11%off-UltraFire WF-501B 1-LED 210 Lumen flashlight from FP

original price:$13.06

after discount:$11.66

Last date:Oct20th- Oct24th


Thanks for this offer Candy but I think not many people will be interested in this light. Please offer us Cree XM-L lights.

I said the same thing before, I will say it again. If you post some Cree XML lights at a good price you will sell them.

sunday wont make us happy...

FP from when changed site graphic have nice daily deals also with 50% of real discount... I bought a 3W rgb light e27 with remote control at less of 6$, still waiting it

I hope that them will put a good flashlight 1 day :P

Yep! It all goes back to what I said about all these sellers here and nothing to show for it. It's like going to an auction and finding nothing you want. Waste of our time and the seller that types the offer that nobody wants.

I don't know why you started a thread asking people what they like to buy, people replied with the flashlight of their choices and and here you try to sell the flashlight that no-one here ever asked for.

Great seller is the one that LISTEN to the customers.

We have a winner!

Now again I ask all the sellers here that truly want to make some money and move some flashlights that we want as members here...where are the great buys on some good quality Cree XM-L flashlights?

Stop your damn spamming and either listen to us or just go away. Don't mean to be cruel, but damn!

You have to admit it is funny. She asks everyone to list what they would like, people list a million lights and she comes back with a savings of $1.40 on a red LED light that no one asked for :)

Yep she made fun of us

look at her sign...

I like smile...

I like making friends...

I love BLF...

first sentence explain all

second... probably just chinese friends

third we call that "ruffiano" in Italy, pander is what I found tnx google

indeed a bitter candy :Sp

Specs say 9 volt max and it takes a single 18650 so, you could put a couple of 16340s in there and juice that baby up to 250, maybe even 275 lumens. A light that "powerful" might be worth $3, maybe even $4.

No matter what I do, 501s find their way into my collection. I keep spraying and spraying . . . paying actual money for a 501 is like going to the nursery and offering to pay for weeds the rest of us are trying to kill.

Or was it the 502?


..probably them used a dropin and the cheapest shell(501) assembling it, is red that color have lower efficiency i bet is under 150 lumens

btw focalprice description ever leak(read sux)

that red light is an affront to all of us...

but if was a solarforce... was on the way for your home, right foy? :bigsmile:

Not if it had the dismal specs of this light. Don't care what brand, it still has to perform.


Thank you, Sunday, for this, because I have some interest in Red flashlights / torches ..... I am interested in astronomy, where Red Light is useful for helping with Night Vision. I bought it in late January after seeing your post with it here, to compare with another flashlight with red light that I have.

I am very pleased with it :)

I am so happy you are pleased with order,if you have any problems with FP,feel free to contact me ,I am willing to help you