[2019-01-02] A quick reminder about signatures

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all doing well. Just a quick reminder about signatures— I receive PMs fairly frequently from different members that are annoyed or even offended by the content of some users’ signatures. This is usually due to signatures that are oversized, or because they contain political / religious messages. So if you have a signature, please review it (your own signature please, not those of other users) and make sure it adheres to the following BLF Rules, and modify it if necessary:

That’s all. Thanks a lot for reading, and have fun!


If saying a thing once would break the rules, saying it in every post doesn’t make it any better.

It’s like, if one is told not to swear, and one reacts by wearing a hat covered in profanity, this does not improve relations with other people. It mostly just inspires eyerolls and facepalms, and acts as a warning sign to others.

^ You should win a Nobel peace prize for this simple morsel of wisdom. :smiley:

Testing out my new signature..

Edited by: sb56637

Nice one! You should totally use that for your sig. :-)

I have to admit, my sig is quite large, i will review it


I would strongly support a character or line limit for signatures. There are some prominent forum members who have obnoxiously large signatures full of images that are extremely distracting when reading threads, and I sincerely doubt they will remove them without moderator intervention. I also welcome the rules limiting political and religious topics. I don’t need bible quotes and gun ownership activism constantly in my face on a flashlight forum.

Thank you SB.

Yeah, let the offence takers rule the internet…

No, let’s not do that.
At least, not here too.

What is the policy on sigs containing dog whistles such as a single letter from the alphabet?

Signature? What signature? :slight_smile:

This post inspired me to add a sig to my posts; violating the law of Aristotle.

There’s a time and place for everything. This is a place for discussing flashlights, not plastering religious or political statements everywhere.

I think even having a thread/section devoted to discussions would be a poor choice, on the internet discussions like that rarely stay civil except in the most homogeneous communities.

The slippery slope is real. I’m not happy with this rule. It’s too heavy handed. Perhaps a better option would be to make it possible for the ‘offended’ to simply NOT SEE signatures at all, like the button that allows members to see a home page sans commercial posts.


But a signature is not a discussion.

Of course, if a signature attacks or flames people, it’s not acceptable.
Not sure what religious signature on BLF causes some people to get their panties in a twist, i only know of 1 religious (or rather theological) signature and it attacks or flames nobody.

Don’t you mind someone calling himself satan here? There’s at least 1 account with that name.

As for the gun control signature some of you may have in mind, it does not attack or flame people either.
(It’s not untrue either and it’s part of the US Constitution (and for good reasons), but that’s not important right now. :wink: )

Get over it. People disagree about many things.

Man this whole site has too many rules! Overbearing moderation and such! Lets go start our own forum. We can call it economylightforum.com or something

You laugh, but that’s exactly why a few of the flashlight forums got their start, including THIS one, IIRC.

How do you find the time to be offended about these things when we have members who prefer 6000K tints w/ micro-usb charging built in? I can barely sleep at night knowing I share an online space with these members.

Dont you dis integrated USB charging man. :smiley: