19.79$ shipped - Sysmax Nitecore Intellicharge i4 V2

This charger costs only 13.98$ on wholesale websites. Keep this in mind!

Dino's original price was 28.xxUS$ afaik and standard inet price is 24.99US$ shipped, see for example HKE. With some luck and more dinopoints you could get this charger even cheaper from DD (maybe around Black Friday or Xmas 2012, good luck!) but the below "19.79$ (after 10% OFF)" are already a good entry point imho. Let's see how fast DD ships the item!

Intellicharge, Intellicharger, Intelligent Charger, sorry for being blunt this thread is to point out Summer's friendly deal for us BFL'ers. :

Of course you know this brand-new charger, it's indeed V2 as you can see above, not V1!

As of 2012-07-02 the deal has ended:

or also packaged lol like this:

order steps:

  1. go to DD's product page; it isit was listed as 21.99US$ shipped
  2. in your cart apply coupon code BLF01 RETAILMENOT10OFF (both coupon codes have expired, sorry you're too late!)
  3. this will reduce the price down to 19.79US$ ( BLF01 iswas a new coupon code tailored to this particular product and it workswas working fine. RETAILMENOT10OFF iswas a store-wide coupon code and it iswas working on this particular product too! )
  4. use "Secure checkout" and redeem your Dinopoints (e.g. 200 points) and giftcards (e.g. 3$ or 5$) to reduce your final total even more. this step is optional.
  5. once the order is marked "Shipped" in your DD account, find the shipped item on FB (for this link to work you need to be logged into your facebook account thanks!) in order to go sure that greendino really shipped the V2.

Here are some FB photos since starting the OP which show the number of shipped units at 21.99$/pc until the deal ended:

http://bit.ly/greendino wrote:

2012-06-13: 0

2012-06-14: 0

2012-06-15: 11, 1

2012-06-16: 0

2012-06-17: 0

2012-06-18: 0

2012-06-19: 2, 5, 5

2012-06-20: 0

2012-06-21: 0

2012-06-22: 0

2012-06-23: 0

2012-06-24: 0

2012-06-25: 0

2012-06-26: 0

2012-06-27: 3

2012-06-28: 0

2012-06-29: 0

2012-06-30: 7, 2

2012-07-01: 0

2012-07-02: 0 (the deal has ended. price is back jumpy from now on, 25.39$, etc.)

2012-07-03: 0

---------------counting stopped!---------------

Chinafans might like the clone: the Enedepots A8 charger

It looks like a good deal on a mediocre charger. How do you know DD is shipping the V2? Did you just receive one from them? Your FB photo link isnt working.

So is the charger worth its money???

Yeah but German prices are insane. Just look at the "pope" site.. 10€ for one TF2400. :D

I’d say yes. Great charger for that price.
I’ve already bought BC700 for my NiMh and I think my first WP2 is still quite good for li-ion :slight_smile: Anyway, I’ll ask my friends if someone needs one. Thanks, kreisler :wink:

Is there a review of this charger.

HEating problems?

Charging curve?

1000mAh charging output with 2 batteries?? Hmm, that would be great.

But not so great with smaller capacity cells.

It would be neat for me because it would reduce numbers of chargers and cables in my room :slight_smile: I wouldnt need to have NiMH charger, because this apparently can be used both for NiMH and Liions :o

Ok, Kreisler, you convinced me :D!
Ill wait till DinoDirect solves my fake Enepoop issue and give me gift cards and then probably buy one or two of these chargers.
Not that there arent other items in my wishlist, might dig out my old DD thread to see what people can recommend me to buy there for giftcards :smiley:

Probably not a great deal for those who already have a capable li-ion charger. I think the money would be better spent on a quality NiMH charger that can adequately discharge as well. However, for those that have neither then maybe this will work just fine for them. I think discharging NiMH is a must have feature for those who use them regularly.

Also, if I was considering this charger I would still go with a local vendor for a few more dollars, such as Going Gear, to gain the better customer service and reliable shipping.

Oh, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

And I still haven received my FAKELOOPS from Dino……….

Did you get a $5 gift card for this post?

I think if you didn't have any charger this might make sense .I see it as a middle of the road charger ...not low end or high end ,not cheap nor expensive ..At 5$ off I'm not fighting the need to rush out and buy this charger when it already duplicates what i already have .With no long solid track record ..and a version 1 with problems .I think I'd be hesitant to recommend this to someone who needed to charge both lithium and nimh .

multiple chargers doesn't bother me in the slightest ... the ability to charge 4 18650 batteries at once seems nice ,but even with hundreds of batteries only charging 2 at a time has worked out with no problems so far

coupon isn’t working anymore on this item:

also with secure checkout (paypal windows): no discount.

Ohh… No, returning customer.

same with not being logged in:

@ Kreisler
Yes I would believe your answer

and I have given them a fair try. I actually bought the charger for a friend as he has the habit of sticking eneloops in lithium chargers when drunk. No joke.

It was not their f-ups that turned me off. It was the BS I experienced with their customer service and the TF battery fiasco.

Here is a good one of HKJ:


Thanks for the tip kreisler!

Until now I’ve been using something like http://www.dealextreme.com/p/universal-ac-charger-for-aa-aaa-6f22-18650-battery-ac-100-240v-eu-plug-47499 so almost anything would be an upgrade.

Just got email that mine has shipped too. Where do the shipment photos come from?