[Banggood x Freeme GAW] ASTROLUX EC01 21700 EDC Flashlight - Official ENDED

I’m in
I would like Astrolux to make a flashlight flooder 3* or 4*XHP50.2(4000K and 5000K) & 4*18650 or 3*21700
I would like Astrolux to make a flashlight in the shape of a parallelepiped 2* or 3*XHP50.2(4000K and 5000K) & 2*21700

I’m in! :laughing:

I would really like if Astrolux makes an upgraded version of the FT03/FT02 with better overall performance in terms of power and throw and better efficiency, also to keep having NW options with decent tints.

Thanks for the great GAW! :+1: :beer:

I’m in!

I would like to see an Astrolux camping lantern. Something you can use by the picnic table or hang on a tree or inside of a tent.

I`m in.

I’m in, headlamp maybe?

I’m in

I’d love to see the A01 resurrected as an AA/14500 light, but with a 2-stage switch (like the Wuben E-series).

Light twist for low or moonlight, snug for full-on.

Doesn’t need to be a screamer (heat) but a 1-piece tube is a must. Always loved the A01 because of that.

LH351B or -D would be an added bonus.

TIR lens instead of reflector an even bigger bonus.

I am in… I would like to see something EDC, compact and 21700 based.

I’m in.

I would like Astrolux to produce an affordable, titanium 18650 light that is very compact.

I’m in.

Would like an FT03 with the White Flat LED

I am in!

I would like an 14500 flashlight with anduril!

I’m in.

+1 what DAGG3R said -

I’m in.

Make a classy and compact AA/14500 light

I’m in.

I would like to see a flashlight with a hard electric side switch, carclo 10623, 4000k, high cri leds, 21700 battery, ss bezel, simple design like D4 (v1), anduril and of course mod friendly.
Or maybe camp lantern. Something similar to Fenix CL30R but high cri and 21700 battery.

I’m in.

I want more 2xAA or 4xAA Ni-Mh powered flashlights, preferably with usb charging


I’m in.
Something LEP.

I’m in!

I would like to see a Astrolux’s 18650 rotary light + 18350 tube.
Something like old version of Jetbeam RRT01 with some changes:

in example: centred cluster of four E21a 4500k 9080 and Tir lens

and indisputably:

short clip

Thank you for GAW!

I’m in.

I would like to see a single 18650 with max ~600 lumen, high CRI and the most efficient driver possible.

I’m in.

I would like to see an FT03 with the osram S2WP LED. I would also like to see a 21700 version of the MF01S with a slightly wider head, more emmiters and smaller optics.

I’m in.

I would like to see this flashlight with a 4000K Luxeon V emitter.

I would also like to see a very compact 16340, anduril driven light.

I’m in

I’d like to see a zoomie similar to the zeusray with (in an ideal world) the performance of the cometa with a xhp50.2 using anduril.

A head torch zoomie for smooth even flood with high cri LED