specialty hunting” lights (I’ve replaced) are NOT 1”. Most are proprietary in size and mount and cost over $100 (just 5 years or so ago). I completely agree that scope rings for 1” scopes make great (cheap) mounts and my older 18650 C8Fs fit perfectly in standard rings which attached to a rail or some other mounting system.

I’ve never had problems with AR glass with recoil on several standard 18650 lights I’ve modded and mounted. Haven’t tried a 300 WinMag or anything over about 16 ft/lbs of kick though (270 Win.)

I do replace springs sometimes with thicker stuff to keep the batter in place during recoil. I also use some of Lexel’s drivers with FULL turbo memory and a single mode option is nice. The C8Fs I just ran direct, no driver… the voltage into the three LEDs is a perfect fit to a high drain 18650. I’ve run C8a and KDLitker C8.2 lights as well and they held up nicely.

I agree a zoomer might be cool on something like a coyote gun (22-250) and I AM now working with the Sofirn C8G (in 30mm scope rings btw) because it does indeed hold turbo memory “on” in its stock driver and man… does it THROW WAY OUT THERE! 300 yards through good glass is easy with this light, but a zoomer might be easier still.

Try 30mm rings with some shimming and you can step up to a thicker light. Just some ideas for you.

Reflector AR glass(or any glass) has nothing with aspherical glass lens. And sure it will withstand any caliber. Even aspherical glass lens will withstand some abuse but that is not the point. Plastic aspherical lenses are years ahead glass lenses(performance, shockproof) and yet most manufacturers are forcing production with glass lens.

I am specialized for aspherical lights modding(although I did quite a bit of reflector lights) and I find anything below 250KCD not worthy enough for hunting(1000 meters of throw ansi). Zoomie can cover all hunting situation (distant scope hunting or close up hunting situations) it is far more versatile than any reflector light, and I have tried almost every “premium” hunting reflector lights from Maxtoches to Olights and they certainly can’t impress me… They are giving to much light for close up situations and spill out of reflector lights freaks out the game, attracts more bugs to your position, it reflects from sound moderator & barrel which messes with scope vision or night vision device if you use reflector as a host for IR light etc…

For hunting 1” is standard because different popular mounting solutions (magnetic mount, adjustable mount, burris adjustable ring mounts etc.), and while 30mm could pass for some configuration it is not desirable cause 18650 batteries are more standard one and more available on market than 21700 (only BLF and CPF nation knows differences, advantages, etc. but regular people are hardly familiar even with 18650 format ) and because you have as lighter setup on a rifle as possible.

Different kind of zoomie host are no 1. hunting configuration in Europe/UK used from IR lights to flashlights.

Here on BLF are very cool and knowledgeable guys but we don’t have to much hunters here(and that is ok) but on nightvisionforumuk you have hunters from all over the world. Peek a little…

I’ll take a peek :wink:

I’ve build a couple of IR lights and was using night vision in ’99 when the first gen stuff was selling public. As a pig hunter (usually using a 6.8 spc) I prefer (a small monocular) night vision to find them right up to the opening shot- then I light the field bright and wide with 4000 lumens of white light and shoot through decent glass at low power. The ONLY thing I’ll shoot over 300 yards AT NIGHT is a coyote, and there are plenty “within range” at that distance anyway- I’m not a sniper :wink:

Yep, I’ve shot through thermal too and it’s nice for around $7k (minimum for the decent stuff IMO) on a loaded rig with a LOT of IR support- usually meaning several people with lights. But when I’m out stocking pigs and yotes without night vision/thermal (95% of the time) I like a nice bright light with some spill on my guns. And many pigs (and yotes) have been shot in that white light over the years since I first put a C8 on my 223 bold gun about 7 years ago.

So for a one man show (and seventh gen. rancher’s kid) who likes to hunt by myself and whenever I want… the C8F (and I hope C8G) do a good job for anyone who can shoot. And while the weight of the C8G is something, I don’t feel it as a lot weight on my rifles. The 6.8 SPC is around 7 1/2 lbs with 10 rounds+light) while thermal scopes and IR gear are heavier, cumbersome and just isn’t something I “grab” going out the back door for a hunt whenever I feel like it. :beer:

We have decent thermal rifle scope with build in rangefinder for around 2.5K GBP (PARD T-Pro 12µm 42mm Thermal scope).

So IF you have build your own IR lights than you know how reflector light host is inferior to zoom host. Or you did not try zoomie at all?

Just don’t tell zoomie lacks of this and that… Join to NVFUK and you’ll see that all serious IR lights are zoomies now-days(some with sophisticated multi lens system, some simple glass/plastic aspheric), and new technology for IR light is VCSEL laser(1 mile of throw with 30mm aspheric host).

In one word while reflector lights can be used and are used in a different hunting situations zooming lights (modded of course - very few manufacturers do good zoomies out of a box) are simply better.