12000 Lumen Mega M6 Flashlight - 12x LED - Mountain Electronics

12 x XPL-HI’s 12000 Lumens ?? And not a word of it mentioned on BLF?! CPF is talking about it… I’m ashamed of us. Richard: forgive us and please restock!!


That is worth saving up for. Very impressive

Oh hey there! That’s one heckava light! I got to have it! please restock

You need to add another zero in your title :slight_smile:


I need two of these immediately, anyone have one they want to sell?

Nice light if you are a modder and can fix problems, BUT looks like lots of parts to go wrong if you are just a consumer like me (most people)!

Omg how did I not know about this? When’s it come back in stock?

you are forgetting this was built by Richard, and we are told that he doesn’t release anything that hasn’t been thoroughly tested. Yes, still things can happen.

^+1 all day - if it came from mtnelectronics.com it’ll be fine.

Very nice, might go with one of these since the machining and anodizing on the newer batch of meteors isn’t as good as it once was.

I think most people will agree that Richard stands firmly behind his products more than any other flashlight vendor we have yet to encounter. This light will be no exception to his meticulous standards. Even if it does fail at some point in the future (and you are unable to repair it yourself), you wont have to spend $80 to send it all the way back to China and hope it arrives, then deal with the MAJOR hassle of getting it repaired, while listening to all of their ridiculous excuses during the 2-5 months it will take them to get it back to you. Anyone who has experienced such awful Chinese CS directly from the manufacturer will know what Im talking about.

As for the light, it speaks loudly of itself. Great job Richard!

Anyone know if a build like this can be run on one 18650? With a lower current draw of-course. And how would someone go about it? Thanks!!

It looks very impressive!
Can’t wait for reviews!
And sure it will be top notch quality, it comes from RMM people!

I see no reason why it will not run fine on one 18650.

Thanks Djozz, I might try something like this in a convoy l2.

Dang, this is awesome. I want one!

Damn Europe! Why do we not have anyone selling stuff like this?

The international site for Mt Elec doesn’t have the very best stuff like this listed either }P

Just guessing, but Not in Stock means he builds to order only. I believe an email will get you on the list. Custom stuff like this is usually best as build to order.

From all my dealings with Richard, I would trust his work over any Chinese manufacturer out there. It is a modded light and as such, it can fail, but he stands behind the things he sells and a modded light from him would most likely, last longer than a stock Chinese light any day.

The UI is fantastic in and of itself, is this unique to Mega M6 or have I just missed in in the other FW offerings?

Looks like an awesome light.