200 lumen Cree Flashlight(Q3) VS. 300 lumen Cree Flashlight (Q5)

I have ordered Meritline 200 lumen Cree (Q3) flashlight in October and that light has been great. However, Meritline only has it on sale once in a while for about $9. I have looked at other alternatives and have found this flashlight with better specs (300 lumens, Q5) at a cheaper price (Less then $7 when I ordered, they had about 10% at the time) . I had my doubts it would be better, I thought it would be same specs at best.....well, I was wrong. This flashlight is visually identical to Meritline one discussed in this thread:

However it is in fact more powerful as I have just tested with identical batteries.

Other members have also previously mentioned other sellers who may sell for less, but I have no experience with them. You can find this flashlight directly on TopTom's website for ($7.36 USD + free shipping). I bought from their ebay store before.


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Video: (from Meritline 200 lumen model)

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I have the same TomTop Q5 version. Yes, it is bright! Love these lights, ordered 3 more from various sellers yesterday.

I ordered a bunch of them as well! (that Q5 from Tomtop), also ordered the 18650 Q5 version with the high, medium, strobe function: http://www.tomtop.com/lasers-flashlights/focusable-300lm-cree-q5-led-3-modes-waterproof-flashlight-torch.html

-Jamie M.

How is the build quality of the 18650 version? Seems the perfect light: throw, flood, compact, high&low all in a single flashlight.

I have not received them yet unfortunately, but as soon as I do I will post a very amateur review! lol.

I agree that it seems a really great light! Looks to be water sealed very well, and without that battery spacer tube in there, I'm thinking it might even fit a 26650 King Kong battery in it! WOOT!!!

Will let you know when I get them :)

-Jamie M.

The 18650 version you posted is a commonly hated light on this thread ..both budgeteer and i rated it as most loathed light of the year award ..The tank version on the otherhand is loved ..So another 8$ and it goes from hate to love ... we're easy ..and cheap :P

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: I also read some not so nice reviews about the build quality of it (but peeps seem to like the beam quality and brightness), so I searched and searched for a nice light that ran on 18650’s, had at least two brightness settings, and had a floodier type beam.

My results: Purchased a Zebralight SC600w with some 3100MAh Redilast batteries, the worlds smallest LiIon charger, some DC Fix "Sand" film, a custom holster from Thor's Hammer Custom Leather that'll look similar to this one. That should be about the floodiest craziest thing I could put together that'll fit easy in your pocket :)

The more I read about the SC600 the more it just sounded so perfect. Great programmable setup, has a super low low, and you can go right from OFF to low, medium or high! Sick sick light.

-Jamie M.

What is the model # of the Tank Version??

Hi Jamie,

Have you tried if the King Kong battery fits in the Q5/18650 torch?

Thanks, Herman

Welcome to BLF, Hherrmmann.

8) Thanks, Raccoon City

No way can a Q5 deliver 300 lumens, right?