[Banggood x Freeme GAW] ASTROLUX EC01 21700 EDC Flashlight - Official ENDED

I am in.

Would like to see 14500 light.

I’m in. Still holding the S41…:slight_smile: Thanks for the GAW.

I’m in!

I really like Anduril firmware but no manufacturer making a single led 18650 EDC tube light with Anduril. All who use anduril make multi TIR led flooders and bigger not so pocket friendly lights. I want one with side switch 18650 battery and Anduril firmware and strong magnet in tailcap. Make it slim as possibble for 18650 and recess the button to avoid accidental activation. Samsung LH351D 5000K 90 CRI or XP-L HD 5000K led with OP reflector. No need XHP or SST40 leds because I want a usable light. Plenty of few second hotrod performers on the market today… Basically they can make the reflector single led version of S43 but with a strong magnet in tailcap instead of that thread thing. Deep carry pocket clip and maybe charging with USB-C but charging is not necessary for me. I charge every battery in separate chargers.

I’m in.

Please make all new torches with a choice in driver control for ON-50. 100-OFF.

I’m in!
I’d also like to see the A01 improved especially including a proper driver.

I’m in
I would like Astrolux to manufacture a 30000 lumens beast…

I am BLFast luminous! I wish Astrolux to invent the most convenient and practical, and the best flashlight in the world!

I’m in

I would enjoy an Astrolux AA / 14500 headlamp

I’m in

I’d like a compact thrower 21700 with USB C and powerbank function

I’m in.
I would like a 14500/AA with rotating head.

I’m not in…
…because I would like astrolux to also use neutral/warm white XHP50B and XHP70B with CRI90 even for throwers like the MT04S.

Nice giveaway but this LED’s CCT and CRI are not for me with already too many mods on my to do list.

I’m in!
Tiny pocket rockets, must have trit slots somewhere and aux led’s in the head.

I’m in!

How about a very slim, 18650 cell, TIR or OP reflector light with a Luxeon V LED? 4000K & 5700K tint options, recessed illuminated side switch, strong tail magnet, bi-directional deep carry pocket clip…. And make it bulletproof!

I’m in!
I would love a compact aspheric zoomie with a 21700, that can be fitted to a rifle for vermin hunting at night at distances of 200-300m.

I’m inside, I would like a mini edc, with 21700.

I’m In

I would like Astrolux to make the smallest 21700 flashlight.

I'm in.

What kind of flashlight(s) would you like ASTROLUX to make for you guys"?

A 2pxAA flood headlamp with a three-strap headband, battery pack on the rear, LMH modes, robust up/down tilt mechanism to aim for closeup work, mechanical clicky, neutral and /or warm color temp. High CRI would be desirable but not a deal breaker.


A 1x18650 T-shape headlamp (or with tiltable lens/emitter assy. separate from a rear battery holder) with the above features, plus LVP and compatibility with flat top cells.


I’m in. I would love to see more use of 26650 lights. Compact to super thrower and stepless diming.

I’m in.

I would want to see the Astrolux MF03 finally with 8-10 XHP70.2 leds, nice cooling in a big host and extreme brightness.

I’m in

would love to see a tiny 21700 pocket torch