So I went to the post office today...

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So I went to the post office today...

So I went to the went to the post office today. Now, I’ll admit that this normally wouldn’t merit a post on BLF. However, in this case, a few members have been dropping hints in my PM inbox that I should be expecting a package. A package of what, you might ask? Well, our one and only Old-Lumens sent me the following hint:

Old-Lumens wrote:
Once it arrives, let me know if you have any questions about it. It’s just a plain little light, takes AA sized batteries, nothing to get too excited about.

So I got to thinking, “Hmm, a flashlight that takes AA sized batteries… What could it be?” Possibly one of these beauties?

Or one of these, perchance?

(Yes, that really is a 3xAA light, at least according to DX)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I would be utterly thrilled and quite touched by the mere fact that anybody would take the time and effort and expense of sending a gift of any sort to a random administrator of a random website that they’ve never met in person. So I would have been content to receive even an envelope full of sand (although I doubt they would have let that pass through customs). So imagine my surprise to find this waiting for me at the post office:

Something big, no doubt. But a cheap $3 flashlight that takes AA size batteries? Why bother with such a big box? Maybe while I was busy administering BLF the ANSI or ISO folks changed the size of AA size batteries to something approximately the size of a 12V car battery?

So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the box and saw this:

Wow! This is looking good. Really good! I decided to torture myself a little bit more and investigate the most obvious part of the gift first, a sweet Nitecore Intellicharger i2. Although I hate to admit that my $5 Omnipotent Power PR-838 AA charger is decidedly less than “omnipotent” and a bit of an eyesore, this Nitecore charger is fantastic. It claims to charge pretty much any battery chemistry except the aforementioned lead-acid car battery, and it looks like a top quality device, in contrast to the chintzy piece of junk that I was using before to charge my Eneloops. And as if this wasn’t enough, the masterminds of this fantastic gift were even thoughtful enough to include 4 Efest 14500 Li-Ions to put in the new charger.

Don’t ask me how they knew that I don’t even own 14500 batteries and have been wanting to try them out, but this was an incredibly thoughtful and fun addition to my hobby. But, this brings up another question: Why would they send me 14500 Li-Ions to power a $3 Powerlight? Maybe they thought I liked the smell of burned LEDs? As it turns out, I kind of do… But at any rate, my hopes of receiving a 15th $3 Powerlight for my collection were dashed to pieces when I turned to opening the other mysterious object enshrouded in bubble wrap…

Yep, this is it! The one and only, crazy, unique, duodecuple Nichia 219 emitter, quad-14500, quad-MiniMag mini-behemoth phenomenon that epitomizes the art of fine hand craftsmanship— straight out of Old-Lumens’ workshop.

INCREDIBLE! I am so thrilled to have received this flashlight, if indeed it can be referred to by such a common term. As Old-Lumens said in his development thread, it actually does fit comfortably in the palm of my hand, and feels very balanced. It’s really nice and short. And I’m pretty sure it will handily trounce the likes of a Skyray King or any other multi-emitter flashlight out there. This thing is INSANELY, PAINFULLY bright on the highest mode (it has 3 modes). I’m currently waiting for that pesky yellow ball of light in the sky to go away so I can test out Old-Lumens personal version of the Sun in the dark. But meanwhile, I honestly have to say that I am seeing spots after looking at the beam of this light against a white wall in bright daylight near a window. It’s THAT bright.

What an incredibly gesture of friendship and kindness from Old-Lumens. I am genuinely touched that he would have packed up and sent off this one-of-a-kind, genius-inspired magnum opus into my hands. I am deeply indebted and humbled. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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awesome! so glad you got this one sb 8)

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Congratulations! You definitely deserved this light as a thank you for running this forum so well!  Cool



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congratulations.. creative and generous people on this BLF definitely makes this place a fun and interesting site to visit everyday Smile

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Congrats. May O-L forever reign as the High CRI Master Blaster.

Thanks for the posting. It was a joy to read.

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That is awesome. I was so confused reading the sell thread as to who bought it, but I’m glad it went to you.

Enjoy it!

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Enjoy the light sb! That one certainly got to you pretty quickly! Smile

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nothing better than to see a hopping sb admin :bigsmile:

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No one here more deserving.

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Nice post!  And a great light for great admin.

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The generosity of members on this forum are just amazing!
Enjoy the light… high CRI pocked sun.

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There must off been a mistake made. I thought they were coming to me? Cheers guys.


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@sb  It just shipped it. Smile

Everyone who has donated, are the ones that are are to blame.Wink The forum decided to send you this light and they got it for you, so cheers to everyone who put in the pot for your gift. I enjoyed making it and I enjoyed sending it on to you.

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hope you enjoy it as much as we all enjoy the forum!

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its great that this one of a kind beaut. ended up in sb’s hands

Would you mind keeping the wrong flashlight?
Best wish, May
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Soumil wrote:



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Congrats and enjoy a one-off by O-L!

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Congrats, sb!

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Happy Birthday!

Oh, wait, it’s not your birthday? Sorry :)!!


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Since this light didn’t come with a User Manual, I’m in a quandary: What pronoun should be used when referring to this light? It? Them? As in, “This flashlight is incredible”, or “These flashlights is incredible”, or “These flashlight are incredible”? Is it a single being or multiple entities? Is it a collective noun? Indeed, does a collective noun exist for multiple flashlights that have become fused into one?

In Spanish, the name of this light comes much easier. For any Spanish speakers around here, I think its name would have to be El Cuatro Machos — that seems to work quite nicely to communicate its unique 4-in-1, plural-yet-singular, “macho” identity, and it correctly obeys the rules of Spanish grammar, or at least the grammar of Cantinflas. Wink

As for an English name? I’ll have to go with “The Duodecuple”. After all, what other 12-tuple thing exists in the world?


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Well done! Well deserved!

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Fantastic !

Enjoy “The Duodecuple” sb.

Well done Justin, _the_ and conspirators...

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I’m glad to see that beaut in your hands. Well, my hands would have fit it as well but you deserve it! Smile Thank you for making this forum possible, great bunch of folks here and a well run machine it is.


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That’s awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. Beer :hat:

Welcome the night.

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Where's the beam shots? It should be dark by now.Wink  I am still waiting for the banana leaf shots too, by the way.Tongue Out

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That is so awesome, Sb!!!  I'm so happy you appreciate our small(?) gesture of gratitude. Thank you for all you do, Mr Admin! You are well loved by all of us!

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Old-Lumens wrote:
Where’s the beam shots?

Right here!
Sorry, I don’t have a good setup for beamshots. My best camera is in my Samsung Android phone, I set it to ISO 800 and as much manual settings as possible for consistency. The pictures don’t look like much, but boy was it bright out there tonight in real life!

Very, very impressive. I put it up against my former most powerful light, a 2×18650 triple XM-L Uniquefire 3900. The Uniquefire appears to have a slight advantage in throw, but the color is quite sickly compared to the vivid, natural, sunlight color of The Duodecuple. At closer range, the Duodecuple produces an incredible wall of light that handily beats the Uniquefire. I love it! My camera really can’t do it justice.

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I'm sure maglite never envisioned this .

Couldn't have fallen into a better set of hands ...Congrats !


Now do what Old Lumens would do.

 take pictures of it while you tear it apart .. Silly

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Congratulations ! What a fantastic surprise :bigsmile:
I assume this “Master-Blaster” is a one-of-a-kind flashlight?
Could you show us a picture of it in your hand? Looks wonderful as it is 8)

Lights out! That's when things get interesting...

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BanglaBob wrote:
Could you show us a picture of it in your hand? Looks wonderful as it is 8)

That’s the problem. it looks wonderful as it is… but my hand doesn’t! 0:)

But seriously, it is so much smaller and compact in real life than it appears in the pictures. That’s why it’s so entertaining to see it walloping the huge, long, Uniquefire 3900. I’ll take some pictures of it sitting next to common, standard sized objects.

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