16340 to 18650 adapter sleeve

I’ve done a few searches and found nothing promising. Anyone know where i can find a sleeve to change 16340 to 18650 for around 2 or 3 dollars.

The ones on overready are too expensive and I’d be better off buying a host with included sleeve. That may be my only option it looks like.

I think someone suggested paper lately or maybe you could use shrinking tubes, this would be the diy solution.

I’ve been using tape for my smaller 18650 to reduce the rattle, but with 16340 it would be a lot of tape. I suppose I could try a few other things but looking for a simple and reusable method.

You could just use some paper to shim it...

I think for now I’ll use straws until I get a spacer. Long as they don’t rattle I’m fine.

The oveready ones are in Delrin and $10 each:


But check e-cigarettes about this guy who can make adaptors to fit any-size Li-on to fit 18650 devices :


I was cleaning out the junk drawer in my kitchen today and found my wifes’ baking glitter/sprinkles. They were stored in tubes that looked to me like an 18650, out comes the calipers.

They measured 19.4 outside diameter and 16.5mm inside diameter and 70mm long. I believe she got them from the dollar store and theres more then one.

So I’ll be sanding the outside a bit and will have to use a small bit of tape but it should work. Hardest part is going to be cutting bottom off without crackin the tube. Hack saw really slow should work.

If it works well ill take pics and make a photobucket account to post them. Just thought I would share.

The sprinkles are in the garbage now just fyi…

What if you use a grinder to make that cut, and should you tape it before cutting?

Good idea I’ll definitely tape it, I think I’ll try the hack saw first and if it doesnt work I’ll try a grinder.

Dx offers these now as well as a few other conversions. I just ordered a couple. Will post in a few weeks when they arrive.



I purchased these earlier and they are for 18650 to 26650 conversion.

Still looking for 16340 -> 18650 battery tubes