12A 7135 Based SRK Replacement Driver

Hi all,

Bit out of the blue but on the prodding of a fellow BLF member I have designed the exact opposite of the Tiny10:

The board follows the same principles as the Tiny10 - it's just a larger NANJG/QLite. Swap over the critical components and add as many AMC chips as you see fit (up to 32). All components are single sided so if you use the skillet/oven method of re-flow soldering this will be a piece of cake (though there is solder mask on the reverse side). It is intended to be used as an SRK replacement driver.

The 3 'stars' are available as per stock drivers and are numbered on the silkscreen 2, 3 and 4. If you use the electronic switch holes these connect to ground (SW-) and pin2/star4 (SW+).

I have not tested the board yet. I have ordered some but given my location it'll take a number of weeks to reach me. There is no reason why they won't work of course ;)

The board is available from OSHPark and costs $16.55 for 3: http://oshpark.com/shared_projects/Cm0cEnQy


- Matt

Lots of room there for stacking.

This is looks like a very nice straight forward solution. It's not as fancy as the SRK drivers that texaspyro and drjones are working on, but it gets the job done right now.

Haha yeah it only took a couple of hours to whip up. It's not meant to be complicated. Just simple to use without the need for special micro-controllers. Literally just a bigger Qlite! Probably more powerful than stock SKR drivers as well.

- Matt


Payday will have a new project to go after

You sir are the man!

I think it's a good thing. The nang105 driver has a few firmware options that make it a very good driver. Others may have better drivers later, but you just released a very good option that we don't have to wait for. I'll give it a shot. I already have a SRK that's been waiting too long for a decent driver upgrade.

Yeah, generic enough that it uses the firmware and components readily available...and has MUCH MUCH more power than stock. (a supercharged 105C :D )

Is there a solder mask template for this yet?

I ahve never tried this but I'd be happy to give files to anyone who knows what to do with them....

Glad to see that you’re giving back to the community like this! Maybe I’ll get some made :slight_smile:

It looks like its time to get me an SRK. Nicely done.

10 count 380mA 7135's


100 count 350mA 7135's


Sacrificial 105C for the ATTiny13A and hardware


And this


I like these becasue it starts low up to high, in case someone who doesn't know grabs it and turns it on wide open and ends up overheating it with it's new found power!

ATTiny13A chips (lot of 10 for $5)


Then load up custom firmware

Wow! This is simple stuff but ingenious none the less - thanx Matt!

This (obviously?) requires the LED's be in parallel, and having an e-switch driver. The MiniMo driver could be used, since Doc Jones' more advanced drivers are only available on his hardware. Is this the project he was prodded to release source code for an e-switch driver?

Ah crud. you are right, going to need a momentary firmware with a off function

This is a really nice concept. I am all for simple UI's, so this would be my favorite SRK-driver (if I had a SRK, that is :-( )

So, now that you are in the routine ;-) , how about a 14/15mm one sided version with room for 3 or 4 chips. It would fit the sk68 and quite a few other small flashlights.

SK68 is 15mm, I measured…I think he has a few other projects in the works…but hopefully that can be on his list :wink:

Yeah. Awesome. Thank you Mattaus! I'm going to risk it and order 3 of this untested board. You rock man!

I'm pretty sure there will soon be a different version using a single direct-drive FET, in case there are others who are a bit tired of the 7135s.

(this one works great, Vishay SUD70N02-03P) :party:

Nice job Matt. I think Texaspyro mentioned that if you have .brd files Oshpark will make a matching Kapton stencil. I don’t know what those are or how one makes tape out of a file but there it is.

To be honest all these 7135/ATtiny drivers are electrically identical. Making a 15mm driver would take no time at all. I'll see what I can whip up tonight after footy training.

As for the firmware - this driver can be used as a normal NANJG driver (no e-switch) provided you have the right firmware. If you want to use an e-switch you will probably need DrJones MiniMo firmware. If you use that firmware you CANNOT solder the bridged marked as number 4.

I just realised I forgot to check with DrJones if he was working on an SRK driver. I know he was working on a larger 4 LED driver that allowed control over each emitter (or cycle through them). If this driver is stepping on his toes (because it sort of relies on his firmware which I did NOT think about) I will pull it from OSHPark.

- Matt

I would recommend mobydrv adapted for flashlights (Instant off) from DrJones.

There are other firmwares out there too (or soon to be - I believe Werner said he was planning to release source code once he has it ready). DrJ also sells bare pre-flashed tiny13s, I think, for his more complex versions.