10 mm copper SinkPads <----Orders Shipped!

PP is vesture_of_blood(@)hotmail.com

Please be certain you include your BLF handle and quantity of each board you want in PP notes in addition to making your claim here :) Thanks


Hi everyone, ( If you want the short version of the story just skip to the bottom to see pricing)

Since these little copper boards have proven to be so effective I have been wanting to get a 10mm version underway. Nitro has stated he will no longer be doing group buys, so I thought I would have a go at getting this board underway.

Here is the basic rundown. I will attempt to be very transparent with every one here and have no problem disclosing all of the details and cost for the product shipping etc with everyone.


Is this a group buy?

This thread is a feeler for interest. No money will be taken at this time, however please only commit to purchase what you realistically think you will be able to buy.

Will you be making a profit on this Matt?

Its possible but it wont be much. There will be a slight up charge above base price to help cover paypal fees payment for the gerber files and other unforeseen expenses. I will disclose all cost and money take in to the group. The thing that I will "profit" from this is having 10 mm copper sinkpads to use for making flashlights.

How will our packages be shipped?

All orders will be shipped as "packages" in new unused 6 x 4" bubble mailers USPS mail. This give all USA packages a 22 digit tracking code and foreign packages the tracking from the customs form like this LN805XXX493US. If overseas buyers would like a different shipping method arrangements may be possible.

I contacted Kris from SinkPad and here was the quote I received.

SinkPAD-II Technology (Cannot offer SinkPAD-I for this design):
_1. $1500.00 for 1000pcs (u can mix XPG & XML)
2. Total tooling = $700.00 (NRE= $250, Tooling = $200, E.Test = $250.00). These charges will be waived if we are allowed to sale this PCBs to open market.
3. Lead-time = ~4weeks
4. 1.50mm thick copper base,
5. OSP surface finish (we may do LF HASL on top & OSP on back)_

That said the total for the quote was $2200 for the batch. However once again PilotPTK has said he will allow SinkPad to use the geber files to make additional boards for the open market, this will allow us to doge the $700 tooling charge. So our only cost on the gerbers is what I have insisted on paying (which he well deserves).

Here is a rough sketch of what the boards will look like.

Now as I said before the initial quote was

$2200 for 1000pc

-$700 for use of the gerber files

$1500 Cost remaining.

That said I mentioned to Kris in my last email that this was for a possible BLF group buy he very generously offered to bump up the amont of boards we would receive for the base price to 1500pc!

Yep. A BLF discount from SinkPad!

His exact words in the last email he sent me were.

Since this is for forum team I have no problem giving you 1500pcs instead of 1000pcs for $1.5k (Minimum purchase requirement)."

So what is the final cost for the group going to be?

The base price for the lot with shipping will be about................. $1521
I will be sending PilotPTK 50 or so boards for his contribution..... $50
So total..................................................................................$1571.

The price per board will be $1.25 per piece. Shipping to the US is $4 and World wide is $7. Boards can be mixed both XML and XPG.

$1.25 ea is slightly higher than the base cost being charged by SinkPad. This is to create a small buffer between me and disaster. This will help to cover the Pay Pal fees along with any unforeseen costs.

Please understand because I will not only have a lot of time involved getting this under way, shipping potentially hundreds of packages, but also assuming the responsibility for the whole thing. Also there is a good chance I will have to invest a significant amount of my own money to get this purchase made. If anyone is not ok with that I completely understand and thank you for looking anyway :)

Again this thread is a feeler for interest. No money will be taken at this time, however please only commit to purchase what you realistically think you will be able to buy

I guess I'll start off...I would be interested in 20 10mm XML cooper boards if this goes through

I will use this post to keep tabs on the amount.

BIGWOOD .......20 XML

Leaftye ............1 XPG

TOM E..............10 xpg 10 XML

DBCstm............10 XPG 10 XML


troisanh............5 xpg 5 xml

netprince...........5 xpg 15xml

djozz................5 xpg 5 xml

ouchyfoot..........10 xpg 10 xml

Gtamazing..........10 xpg 10 xml

Rufusbduck........10 XPG

IClight................10 PC?

Bluecvbc.............10 XML 10 XPG

texaspyro...........5 xpg 5 xml

Boaz..................5 xml 5 xpg

Kevind43............10 xml 10 xpg

I'd get at least one XP-G/E, but probably several more...I need to finish dissecting a light...

*I deleted and reposted my comment so your tally is closer to the top.

Love these pads! Let me look around to see if I got projects for these :slight_smile:

Glad to see another mcpcb GB!

You should perhaps mention in the OP the difference between sinkpad I & II.

At these prices, I'm good for 10 XML and 10 XPG's, no problem there. I might increase this later, if I got a chance.

Do you know how many will be on a sheet? With the larger ones it was 15, still that number or more being as how they’re small? I have no idea what I’d do with em, no plans at the moment, but I’d like to have em so I can be creative when the time comes. Besides, I’d like to see what this version II is all about.

So 15 or 20, something like that, for me. Thanks for doing this, very time saving when it comes to cutting down a larger pad….lifesaver! :slight_smile:

Thanks to you too Pilot, for daring to enter into this once again. :wink:

Edit, probably half and half XM-L and XP-G. Find out how many is on a sheet, I might want a whole sheet of each. They’d make good tiddly-winks until I find a use for em. lol

I'm not sure how many will come on a panel yet. The 16mm boards have 24 each so I am guessing 30-35 maybe.

One great use I can think of is in small AA or 14500 lights.

The things for "use" I personally have in mind the most is super maximizing how many emitters will fit in the head of a light.

This was done with 10mm MCPCBs.

Also if any one has ever actually tried to trim down one of the 16mm boards you know what a pain this is. I have a lathe and I hate doing it.

I think the 10mm boards will be great to use for single emitter maglites with regular and deep reflectors.

And muti emitter lights and dropin modules with limited space like these ones..

And it’s not really any fun

I do have a few very small lights that I might like to mod, so these would fill that bill.

So probably 10 of each for me then.

lemme fix my papal, then I’ll talk numbers, for now have a free bump up the list.

has everyone forgiven sinkpad for stealing pilotptk’s 16mm design or was that issue resolved?

If it's ok with PilotPTK, then it's ok with me. I know a lot of feelings were expressed, but pptk was not all upset, since he's doing this now, I'm sure he is all on board with it. Also I like pptk is at least getting something out of this - nice job VOB!!

But it’s going down with or without me, so why should I worry about it? They give an option, pay the $700 and keep it yours or save the $700 and let them use the design. Choices were made. Outta my control. I enjoy the boards. Don’t know about this new version, not sure if I like the idea or not. But can’t know if I don’t try it and this is a cheap entry into the new design.

When in Rome…

I hope they get the alignment better on this batch than the last one. The 16mms are all over the place depending on where on the sheet they came from.

I don't believe having gerber files will waive the tooling charges completely (NRE= $250, Tooling = $200, E.Test = $250.00). At the very least the NRE charge should be removed, but the $200 Tooling charge will stay. Why you need an E. Test for a simple MCPCB is out of my scope of understanding though.

I’m in for 10 XML and 10 XPG provided these have a flat back on them.Thanks for organizing this VOB these boards will come in handy for upgrades.

I’ll take 5 xml + 5 xpg boards VB.

the point was, they said they had no interest in doing a 16mm board, next thing, their marketing pilotptk’s design, that was the stinker, they went ahead and took the design anyway, still charged the tooling iirc and are flogging em off like no ones business now

I am interested in 5 xpg and 15 xml, thanks!

I'm in, I haven't got a good idea yet on how to use them, but I really like the initiative, thanks Pptk&VoB. I probably use them for very small lights, although small batteries that go with them will not deliver the current that make these boards really advantageous over traditional boards.

I will take 5xml and 5xpg boards.

P.S. Can someone design and do a group buy on a nice 10-12mm 1amp lineair driver with nice modes and high frequency pwm? Please?