5000 Post Giveaway *Eagle Eyes X6 * Winner Post # 54...Gerald Clark! Congrats!

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5000 Post Giveaway *Eagle Eyes X6 * Winner Post # 54...Gerald Clark! Congrats!

WINNER! POST #54 GERALD CLARK! CONGRATULATIONS! PM me within 24 hours to claim this X6! Smile

Thanks for playing everybody!

Hello everybody, seems my willingness to talk has led to me parting with another favorite light…the Eagle Eyes X6. This little light is taking the group buy from Kronological by storm, so I thought I’d go ahead and get this one out there in a give away and let some lucky winner get an early chance to see just what this little jewel can do.

A Link To Krono’s Group Buy on this Eagle Eyes X6 in Special Form Some dimensional data here, lots of discussion, and the chance to get in on a customized version of this light with a BLF logo.

I’ll have to get back to my own computer to get all the pertinents, but this one is modded full out, with a BLF17DD driver, UCLp AR coated lens, spring bypass front and rear, even the trace on the switch board has been bypassed with a 22ga wire. High binned de-domed XM-L2 emitter on a Noctigon, with 22ga leads. She really rocks and the only reason I’d even begin to consider letting her go is that I’ll have at least 2 more coming in the Group Buy and I have a friend standing by with a back-up if I can’t wait that long. Smile (thanks manxbuggy1, for having my back!)

So, Anyone that is a member of BLF is welcome to join. No holds barred. Doesn’t matter if you join just to get in on this today, or have been a member since the dark ages, welcome aboard! Smile This is a Global offering. If I can mail it to you, you’re included. (Hope I’m not biting off too much there! Smile )

I’ll use random.org to determine the winning post from the total number of posts in this thread. I do ask that you NOT try to up your chances with a bunch of weak postings here, please try to keep posts relevant. It’s my intention to start a spreadsheet and add names to the sheet as the giveaway progresses, so multiple posts shouldn’t affect your chance of winning, but I might not have the opportunity to keep that up so I can’t promise to do it that way. See? I talk too much! Silly

Contest starts now, ends on Aug 9th, my birthday. So you have 10 days to jump on!

I’ll be back with details on this light, including pics, current draw, output, lux and throw. I’ll be posting this information in this original post.


Edit: Power and Output, with 7 different cells tested.

I ran all 5 modes through the lightbox on the Sony VTC5 cell and got these numbers…
Moon………. at .02A is 4.76 lumens
Lo ………….at .06A is 21.63 lumens
Med ……..at .45A is 142.14 lumens
Hi………. at 2.34A is 666.89 lumens
Turbo.. at 6.67A is 1593.9 lumens

Using different cells, amperage and Turbo output is as follows:

  1. is the Efest Purple 35A at ……………6.87A for 1618.15 Lumens
  2. is a Tie between the Sony’s,…. C4 at 6.68A for 1593.9 lumens
    ………………………………… C5 at 6.67A for 1593.9 lumens
  3. is the Samsung 20R at……………… 6.56A for 1545.6 lumens
  4. is the Sanyo UR18650FJ (lap pull) at 5.19A for 1397.25 lumens
  5. is the Efest 2000mAh (Red) V2 … at 4.88A for 1355.85 lumens
  6. is the Samsung 26C (lap pull) at……. 4.95A for 1366.2 lumens

This shows you that it performs well even with the least of the cells, awesome with the best of cells! Amperage can be controlled in the FET driver by cell selection to a big extent. A protected cell might not allow as high current, but be safer to loan to a friend (if you do that sort of thing)

Hope this helps! Will be back later with some pics…

Thought a beamshot might be nice. There’s a white barn in the middle of the shot, 610 yds away. Left click on the shot to open in a new window, click it again to view larger.

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Old-Lumens wrote:
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Wow! Please count me in…
Thanks for the giveaway

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In on this thanks Storm

BLF Community Battery Pull Thread http://budgetlightforum.com/node/32720

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lucky 3 5 Thanks DB

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Thanks for the chance!

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That’s awesome, thanks dude. Keeping my fingers crossed! Smile

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Count me in! I hope the gb can go live soon.

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Hello DBCstm , Thank you for the flashlight giveaway contest.

I’d like to win this flashlight. Here’s my entry. Happy Birthday.


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I am in, thanks

Would you mind keeping the wrong flashlight?
Best wish, May
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Soumil wrote:



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I’m in. I hope you don’t have to ship overseas Silly


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Count me in, thanks.

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Congrats on the 5K posts!!

Thanks for the giveaway. Smile

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I’m in. Thanks for the offer.

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I wants it!

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I’m in, thanks!

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Count me, please. Thanks!!!

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Ordering 2 from the GB. Your mod will help me see the light at max operation!

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I am in for the win

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Consider me in. Thanks!

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Count me in too.

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May the laws of probability be with you.





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Definitely in. Thanks!

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I am so in. I would love to have a fully decked out X6!

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I’m in, thanks!

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Wow! Count me in. Big Smile

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Wow, 5000 posts, you definitely have many words…. I might take another year or so to get to 500…. Shocked
Thanks for a great giveaway!

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I'm in!

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I’m IN… Yahoooooo !!!!

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Congratulations on 5000+ posts.
In for one.