[Banggood x Freeme GAW] ASTROLUX EC01 21700 EDC Flashlight - Official ENDED

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[Banggood x Freeme GAW] ASTROLUX EC01 21700 EDC Flashlight - Official ENDED


All winners will be contacted soon. 


In conjunction with our ASTROLUX EC01 Group Buy this week,

we are going to giveaway few units for this brand new model to our dear readers.



for All the Support for ASTROULX!



How to Join?

(Part 1) Simply reply in this thread with I'm in magic words.

Answer this question (Part 2) "What kind of flashlight(s) would you like ASTROLUX to make for you guys"?




• Joined before Aug 14, 2019; active member with at least 30 posts.

• Four lucky winners will be chosen using random.org number generator.

• Winners are required to respond within a week from notification date in order to be eligible winners. Winners that do not respond will be forfeited.

• [IMPORTANT] Limited to one entry per account. Member(s) with multiple posts will be disqualified.

• Closing date: Sep 15, 2019 (Beijing time GMT+8)

• 1theDeals shall have the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify these terms and conditions.





• No purchase is required from 1theDeals.com or Banggood.com, but you are welcome to drop by to check our stores.

• Neither do I represent Banggood nor I  am an employee for their company.

• My role is to host giveaway on behalf for these companies. PERIOD.



Banggood x Freeme Giveway is proudly sponsored by: 



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I’m In

I would like Astrolux to… make a thinner version of the A01, keep exploring 21700 powered lights. offer a simple click-on – long press to ramp – click off – Long Press to minimum power UI (specifically in the S1, but I’ll take it where I can), offer the fancy multi-color finish on a few more items, and expand the rainbow of colors to lights other than the A01

DIY LT1 battery wrap image. "PDF on Google Drive":https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IHIEOi1NXu868IYNCzIM7D2Ulpxchmww

Fresh Sanyo NCR18650GAs already wrapped "for sale HERE":http://budgetlightforum.com/node/69120 if you like.

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I'm in


  1. Convoy C8 Clear XP-L Hi
  2. Manker MK35 XHP35 HI NW
  3. Convoy S2+
  4. Nitecore TM06s XM-L2 U3
  5. Astrolux FT03 SST40 5700k
  6. BLF Q8 XP-L 5000K
  7. Mateminco TK04 XHP50.2 6500K
  8. Convoy M21A Osram KW.CSLPM1.TG 6A
  9. Astrolux MF01S SST20 4000K

*more incoming

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I’m in – I’d love for Astrolux to make some sexy 365nm UV beast.

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I’m in. Thanks.

My dream flashlight is a headlight with 4x high CRI 4000K LED, 2x Li-ion on the back and Anduril UI.

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I’m in

I would like an Astrolux zoomie. A high spec one.

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I’m in.

Affordable LEP flashlight,preferably 21700 size.

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I’m in.
I want a version of ASTROLUX MF01 Mini use 21700 battery.

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I’m in! I would like to see Astrolux make a combination work light with a powerful flashlight attached. Nebo Tool makes some nice ones, but I think they need more power! Have a COB panel for flood and wide area attached to a flashlight with like 2500lm (xhp50.2?) But a nice beam pattern with moderate throw. Ron it off a single 26650, USB quick charge with ramping firmware.

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Im in thanks!
I would like Astrolux make a nice AAA light that uses 10440 battery.

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I’m in.

I would like that Astrolux makes a 21700 powered, 1,5 inch head, neutral white flashlight with high quality constant circuit driver and some great UI. Looking for running turbo mode almost until LVP kicks in.

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I’m in , Would like to see 21700 small EDC FL.

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I’m in
It would be nice if Astrolux could make a small EDC (AA) with a collar mode changer …great gift to elderly non flashaholics who may find it easy to use even with a bit of arthritis

Thanks Freeme and Astrolux

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I’m in…happily try to destroy it underground on a few caving trips!!!!

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I’m in, I’d like to see a 2×26650 searchlight with a good combo of flood and throw.

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I’m in

I would like an Astrolux to make a Ti pocket EDC light.

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I’m in

I’d like astrolux to make an active cooling flashlight with more than 15.000lm and +1000m reach

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I’m in. I would also like to see a LEP light that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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I’m in.

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I’m in.

14500, anduril, side button, 3000K-4000K high CRI Love

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I’m in!

21700, pocketable size, warmer tint perhaps?

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I’m in. Thank you!
I would like Astrolux to make a 21700 light with a side switch, an XP-L HI emitter and a 40mm TIR.
Simple UI with 1 click ON/OF, ramping from moonlight to turbo, 2 click strobe, and 3 click batt.check.
Able to go max till the LVP kicks in. Inductive/magnetic type charger. NO USB plug and rubbers please.
Edit: and a slightly crenulated SS bezel. Sorry.

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I’m in. straight or right-angled Compact 21700 single high CRI neutral white LED with a deep carry clip(please) that is not friction fit.

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I´m in.
I would like to see a triple 21700, 1Lm start, ramping,with good balance throw & Flood.

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I’m in Big Smile

Astrolux have achieved thrower, flooder and EDC lights already so I would like ASTROLUX make headlamp with nice efficient moon mode running for months (like Zabralight) and keep low production cost for mass sales.

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I’m in. An affordable LEP flashlight, or active cooling flashlight. Thanks!

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I’m in.

21700, 4000k Tint high cri thrower.

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I’m in

I’d love 21700 compact lights with good power (triple or quad or 50.2 or 70.2) in NW or WW tints. No usb charging necessary. Mostly flood with a little throw. Thanks!

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I’m in
I’d like some small 14500/AA or even smaller AAA headlamps.

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pro22000 wrote:
I’m in
I’d like some small 14500/AA or even smaller AAA headlamps.

have a look at the manker ones..

We use them as back ups for Caving and in our go bags… Amazing little things with good outputs/runtimes on 1 battery.. or look for the Fenix HL50 as that has an adapter so you can run it on a AA as well(uses CR123a normally)

Again I havethe HL50 usually one in the bottom of my caving gear and one in my go bag…

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I’m in!
Astrolux could make a 18650 headlamp, 2 emitters (throw/flood), high cri, Anduril