$18 (not)SST-50 L2 at Dino

I purchased a few of these from every buying…Its not a bad drop-in.
I dont recommend it over a well driven XM-L in stock form. Swap the driver and its
its a great drop-in…Stock was 2.3 - 2.4a at the tail…DX sells a 5amp
3 mode driver that’s easy to mod, difference in performance is worth the
few bucks and work…

Chatted with DD today and told them they should cancel the order if the light doesn’t have a SST-50. They said wait until I get it and they would offer a refund if it isn’t what I wanted. So we’ll see. I’m not optimistic.

Darkside, do you have a link to the DX driver? I won’t order it unless I actually get a SST-50.

I haven’t got mine yet I just orderd it on the 16th, but I will expect a full refund if I don’t get an SST-50 I certainly don’t need anymore XMLs.

Rec’d today and it, too, is an XML, apparently T6, as it is as bright or brighter than Shining Beam Blaze or Thrunite T30. But, like others, I wanted an SST-50. Disgusted with Dino.

yep,I also agree with that it’s not a real SST-50emitter based on the price,it was more like a XM-L Tseries
however, it looks most people like XM-L for high quality&reasonable price

I just ordered one too.

My luck with SST-50's had been pretty bad . . . as E1320 well knows.


Bait and switch anyone?

Hmmm, still waiting for my duo. I will be really ticked off if they aren’t SSTs. That’s the only reason I bought them

If they change the product description or pictures, I made a .pdf of the page. But, yeah, it looks like they will be XM-L. Still waiting on mine.

SUMMER!!! where r u!! seriously which department is in charge for scamming us ? i have not had 1 good experience with dino!!!

I’m glad to read this. Don’t think I will be dealing with DD.

Good choice, I have had 3 orders with them and every single one was screwed up in one way or another.

I’ve never purchased from DD. And now after reading this post, I will most certainly NEVER purchase from them.

Their refusal to update the false information is why I opted not to participate in their last group buy.

Very strange; I paid for this light like I always do, with Paypal. I then get an e-mail (8-29-12) that said filling my order would be delayed because they must wait for my "e-check" to clear. I've never used an e-check in my life.

Today I get an e-mail from them saying my e-check had "cleared" and they would be sending my light "as soon as possible."

The other Foy is not mad and neither is Foy . . . but anything is possible. (the other Foy is more or less stable but Foy can ignite at any moment)


e-Check means PayPal was waiting on money to be transferred from your bank account to your PayPal account (and then instantly to the seller) to cover the purchase. If you had a cash balance, the transaction would go through immediately, or if you were using a credit card to fund your account.

That's what was weird, I rarely keep a Paypal balance. Every other purchase, Paypal takes it from my account immediately. Not a huge deal, just never had it happen before.


Maybe they had a credit card on file for you. Even though they weren’t billing it, they would pay immediately, knowing that if the bank transfer failed they could get the money from the credit card if necessary. It could be the original card is now expired.

I’ve never had a credit card associated with my PayPal account, so I always keep a balance, but one time I didn’t have enough to pay some money I owed my brother and he told me that PayPal told him I had sent him an e Check.

That is a great concern for the Chinese economy, which you seem to be underwriting to a major extent. :wink: Hope it sorts itself out worldbankofFoy.

I got mine today and once again got screwed by Dino Directs bait and switch policy. I paid for an SST-50 and got an XML.