Payment Thread for C-10 BLF (Refunds sent because FT didn't honor their price)

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Thanks for taking to the time to explain things Sufie. Language certainly can be a challenge, and Id hate for anyone to be relying on my Chinese. I speak not a word of it. DOnt beat Noel too badly… No bamboo under the fingernails. Silly

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totilde wrote:
and that’s it. noel, naughty boy…. just blaming a “specific staff” does not exculpate a company, a good company would honor the deal, even loosing money (and of course, you need to take care of your employees)
18650 has probably lost money trying to make a deal in behalf of many of us, dissapointed users who will probably discard your shop for future needs…

Yeah, was going to buy the new Tangsfire from them at $35, opted for the $28 one from DX.USA

Sad I had to choose not to go with FT because they burned us…worse that we are NOT happy with how they treated one of our own…the guy ended up getting the short end of the stick just to make sure WE wouldn’t loose out!

We appreciate them coming here and trying to explain it…but NOT honoring what they told us…just won’t make things right

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I asked for an apology from FastTech via support, which I'm glad to see posted here. Though bashing is deserved, I give them credit for acknowledging the mistake and saying they will take action at least. Agree it's probably not cool to blame one person because it was probably more the lack of communication and training from the company, rather than the individual.

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Well thanks for the public apology.

Thanks Tom for asking for it.

Thanks everyone else for understanding.

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sometimes misunderstood words can be fatal mistake for the company Smile
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