Why do you buy lights without High-CRI emitters?

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sbslider wrote:
I would likely use the Manker more if it did not have the funky UI. I think when I first got it I liked it, but having to hold to turn off always throws me off now. I much prefer click off.

I also much prefer to click off. I hate the hold for off on my Utorch S1 Mini, but I tolerate it for other benefits over an Olight S Mini. The battery check flashes on the Utorch are very useful to me, the Olight minis do not have that. Also the Olights are tough to open, the Utorch bezel unscrews easily and the lens is Nichia friendly, the Olight Tirs are not.

If I could have an Olight with a 4000k Nichia, that would make a big difference, but I gave up on that, which is why the Utorch entered the scene.

I was also curious about the Utorch aspheric. I love it as an indoor headlamp. otoh It sucks for anything more than 10’ away. The Olights and Zebras are much better at that, due to the narrower beams. otoh, I felt the Olight sucked as a headlamp indoors.. courses for horses.