1000 posts.....

Just noticed I’ve smashed through the barrier, give away coming when I’ve a:- tested the prototype and b:- recieved the light, modded it and run the give away.

Don’t panic, don’t panic mister mainwaring, don’t panic….

Congrats, Gords!

Bewdy mate!

Congrats, Graham! The first 1000 have been a pleasure. Here's to many more! :beer:

Congrats! Looking forward to the giveaway!


1000 - congrats. In a few month, I will enter also the 4 digits club :slight_smile:

POST, POST, POST, POST! Way to go! Most of the time you even have something interesting to say. H) Looking forward to your creation.

Congratulations and thanks for your contribution!

Thanks guys, I’m going to try and do the prototype today since two of my sons are at their nans, I’ll post up later.

In the meantime, I still love my little edc, buy one. You know you want too…. :bigsmile: :beer:

Congrats Gords!

Congratulations on 1000 posts, gords1001!

Congrats gords!!! :beer: :beer:

Congrats on 3000, kreishill! :p

And you’ve written another ~40 posts so far … :wink:

Can’t stop the rock, you can’t stop the rock …

I might try and make some usefull posts instead of shilling for intl outdoor and Cngq…… Not got to my m10 today, wifey has been ill so I’ve had a film day with my little boy, we watched transformers revenge of the fallen and started watching akira, then wifey came downstairs and put some crap on telly. |(

Congrats on the 1000! :party:

Yes, congrats on the big one.

Way to go 8)


I’v just started here.

Hey Gords, you get to that M10 modded yet? Did I miss any posts concerning this and how it went? (I missed a lot of BLF activity over the recent Thanksgiving holiday.)