2-AAA Non-Maglite suggestion please

For my work (Air Ambulance) I am looking for pen sized light, like a AAA Maglite, that will fit in the arm or leg “Pen” pockets of the flight suit.
I am also looking for a Soda Can sized torch for the same job, as detailed in” this thread”:https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/69106

I have a 2 cell (own converted LED) AAA Maglite at the moment, but it is single brightness.

Want something with a simple No-Memory UI that always comes on in Low or moonlight and with NO strobe flashing modes.

Any 2-AAA’s that can run GuppyDrive type firmware?

I have browsed many posts here and have seen this photo on the “Collection” post.

Counting from Right to Left the lights 2,3,4 5 interest me. Especially number two , the 90 degree head version. that could be most useful.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

From right to left, light 1 onwards, manufacturers of those look like:

Thorefire?, Manker, jetbeam, astrolux, Sofirn?, Not sure #6, not sure #7, #8-#11 are Lumintop, #12 & #13 are singfire or blf 348, not sure #14, Thorefire, sofirn, Lumintop, ?Nicron (not familiar with this brand), Generic COB work light.

I’ve an astrolux keychain light, it’s not that impressive as the head wobbles due to poor thread tolerance.

From right :
1 : ? it can be a Nicron
2 : Nicron. Amazon has some models of this brand
3 : ?
4 : Sofirn pen light
5 : Thorfire PF04

No1 shoult be the “Nicron N73” pen light, link: https://www.reddit.com/user/gjdigiprint/comments/e8qw0t/nicron_n73_review/

Maybe you find more interesting “twist head flashlights” at the Nicron webpage: https://nicronlight.com/TwistFlashlight.html


I think no3 might be: “Lumintop IYP365” pen light, link: You searched for IYP365 - Lumintop.


the IYP365 seemed perfect…except it starts in High mode :frowning:
N73 does not seem available any more…but no info on what modes and direction.

Other option might be a AAA host and make my own


Nicron does not seem to list the N73 on the site any more…only a AA version which would be too big…28mm. Needs to be BIC biro sort of size and long enough not to slip inside th epocket…and yes that has happened before.

Thorfire says it starts in moonlight mode…, is a good price…but Amazon says not available! …Google not bringing up any options either.

Any one have a ThorFire PF04 they will sell? :wink:

Ultratac A3 is 3 mode, starts in low and no blinky’s. There are a few Chinese sellers on Ebay that have them. Same style and size as the IYP.

I have three of them, one with a nichia in it, one with a red led in it and one with a UV emitter in it. They are great little lights. I tried the IYP’s and the didn’t care for the modes sequence. Lumintop always screws up good lights with mode memory or dumb starts in high or medium. I swore off Lumintop.

Hey, thanks
Nothing showing on EBay or Amazon UK

Will keep a search on eBay

It does look the ideal one

In case you don’t know there is a sub-forum dedicated to multiple AAA lights which would help focus your search.
You can get to it through the ‘Forum Categories’ sub-menu listed under the Main Menu (top left of my browser page, don’t know where it is on yours :smiley: )
but here is a direct link: https://budgetlightforum.com/forum/flashlights/multipleaaa

In the first post of the first thread buck91 mentions a Nitecore MT06MD which might suit your needs?

Available here as an example only as i’ve never used the site, it was just early in the Google search results:


I’ve owned a couple of Thorfire PF04s, and unfortunately while they satisfy your other requirements, they do have mode memory (and are discontinued now).

However, here’s something that should perfectly fit your requirements: Wurkkos WK02

- 2 x AAA

- 3 modes (Low, Medium, High)

- Starts on Low

- High CRI

  • Forward-clicky mechanical switch

Thanks about sub forum…missed that…
the MT06MD is one I already have in my shopping cart from Torch direct

thanks again

nice thanks

LINK for the Ultratac A3

I second Serlite’s suggestion of Wurkkos WK02. I quite like mine, and it’s one of only two lights I’ve been sent for review that I’ve kept after the review has been finished.

ok , thanks

have some good pointers there.

Thank you

Three of these Nitecore MT06MD’s ordered

For the record, I found out that the Nicron N73 is apparently available on Ebay ; using the keyword “Nicron Twist 90° Magnetic LED Flashlight”. Multiple vendors will show up. I’m thinking of getting one for myself.

PS : as suggested, mods should move this thread in the Multiple AAA subforum.

Wurkkos WK02 (and WK01) for $8.99, while they last.

The Wurkkos WK02 is a fantastic 2xAAA. They are also on clearance right now for $8.99 on Wurkkos.com. High CRI choices, too and multiple colors.

Nice, thanks

The Nitecores we did buy do the job just great for now though.
Might order one of these though