MANAFONT Tank007 E07 BLF Edition & The BLF Lanyard

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MANAFONT Tank007 E07 BLF Edition & The BLF Lanyard

Latest update:

Hi All,

Today we have a list of options available for you. Smile

Everyone who purchased one E07 BLF edition is entitled to receive one of the following complementary items:


SKU 4857
1piece (Assorted color), UltraFire flashlight holster, fits E07 BLF edition

SKU 5906
1 piece, NexTORCH silicone grease

SKU 4352
1 piece (Assorted color), Keychain LED time teller light

SKU 1147
4 pieces (Assorted color), Glass cleaning cloth

SKU 7937
2 pieces, The BLF Lanyard

To claim your complementary item, please message me (Jim) on BLF with the Item of your choice, the Order number and your Email address that you registered with Manafont.

This special offer is valid from today (20-September-2011) till the end of this month (30-September-2011). All items are subject to availability.


Previous update:


Hi All,

Thank you very much for your support to this Project/Promotion. Smile

We have collected your feedback and had discussions with Tank007. They are also aware of the related threads on BLF. Following are the answers from Tank007 in regard of the major concerns from our E07 BLF edition users.

  • Battery Length & Thread problem
    • "The pill module was customized to accommodate the multi-mode driver. The body tube design/length was not changed. The standard AA and gray protected TrustFire 14500 work, no length problem. If the design/length was changed, the standard sized AA and 14500 will be too short to work with this special E07 because of the spring-less design at both ends. "
  • LED Tint not neutral problem
    • "We used the best possible LED emitters"
  • Mode order problem
    • "No comment"
  • PWM flicker problem
    • "No comment"

We have invited Tank007 to react to users' feedback, however they showed no interest. We were disappointed by their respond. Therefore, we have decided to put a hold on the upcoming BLF customizations (TK-567 & TK-373) with Tank007 which we have planned earlier.

Despite the fact that Tank007 is not interested to react/defend their reputation, Manafont decided to offer something to the community to make up for the inconvenience caused to everyone who purchased this light and not satisfied.

We are currently in the process to bring you a list of offers/options provided by Manafont. The list will be available by the next Tuesday (20-September-2011).


Previous update: (Promotion Ended)

HI All BLFers!

I am so happy to announce this promotion has begun. The Tank007 E07 BLF Edition and The BLF Lanyard are finally here!


Tank007 E07 BLF Edition

Promotional Price : $18.00 

BLF member special price : $16.5 !! (After Credit-back)


The BLF Lanyard

Promotional Price : $1.49 

BLF member special price: $0.00 !! (After Credit-back)


You can enjoy the BLF member special price. If you are not yet a BLF member, I encourage you to go ahead and register now. You can be a part of the community, share the fun and enjoy greater benefit from this promotion.

After placing your order, please messsage me (Jim) on BLF with your BLF user name, the order number and your email address that you registered with Manafont. The credit will be issue to your MP (Mana Point) balance.

Please note that each BLF member can only request the MP once (one E07 BLF Edition and/or one Lanyard).
Please allow 72 hours to process your MP.

Special Thanks:
BLF Mr. Admin, thank you for the professional support.
Everyone, thank to you who contributed your opinion and suggestion.
You, thank you for participating this promotional activity. Smile


 Notice: Manafont reserves the rights to make final judgement in case of contention/disputation.

Previous update:

Hi All BLFers!

The waiting is over!

This "Tank007 E07 BLF Edition" is ready. Lets take a sneak peek at this lovely compact AA/14500 flashlight tailored made for you all BLF flashaholics at an unbeatable price as promised.

Tank007 E07 BLF Edition

"Tank007 E07 BLF Edition" Specification:

OSRAM LED emitter
"Neutral" bin color
3 modes:
  Mode 1: Ultra low, 1 lumen or less
   Mode 2: Medium, 40 lumens
   Mode 3: Maximum output
Supports 1xAA NiMH, Alkaline 14500 Li-Ion Battery
HA-III anodizing
Tail-stand capable
IPx8 waterproof

Here comes the cherry on top of a cake, "The BLF Lanyard"!

The BLF Lanyard


"I want them now! How do I order...?!" These BLF specials will be available on the catalog very soon, they are scheduled to be released right after the Manafont website maintenance, which begins from 31-Aug-2011 HKT (30-Aug-2011 US time). For more information about this maintenance, please refer to this page here.

The predicted time available of these BLF specials is in 10 days starting from today, 24-Aug-2011 HKT (23-Aug-2011 US time).

To benefit the most from this promotional offer, become a BLF member now by registering an account on BudgetLightForm - the most friendly flashlight forum on the internet.

Customer Services Team
Top up you mana at

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Wow. Gotta get one once available, maybe 2.Laughing

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Wow, I like it and will order one!


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Ok, now that's pretty sweet!  Thanks and I hope you sell them out fast!!

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Paypal locked and loaded!

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Absolutely brilliant!

I'm in for (at least) one.



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Great work Jim

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"If you have to ask, you can't afford it." Laughing

According to this, it will be about $18 (+ lanyard?)



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YESSS, Thanks for getting this to us Jim, Great Job!!!



8 lives left

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Looking forward to ordering one. Good thing SIngapore's in the same time zone as Hong Kong; no need for me to stay awake at awkward hours to order this.

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Looks very interesting.. a question though.... Osram led..
What would be the output on Max? and any runtime details?

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Omg why you do this Sad Another ~20$ I have to spend ;(

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sweet, please make plenty!

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This light seems perfect for me and almost exactly what I was looking for anyway. Do we know the emitter? 

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The only thing I read is that it has an Osram emitter!?

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Thanks Jim

I like it, in for one, perhaps two...

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Nice, I'm sure I will have to get one......or more!!

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Sounds great Jim thanks for all the hard work I can' wait to get mine. So Cool.

I am already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth.

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Do those of us that put in first have any kind of priority so they dont sell out with new folks before those of us who were in on it from the go have a chance?

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Just a simple Thanks Jim

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well thanks for the offer, but i am not sure if 20 bucks (actually we don't have the price yet) is ok for that kind of light also the emitter appears to me quite old

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Looks awesome!  I love the osram emitter in my Uniquefire A1, hopefully this will be as nice.


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The Osram Golden Dragon IS NOT a bad LED

Is a bit outdated..... in short, there are more efficient LED´s but, the Osram has some unique characteristics... for me is a bit difficult to explain in English, but...


Look the UniqueFire AA-S1 (what a wonderful light!) look the Black Cat (another good light). Of course there have had some units of those lights with bad bins, bad tints, etc....


I am for one of these lights, OSRAM Golden Dragon multi-mode...... interesting


EDIT: I forget to mention, AA/14500 support, minimun size for an AA light, good tint... etc

Enjoy BLF

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Great work. Looking forward to getting one of these!

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I can't wait to get mine! Just debating whether to get two or not (one for use, one to save) of them. I just hope there are enough to go around. Would hate to see members that were in it from the beginning not get as many as they want.

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Osram... Wonder if an XP-G mod is doable?

My Osram GDP in my EX10 is quite disappointing against even an XP-E on all levels, including beam smoothness... At least its a neutral!!! I guess its not going to stop me trying one.

"like everyone else - I’m looking for my next “last” flashlight" -  ohnonothimagain

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Great! It was not my choice on the poll but i have to admit that seems to be a great light! Thanks Jim and thanks Admin!

"There are always new jobs, women, and apartments......there is only ONE BLF." - Chicago X (27/03/2012)

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Darn... I was getting pretty excited but I'm not so sure about the Osram LED, especially concerning some of the comments. Is there a reason for going with this emitter vs a newer, more efficient one besides cost? I'd gladly pay a few more $$ if it meant an XP-G or XM-L. 


Aside from that everything else seems great! I love the size, modes and AA/14500 capacity. 

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Wahoo! I'm ready to buy at least 2, but probably more like 3-5.

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and i'll probably have to get one, but i never had an osram, so i don't know what to expect, what the pros and cons are. i can't imagine that it wouldn't have been better with a different (cree, R4, R5?...) emitter.