18650 usb rechargable recommendation for elderly mother

Hi Friends!

Several years ago my brother and I bought our elderly mother a Streamlight as a gift. I forget which model but it was a compact one with a charging cradle. It was very good quality but of course overpriced for what we got. Despite this we were pleased with our choice because she raved about its ruggedness and how bright it was and she used it quite frequently to look for things and such.

Recently, unfortunately, the switch broke on her Streamlight. My brother has collected it to see if it can be repaired, but in the mean time my mom needs a decent rechargable flashlight. My brother gave her an incandescent AA Maglite, but it’s a bit pathetic and it is hard for her to twist the head to get it to light up. I gave her the XANES WT518 that I wrote a review about here a while back, but it’s low quality and I’d like to get her something a little bit better. I am also afraid if she leaves the XANES on the charger all the time as she is apt to do, it will explode or something.

My ideal flashlight for mother would be…

a) in the $20-30 USD range

b) 500 or so lumens

c) taking an 18650 battery, but whatever battery it uses it MUST be rechargable either in a cradle or via USB connector or perhaps both! She really liked the cradle the Streamlight had because it gave her a place to put her flashlight and she always knew it was there, but that’s no longer a common feature.

d) It will not work for my mom to have to remove and switch 18650 batteries, as she would have a hard time twisting the cover off. My brother or I will change batteries if this is ever needed.

e) It will need to be something that can be left on the charger at all times when not in use and not be in danger of overcharging.

f) It does not need a lot of modes or anything fancy like that. Single mode ON/OFF would be perfect, as would HI/LO/OFF, but we don’t need turbo, firefly, strobe, etc as this will confuse my mother.

g) The switch must be easy to press, but not in danger of being pressed by accident (the XANES button is easy to press but it sticks out and is easily pressed by accident).

h) And it would be nice if it did not roll.

I know this is a lot of things, but there are so many flashlights out there! Surely one fits the bill! Maybe you can think of it! :slight_smile:

At first I thought of the Convoy S9, but it may have too many modes which might confuse my mother, and it is round and might roll off the table.

Perhaps you have a better recommendation! Thank you all so much!

This is best IMO, just got one for my Mother in December (She’s 88!)

Eagle Eye X2R

  • Well built and reliable
  • $18.00
  • 670lm
  • 18650 w/USB charging (plug in) - OK to leave on charge
  • Simple modes L-M-H-OFF (no blinkies)
  • Clicky tail switch - not too stiff and no rolling the light to find it (like a side switch), always find switch easy and fast in the dark. No accidental turn on.
  • One drawback, it can roll, but you could add a pocket clip to prevent that (New convoy clip fits great)

Convoy clip: https://www.banggood.com/Convoy-S2S2M1C8-Flashlight-Mini-Body-Clip-p-1029484.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN
Total cost: $18.63 NW version and convoy clip, after 9% discount code: 4BLF (EDIT: Currently under restocking, see post below for Eagle Eye store)

I got her the gunmetal grey (looks pretty) and NW tint. (less harsh on her eyes)
Also got her a Panny 18650B Protected cell 3400mAh

I put a lot of thought into this for her, I also wanted to get her a light with magnetic docking/charging station, but the only one in my price range (same as yours) were the NEBO Redline: https://www.amazon.com/Nebo-Redline-Flashlight-Dock-6392/dp/B01CKAUTQ2/ref=pd_sim_469_1?\_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01CKAUTQ2&pd_rd_r=PRB6H281GXM19TCTTMS5&pd_rd_w=zbY9J&pd_rd_wg=BYsGH&psc=1&refRID=PRB6H281GXM19TCTTMS5

Also looked at this one:
And this one: https://www.homedepot.com/p/iProtec-500-Lumen-Rechargeable-LED-Flashlight-Light-with-Magnetic-Recharging-Dock-6491/300663776

But I read in the reviews there were issues with the NEBO so I ended up getting her the Eagle Eye, it’s basically bulletproof reliable.

For a 2nd choice I’d probably have given the NEBO a try.

X2R threads / reviews:

Just noticed Banggood doesn’t have the XR2 in stock, weird I think that just changed as I was typing!

Anyhow you can buy the X2R directly from Eagle Eye: (but they don’t sell the convoy clip):

The do sell an “accessory pack” with a clip and diffusers, but it’s $5.00:

The Eagle Eye clip appears to stick out more than the convoy, so maybe better for anti-roll, it might be sized to fit the groove better too, but I don’t know for sure

You can get the convoy clip cheaper here: https://www.fasttech.com/p/4594500

X2r is my recommendation as well. Should be able to buy it directly from eagle eyes store on aliexpress. I’ll see if I can find a link for you

Edit nvm post above mine has it

My parents are 60 and 68 years old and I gave them a Olight S2R. Nothing easier than sticking the magnetic charger and they can leave it on all the time if they wanted and have it ready to use at any time.

I gave them several micro-USB flashlights before but they often found it difficult to plug in the micro USB port without using glasses, and other times they would accidentally yank the flashlight while being connected.

It’s a bit above your stated budget but magnetic charging lights are the easiest to charge for elderly people.

Eagle Eye X2R has my vote as well. I bought two mid last year for friends in their mid 60s and mid 70s who live in country areas and have a definite need for a good light. They don’t want to mess about removing and recharging batteries, but they are used to charging mobile phones and such via USB. They tend to use them on low or medium, so they don’t need to charge them that often. The X2R has mode memory and it’s not hard to switch between modes. Max current of 1.6A means they get warm on high but not too hot to touch. Both are very pleased with them and use them a lot.

I checked and the internal charger works well and does not overcharge.

Drawbacks are that, at least when I bought them, there were no instructions, so you have to look on the WWW, and also with the tab covering the USB port they are not as waterproof and dustproof as they might be. The X2R is excellent, especially for the money.

The Orcatorch WR-10 might be something to consider. It’s a single 26650 light, so the battery tube is slightly larger in diameter. But it does come with an induction charger cradle. The other nice thing about it is, when the power goes out, the light automatically turns on to low mode while sitting in cradle. It’s more money than your budget, but for a complete flashlight newb, it’s hard to beat. Super well machined, waterproof, etc…

A little bit larger than a Convoy C8

Comes with a complete kit. Battery, charger, light

Image album

Can the Eagle Eye X2R be left on the charger? I noticed in the specs that the switch needs to be on to charge?

Yes, it’s a proper LiIon charger and it stops charging when the battery voltage rises to 4.2 Volts. I don’t know what happens if you leave it on the charger for days or weeks, whether it starts charging again when the battery self-discharges to say, 4.12 Volts. However, most people are going to charge it when they think it needs it and leave it overnight, disconnecting the USB cable in the morning. Constantly charging a LiIon battery to keep it at 4.2 Volts isn’t a great idea anyway.

You do have to switch the light on for it to charge. IIRC, when connected to a USB source to charge it, you switch the torch on and the light comes on for a couple of seconds, then it goes out and stays out until you disconnect the USB cable. There’s a LED on the side which glows red while the light is charging and blue when it’s charged. I think not all units have the same indicator LED colours. Some are red/green and some red/yellow.

Sounds nice . I assume no step down ,since it does not get too hot? Protected cells fit ?

The X2R is a nice light but I do not recommend it for people who are not familiar with flashlights and who are not technology savvy.
The procedure to start charging is the opposite of user friendly. If you are doing one of several strange steps wrong it just will not load. I wonder why nobody ever mentions that.

It’s very much like a 4x7135 Convoy S2+ which is limited to 1.4A max, except with USB charging. The current limiter chips set the max current and so max brightness and heat. For the ones I made gifts of I included protected Panasonic NCR18650Bs, because I thought it was better for people not clued up on flashlights and with some possibility of grandkids opening them up. There were no problems fitting the cells.

Maybe no one mentions it because its not actually the case? There are two steps, plug the microusb connector into the light, switch the light on. The order doesn’t seem to matter. When you unplug the USB cable again, the light turns on, which is a good reminder to turn it off at the tail switch.

I agree though, the fact that it has a physical tailswitch, rather than an eswitch adds another step. I also agree that for many people that additional step is significant.

I disagree, My mother is 88, she’s not having a problem with it, she is not technology savvy.


Personally I don’t agree, but that largely depends on the person using it.


1. plug in cable. (flashlight turns on, do not turn it off)
2. wait for blue light to come on, then click switch.

(EDITED to show the complete procedure).


The X2R comes in under the $20-$30 budget the OP requires. The best scenario for recharging would be a magnetic docking base. As will34 said nothing is easier. But Olight is $75.00-$80.00. The Orcatorch is $70.00 Both great choices if you’re willing to spent that kind of money. The Orcatorch is especially nice since it turns on automatically when removed from the base, excellent for an elderly person! But it’s a pretty large light. In my case it’s too large for my Mothers bedside light, would be great for a “home utility” light. I’d love to see them make a smaller version of that for a lower price.

The NEBO Mag Dock is within the price range but reliability is questionable.

A low priced reliable light with charging dock and simple UI would be great, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t exist. The NEBO is the closest to that.

I want my mother to quickly and easily find the switch in total darkness, with the tail switch that happens, every time. And it’s a simple L-M-H-OFF. click-click-click-click, no remembering to hold down for half second/long press/short press/double click/strobes etc. Great for people who are “not technology savvy”

Ok, I will explain what I mean.

When you plug the USB connector in the X2R turns on. That is surprising. It is not what the average user expects. Most electric devices don’t do that. The user wants the light to charge, not to start running and discharging even more.
One automatic reaction is to turn the light off again. I witnessed this several times. (I remember the light starts in last memorized mode so it can be quite blinding.)

After a few seconds the X2R turns off again and the blue indicator light turns on. Everything fine? No. You have to press the button to start charging. Press the button as for switching the light on? We just had that. Unlike [beam0] said it is important to wait for the light to finish measuring the voltage and go out before pressing the button. If you press the button too early the light will not charge. And unlike [eas] said the order does matter. (I can’t find mine right now so I am only 90% sure that it will not charge when you plug it in while running.)

To be sure I repeated the same experiment with five elderly people (family and frieds): I explained the charging procedure while showing it. After a week or two they had to do it on their own. Four of five could not.
They switched the light off when it turned itself on or they forgot to press the button to actually start charging when the indicator LED was already on. To me both mistakes are understandable, almost expectable.
Without written instructions you need a really good memory to do it right after a long time.

That repeated experience is why I do not recommend the X2R for elderly people anymore. Your experience may differ.

A docking station type charger would definitely be more intuitive. Are there any budget ones that are of good quality?

Judging from comments on this thread and what I’ve seen looking around, there are no good quality docking torches available for less than at least three times the cost of the X2R. Don’t forget the O/P mentioned a price of $20-30 USD and a few other requirements.

There are several other USB rechargeable torches from suppliers who put out quality products for reasonable prices; Convoy, Eagle Eye, Thorfire and others. For what I had in mind, which was a USB rechargeable, medium-powered S2+ type light, the X2R is alone, AFAIK. No blinky modes, small and tough, no particular need to be thoroughly waterproof, no special adapter to get lost, not getting too hot to touch and a reasonable price.

The people I gave them to are elderly and have had no problems charging them.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions!

I almost bought the X2R, and then I read about the strange charging procedure, and I am glad I did not purchase it.

I see some here find that their elderly relatives do not have an issue with the procedure, but I am quite certain my mother will not be able to follow the procedure reliably.

The Orcatorch and Olight are attractive, but both units cost more than I am able to spend at this time.

I think I will just try my luck with the NEBO despite it’s silly strobe mode and apparently non-replaceable battery. Wish me luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting a detailed explanation of your opinion. Looks like it helped the OP in his decision!

Also, I edited my post to reflect the whole procedure.