1.21 gigalumens, the real attempt..

This June & July I will be on my 4 week trip to eastern Canada again. This time, I am bringing all my biggest & most powerful lights, all my batteries, everything. I plan on doing a beam shot of the best of the best of the best that i have all at once.
a photo shoot of all these lights, on maximum turbo modes, all at the same time, focused at the same target:…


- Imalent DX80

- BLF Q8

- OldLumens special Monster triple MT-G2 over-driven blaster

- 14-amp modded Skyray Super-Kung

- Tom-E BTU Super Shocker

- modded Fenix (2nd-edition) TK75vn

- Olight M3XS-UT javelot

- modded Shadow JM35 MT-G2

- Modded Smallsun T08 XHP-70.2

- Modded Ultrafire M51 MT-G2

- 7-219B 12-amp SRK

- DBSAR Super 26650 DST 6-amp dedomed XP-G2 thrower

- modded Thorfire XP-L HI C8

- modded Defiant super thrower XP-L HI

- 250MW green 532nm Laser

  • modded Klarus G20 MT-G2

These all will be focused at the same target, at the same time, and turned on all at once… I apologize in advance for creating a new “white hole” in the space/time continuum (the opposite of a black-hole) & destroying the earth & universe.

You might influence earth rotation!

I will make sure I do this pointing to the west I promise not to reverse the earth’s rotation.

This is sick!


Just don't do it on your last day of the trip...

Your friends or family would feel disappointed because THAT was the highlight of the trip. Or should I say highLIGHT.

Poor family and friends ;p

You should try to momentarily slow the earths rotation, it will prove that the earth is in fact a globe! On the other hand if nothing happens does that mean it will prove the earth is flat? :weary: Coz that’s how science works, right?!

How will you take that beamshot? With a welding helmet?

Mwah, real life beamshots make this hobby seem useful :confounded: , give me a white wall the size of a soccer field and I show you some really nice sterile comparisons :nerd_face:

(looking forward to the beamshots!! :slight_smile: )

Shorter days mean less time for sleeping. I don’t think I will like this.

Would pointing to a pole help with the expected geomagnetic reversal?
At least it should add some interesting seasons …

If earth is flat it will tilt over when pointing to almost any direction - and we all will fall off.

So please be careful!

At the center of the earth you will be alright though, I am told that the center of the earth is somewhere in the canadian wilderness.

Let us know when and I will look east from out here on the left coast.

Don’t forget your flux capacitor, and extra plutonium!!

Love that song!

For some reason, this beamshot comes to my mind. :smiley:


I am curious about what object that you will be aiming all the light at lol.
Remember to put a lux meter at the hotspot too.

remember to have people turn the light on for you, or you can’t turn all the light fast enough to stay at turbo mode :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe someone already tried something like that… It was in Siberia around 1908…

The Core! and Unobtanium. :smiley:

Good idea on the lux meter thing. There is a valley there near a hydro-dam, and thinking of using the dam as the target for the hotspot. :sunglasses: