18650 in an L2m Shorty

Not sure if this is that special or not, but here it is. Custom “drop-in” made from 3/4” copper pipe fittings and a p60 pill allows the battery to continue most of the way into the head. This is my new bedside light. It’s extremely stable headstanding. Nichia 219b, aspheric lens, always starts on moon, red lighted tailcap.

I would love one of those dropins, the 219 with that lens would be such a smooth room lighter. I may have to try and figure out how to build one like that, maybe this winter.

We keep an L2n in the bedroom with a single cr123a and a fairly low power solarforce .8-4.2v R5 XP-G with OP reflector. It is great for checking up on the kids. My wife loves the form factor of the light, so I ordered a couple of 18350’s so she does not eat threw the cr123a’s.


Probably the shortest 18650 light ever. Nice work :slight_smile:

Wow, clever dog!

Well that DQG in the first picture is pretty dang tiny, but this has to be one of shortest 18650 lights with a click switch.

Btw, if you use an 18500 you can have room for a 26.5mm Carclo optic which will give a lot more beam pattern options.

Nice work. I see you starting a new mod frenzy.

Very nice indeed!
I think I’ll make one with an 18500 and a low voltage drop in that could run on a AA in a pinch.

Nice build, small and long run time.

That’s really cool. I’m now eyeing off my spare L2M…. :beer:

Great job Pilotdog, that's eerily similar to something I recently built. Plumbing parts are great, right?

I was so glad when I saw yours was a triple.

Great job Pilotdog, that’s eerily similar to something I recently built a few weeks ago.

Incredible custom light! Solarforce L2M shorty, P60, 18500

Great idea!

I have a L2M shorty doing nothing too. Hmmm, let me think....

That’s an amazingly cool idea. Great job!