2012 NBA Finals

Is anyone watching the NBA Finals?

I still can't believe that the The Oklahoma City Thunder destroyed the Dallas Mavericks and the L.A. Lakers in the Playoffs (two of my favorite teams in the West.) Since none of my teams in the West made it this year, I'm rooting for the Miami Heat. I'm a big fan of Lebron James and Dwyane Wade, which is strange because last year I was rooting against Miami. I hope that the Miami underdogs can pull it off, but the Thunder is just so darned talented.

So who do you like, the Heat, the Thunder, or maybe an NBA team that didn't make it this year?

Lebron isn’t such a bad guy, But he is so much fun to root against.

Awesome question! I honestly have no idea. It's definitely not on YouTube (I just checked.)

Sounds like something Vectrex might know...

Maybe I should make the subject "2012 NBA Finals (Sorry, USA only!)"

I am following closely. Gotta be the Thunder. I liked James till he said 3,4,5,6,7………8? too much bluster, Turned me off!

I actually had to look that video up as I don't follow the NBA as closely as I might let on. (Or maybe I saw the video 2 years ago and I just forgot about it.) LeBron is grossly overconfident, but I think it's normal for superstars to be cocky. I can also see how that cockiness can be annoying.

Here's a webpage with the video for those that haven't seen it:


I am a huge Celtics fan we were at the Boston Garden for Game 6 to watch the Sixers get finished off. I really am so heartbroken the Celtics lost I can’t even watch anymore.

The funniest part of the whole Eastern conference Playoff was when a Celtics fan threw an out of bounds ball back to Wade right as he looked away and he got beaned in the head.

I've always been a fan of the Heat since Dwayne Wade started playing. I don't like how Lebron went about leaving the Cavs but I do think he's the best and most gifted all-around player in the world and last night he proved he can be their end-of-game clutch player....FINALLY! I am hoping they win but this is only 2 games in and I think it's going to go at least 6 games but most probably 7.

Oklahoma is young, fast, athletic, and loaded with talent but hopefully their youth and inexperience works against them. They will have plenty of other chances to win a championship in the next few years.


Since the Sonics (Thunder) left Seattle I’ve had little interest in the NBA. I guess I’d be for the Heat.

I watched it live and it was awful. His mouth over loaded his ass! He either overestimated himself (& his team) or underestimated the rest of the league. The series does look like a toss-up.Keith

Go Kings Go!




Everything is corrupt. Basketball is fixed. You’re telling me that OKC managed ONE field goal in over 7 minutes in the first quarter of game #2? And this after the dismal start in game #1. I’m sure Brooks was adamant about them getting off to a better start. I turned it off. Watch a tape of the 1st 7 minutes, you’ll see. And not one word mentioned by the commentator. Watch OKC not play….

I picked the Thunder to win it all. But now that Chris Bosh is back it may not be accurate. I remember guys saying that the Heat with 3 stars wouldn’t work. Well if that is true then why are they in back-to-back NBA Finals? Even if they don’t win, how many teams ever get to where they are and to do it back-to back is proof that those so called experts don’t know what they are talking about.

Agree! as to me, Chris Bosh’s back is a stimulant news to MIAMI. both of tesms are full of stars who can execute the critical strike, but i wish MIAMI can finish their job in 2012. but i am really scare that THUNDER will prevent them from succeed just like what they treat with SPUR.

The back-to-back NBA finals is another kind of failure once the Boss make up his mind to break up the big three. :frowning: that is what i don’t wanna see…

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Us open Amatuer Bo Hossler ..17 year old high school kid .


3 back from the leader Jim Furyk

and one behind Tiger Woods

GO BO !!!


Yep, go Bo or Furyk. Got to keep them dratted foreigners from winning our tournament.

J/K. There’s no foreigners on this board, is there?

Then a victory by the Thunder, and life will be good.

I just got through playing eighteen myself(6:30 tee time) and am now at my bussiness preparing for tommorrow. Then it is nap time, US Open and then basketball.


What a heart breaker. Miami was too good tonight. congrats. The difference was free throw shooting, IMO.

do any other OKC fans get tired of all of the Heats layups. I mean talk about matador defense! Don’t they watch game films??? I had to turn the game off once again. Turned it on late in the 4th quarter only to see Harden with consecutive turnovers