$18 (not)SST-50 L2 at Dino

At $17.69, this caught my eye and I don’t have any Luminus LED lights. Superfire L2 clone, so it’s a P60. No idea what the driving current is, and since the SST-50 can be driven to 5 amps, it is almost certainly underdriven. I’m really tempted just because of the good price on this LED.


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Sound like a good price, isnt the price of the led alone somewhere in this range?

DX has just the LED on a star for $20.20.


Thats what I thought I had seen! Sweet deal, sweet price, and easily modible and upgradeable… :bigsmile:

That was my thought, p60 is an instant turn off and I can’t see the point in an sst-50 that’s not fully driven.

Still, ta for the heads up. :bigsmile:

Yeah, I don’t think you’d want a 5-amp P60. Well, some people would.

Wow an SST-50 3 mode with no flashies, what a smoking deal. I just ordered one thanks for the heads up and the link.

FYI-If you have a Manafont 3 mode drop in or 980L/MCU-C88 driver it will power an SST-50 to 5 amps no problem.

Would you happen to have an extra one of those? :)

I don’t have any spares I used them all fixing other peoples SST-50 drop ins, but I plan on using the one I have in my 980L.

The popular UltraFire 3-mode drop-in from Manafont pulls 5A if you have batteries than can deliver that much (although I’m not sure how much of that current is lost once it’s actually running through the tail cap).

I’m not saying pumping 5A into an LED in a P60 host is a good idea (it’s not), but it’s nothing new.

EDIT: Just noticed E1320 beat me to the punch on that one :wink:

Although I’m really interested in this offer, I think it probably won’t be much better edit: brighter than my current Cree XMLs.
If you read here , the SST-50 only begins to run at high amps, but there it also produces alot of heat, so its pretty much a dragster.

If it’s a lower binned SST-50 it might not even put out more light at 5A than an XM-L (a U2, say) would at 3A.

I ordered one of these a couple weeks back when I noticed the price, to bad when mine arrived it had an Ultrafire branded XM-L in it instead of the SST-50 I was looking forward to. The 3 modes were high/low/blinky as well. Hopefully others won’t have a similar experience. I didn’t bother complaining to Dino as I am happy with the light overall for the $$. It was my first time buying from them and they screwed up so it most likely will be my last time as well.

The pictures show an SST-50, but the price is more in line with a XM-L. If it isn’t a SST-50, which is really the only reason I’m buying the light, then I will want nearly all of my money back. I did wind up ordering one when it was pointed out that it was 3 modes and no blinky modes.

Sorry you didn’t have a good experience. Dino can be a mixed bag, but I’ve generally gotten decent results from them.

specifications doesn’t say which SST-50 flux bin it has.

its very important since SST-50 bins has wide variations in lumen output (according to datasheet / flashlightwiki)

ibought one with free shipping from DX last week. nice performance!
Dimensions: 0.79 in x 0.79 in x 0.28 in (2.0 cm x 2.0 cm x 0.7 cm)
Weight: 0.18 oz (5 g)

I ordered two, it was advertised as less than half price. They haven’t arrived yet. Hope they are the real deal.

Can you let us know how many amps the DX emitter pulls on direct drive, please?

Yea the only reason I wanted it was because of the SST-50 in it, for the price it was a steal. Oh well, for me I think it will end up in the glove box. Since I just started getting into flashlights I don’t mind having it around. :stuck_out_tongue:

have you got your order ? i got mine today it definately it not a SST 50 lol dinodirect is such scammers. it is definately a XML T6 …. mehhhhhh ripped off 17$


thisis pic of the chip mines only got 3 prongs instead of like 20