[Banggood x Freeme GAW] ASTROLUX EC01 21700 EDC Flashlight - Official ENDED

I’m in!

21700, pocketable size, warmer tint perhaps?

I’m in. Thank you!
I would like Astrolux to make a 21700 light with a side switch, an XP-L HI emitter and a 40mm TIR.
Simple UI with 1 click ON/OF, ramping from moonlight to turbo, 2 click strobe, and 3 click batt.check.
Able to go max till the LVP kicks in. Inductive/magnetic type charger. NO USB plug and rubbers please.

Edit: and a slightly crenulated SS bezel. Sorry.

I’m in. straight or right-angled Compact 21700 single high CRI neutral white LED with a deep carry clip(please) that is not friction fit.

I´m in.
I would like to see a triple 21700, 1Lm start, ramping,with good balance throw & Flood.

I’m in :smiley:

Astrolux have achieved thrower, flooder and EDC lights already so I would like ASTROLUX make headlamp with nice efficient moon mode running for months (like Zabralight) and keep low production cost for mass sales.

I’m in. An affordable LEP flashlight, or active cooling flashlight. Thanks!

I’m in.

21700, 4000k Tint high cri thrower.

I’m in

I’d love 21700 compact lights with good power (triple or quad or 50.2 or 70.2) in NW or WW tints. No usb charging necessary. Mostly flood with a little throw. Thanks!

I’m in
I’d like some small 14500/AA or even smaller AAA headlamps.

have a look at the manker ones…

We use them as back ups for Caving and in our go bags… Amazing little things with good outputs/runtimes on 1 battery… or look for the Fenix HL50 as that has an adapter so you can run it on a AA as well(uses CR123a normally)

Again I havethe HL50 usually one in the bottom of my caving gear and one in my go bag…

I’m in!
Astrolux could make a 18650 headlamp, 2 emitters (throw/flood), high cri, Anduril

I’m in

Big throwy floody torch like the MF01s, but with the ability to split from the battery pack and snap onto a headtorch with a (considerably) smaller battery.

I’m in please, I’d love for Astrolux to make a tube light similar to the emisar D4 in form factor but also like an Fw3A, so quad, with anduril and 21700 battery with the same rgb aux secondaries from D4 but with tail e-switch of the FW3A
PRETTY PLEASE :innocent:

I’m in.

Do a 16340 f/l.

I'm in ...

I'm into headlamps so I'd like a high cri light weight , multiple emitter two button usb rechargeable , no strobe ,easy to use interface with lots of options .multiple outputs in each mode ,one throw emitter one flood .

I’m in.

I’d like Astrolux to continue to make affordable quality flashlights for enthusiasts. I like compact designs that use 18650, 21700 and 26650 cells. I prefer 4000k emitters with a CRI over 80.

It rains a lot here in Wales, so water resistance is important to me.

I do not need or want a light that has built-in charging.

I’m in. How about an ultra small ,single emitter, side switch, 18650 EDC.

take a look at the fenix hc65…

worth the money…great alrounder…. Use mine above and below ground… even accidently whilst on a dive(yep was attached to a helmet at the time) nice tints…great throw…

I’m In

I would like Astrolux to make a compact flashlight that is powered by a 14500 / AA battery and runs Andúril UI.

I’m in.
I WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU COULD MAKE A POCKETABLE THROWER (LIKE C8 OR EMISAR D1 SIZE) THAT HAS AN COB LED RING ON THE OUT SIDE RIM FOR A OPTIONAL SPOTLIGHT. HUSKY HAS THIS CONCEPT (whick I will post a link below) but it’s not lithium powered, the tint stinks,not USB rechargeable, etc. I love your products and I believe this would be an amazing unique versatile flashlight that the community would love and would sell like hot cakes. Pm me if you have any further questions!