14500 Non- Rechargeable Battery?

Hello - I’m new to this forum & recently started acquiring LED Flashlights. I am impressed with the expert knowledge of the members & I’m sure many of you can help me.

I’m looking to buy Non-Rechargeable 14500 batteries as back up if my house power goes out for a long time during one of our New England snowstorms & my rechargeable 14500’s are getting depleted. I found some 14505 types on eBay rated at 3.6VDC/2000 mah but the vendor stated that these batteries are NOT compatible with LED Flashlights since the CDR is is low - he used the term “transitory” to describe the current capacity. I’m not sure of the Chemistry of these batteries but I believe they are LiThionylChloride such as the SAFT Brand which are rated at 50ma continuous.

I went to Battery Junction & found Titanium LiMnO2 14505’s which are rated at 3VDC/1500 mah@3amps. Can I use these in my 14500 Flashlights for an extended period? I have a ThorFire TK-05 & a Sofirn SP10 V2. I know CR123’s can replace 16340’s so is there an “equivalent” CR123 type in a 14500 form factor?

Thank you


Why not just use AA alkalines if your lights use them. Home Depot has their house brand for $10 for 60 cells. Works out at less than 17 cents a battery.


I suppose you could use those batteries from Battery Junction. I guess one problem you may encounter is Low Voltage Protection on the flashlight. I don’t know if any of the lights you have actually have that built in. I know most LVP on the lights kick in at about 2.9 or 2.8 volts or so. Your runtimes on the light would be significantly shortened if that is the case. If LVP isn’t present on your lights then you can run them batteries down to nothing and would work excellent as a alternative. I don’t have a TK05 or a SP10 but if those lights can work with NiMh I would choose those. They keep their charge for super long periods just sitting on the shelf, they are fairly affordable, and readily available. The only downside is reduced output.

You may be talking about something like the Lithium Primary cells as far as NON rechargeable?……….


Are you looking for AAs (1.5V cells), or 14500s (3.7V cells)?

For 1.5V applications the Energizer Ultimate Lithiums are the way to go.

If you specifically need 3.7V and want a primary cell Saft AA 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride are available, but they would only be useable on lower modes as they are not cells meant for high drain, and they ARE single use primaries
Edit: double checked on the Safts, they are 50mA max continuous current.

There are some non rechargeable 3,6 v 14505 batteries. Don’t know how long your light will run on them though.


Non rechargeable 3.6V 14500 seem to be all LiThionylChloride and meant for (very) low current load.

If you want something for emergency and don't want to bother verifying/recharging/whatever your best bet imho is to go for AA flashlights and stock some primary 1.5V lithium and/or LSD Nimh.

If you have Ikea where you live they have the 2450mAh LSD AA (name : Ladda) that are known to be rebranded Eneloop Pro for less than 2€/piece here (just verified they are 7$ for 4 pieces for you)

3v non rechargeable cells

Battery Junction has these 3 volt cells.

Descriptio says :

  • Continuous Standard Load: 20mA
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 1000mA

Not sure what to believe

Remember the li-ions are low capacity cells. In a long power failure you want a good box full of primary cells with more capacity.
And probably a 12V-powered charger you can run off your car battery or solar cell. HKJ has started checking solar power for chargers.

You mean Lithium primary ? The good point with these ones is the long shelf life opposed to alkaline.

But as long as we don't know exactly what the OP was looking for with non rechargeable 14500 we don't know what is best for him

No, I mean that rechargeable li-ions are low capacity compared to lithium primary (Energizer) or alkaline cells.
Li-ion powered flashlights will be good for an hour or two after a power failure, longer at moonlight, but that’s not very long.
Then it’s time to pull out the other flashlights that use 1.5v AA or D cells.

AA Eneloops are a good thing to have (along with a charger you can run off 12v car battery or solar)

I rely on Dorcy for my emergency kit, e.g. https://www.dorcy.com/shop-now/flashlights/led-rubber-combo

And every year or so go through the alkaline battery stockpile and give away the ones that are getting old to neighborhood kids for toy use.

Watch out. Evil neighbor trying to kill your toys with old alkaleaks :wink:

Yep. Explaining leak precautions is part of the work. As is getting the kids to bring back dead cells for the recycling bin. Fortunately the Albany CA end of our block has curbside collection for bagged-up dead batteries along with trash collection.

I have about six of those 3-volt AA-size cells from Battery Junction. I bought them at least 5 years ago and never used them. Correction: I tried one in a 1x14500 light and got, at most, a nightlight. But hang in there: A couple days ago, I ordered an EagleTac D25A (which I've already listed in my signature block), which can use anything from 0.9 volt to 4.2 volts. An Amazon reviewer reported that he had used such a cell in this light and it worked: It shined brighter than a AA and, I'm guessing, gave him decent service life. When my D25A arrives, I'll try it with a 3V cell and report back in this thread.

From OP:
“I know CR123’s can replace 16340’s so is there an “equivalent” CR123 type in a 14500 form factor?”

That pretty much sums up what he’s looking for. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they exist.

Sorry i might have worded it wrong ... it's more the why than the what so knowing that what he wanted doesn't seem to exist we could help trying to find something that could fit at least some of its expectations (care free ? long shelf life ? cheap ? high power density ? whatever ?)

Thanks to everyone for the replies. Maybe I wasn’t clear - I just want to know if I can buy a Non-Rechargeable Lithium 14500 (Primary) form factor (size) battery that outputs 3-3.7 (approximately) VDC. I understand I can use AA 1.5 or 1.2 VDC Batteries - I want the higher Voltage output & mah of a Lithium.

A CR123 is a primary Lithium (3VDC) battery & can be used in place of a rechargeable 16340/RCR123.

What options do I have if I want a Lithium Primary (Non Rechargeable) 14500 form factor battery?

Again thanks to everyone for their technical assistance.

I think you’ll be happier in the end if you look for the answer to the problem you want to address:

Personally, I figure the li-ion powered flashlights are going to be useful for a little while after the shaking stops (earthquake territory) but unless I have recharging set up, I’m going to fall back onto passing out lights from the cache of flashlights with LEDs that run on 2x1.5vAA cells for the following days. And probably be messing around setting up a neighborhood charging station for Eneloops during that time.

PS, besides a cache of Energizer lithium primaries and Eneloop AAs, I’ve got some NiMH C and D cells (Tenergy Centura) kept on a trickle charger. And a solar panel I have yet to hook up to run that.

And a few PR2 dropin LED bulbs to swap out the incandescent bulbs in the cheap flashlights, too.