[2018-02-01] Tor connections to BLF will be blocked

Hi everyone,

I am considering making a change to block Tor users from accessing BLF. The reason is fairly simple: 100% of the persistent trolls and other problem users we’ve had around here use Tor, and they often use it to come back under other usernames.

But I wanted to check first with our users: Does anybody have a legitimate need to access BLF over Tor? Users behind the Great China Firewall perhaps?

Thanks a lot! Have fun.


What is Tor?

Its a way to connect to sites while hiding your actual IP address

It may be bad for someone who uses TOR to hide his private browsing from company logs

Ummm hate to sound stupid but what is Tor?

Short for the onion router… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor\_(anonymity_network)

There are some good reasons for it, but there are a lot of bad reasons for it too.

Not that it would directly affect the forum, but I don’t think the admin would want to help facilitate users breaking company policy anyway.

It is kind of ironic that this could block users from the country where most of the products we’re interested in originates. However, I’m for blocking it if it’s causing a problem here. This is not a political or humanitarian activities related site where blocking tor could result in oppression or harm, unless you count not being able to find good deals on flashlights a human rights violation. :wink: Although I suspect some may see it as such.


Thanks everyone for the replies. Let’s try to keep bumping this thread until Asia wakes up and goes to work so they can all have a chance to reply.

Is sending a PM to members asking for an opinion an option? Especially if you’re able to know which members are using Tor? I think the majority of members are not active on a daily basis, let alone there is a likeliness they don’t see this thread.

I have emailed Dale at Haikelite China... I am not aware of them using this system. He is currently traveling from his home back to the factory so it may be a day at least before he gets the email and can respond.

Thanks for the heads up...

Hmmm, I suppose that’s an idea. It’s just that it will never be possible to really get a consensus from all the users. Usually a rough percentage of the responses is enough to get a pretty accurate overview of a situation. If anybody is concerned about a particular Chinese vendor, feel free to contact them and send them a link to this thread.

I actually don’t anticipate that anyone will get totally blocked from using BLF if Tor gets blocked. I believe that most Chinese users usually use VPNs and not Tor, but I’d just like to make sure before making any changes.

Hmmm, as someone who is semi-computer literate regarding Tor (all l know is the mighty Thor), whatever’s good for BLF is good enough for me too.

Thanks SB.

go for it SB


Yeah, for anybody here who doesn’t know what Tor is, no worries, this potential change will definitely NOT affect you.

Not that it would really help.. Possibly a poll?

Heard about Tor while browsing applications on F-Droid once.

Not a friend of limitations but of course I can understand sb56637's perspective.

Eeerhm… are you serious? I barely see any trolling on this forum, if at all. Honestly!

Cheers :-D

I consider myself a complete computer noob, but Tor is related to torrent or not? Pirate bay… Illegal downloads and stuff. You cannot be traced, because the data traffic goes via thousands of different IP addresses… Or something. I’m just free styling here, but is sort of my understanding of Tor.

I use Tor but not here on BLF. Blocking Tor is fine with me SB.

Do you have any logs that might tell which users have accessed BLF via TOR? Perhaps see if any longtime or high-post members are using it?