[2023-03-20] Some additional forum features added

Yep, I see it too, though it’s not a huge gap.

I happened to look earlier when the new jump-to-top button was still enabled. Didn’t really like it, so I made a mental note to remove it later (at least locally), along with the “Back to bottom” button which shows up sometimes.

Having a timeline widget float over the posts is fine, since it serves several functions almost everyone uses, and does so in a way which saves screen space. The jump-to-top button seemed redundant though, just an extra thing covering up the page.

Looks like it was short-lived though.

The other new features are much more interesting. I hope they won’t be time-consuming to maintain.

FWIW, it looks like there may be a value missing somewhere for the text color button. Hovering over it shows a tooltip with “[en.composer.color_ui_button_title]”.

Oh, um, I just noticed a Discourse feature that BLF doesn’t seem to have. On the upstream site, when the first post contains headings, it turns the timeline widget into a table of contents. Then when the user scrolls to post 2 or later, it turns back into a timeline.

Is that an easy thing to add? It could be really nice to have for navigating long reviews.

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Wow that is indeed a very nice feature, here’s an example : Discourse Moderation Guide - moderators - Discourse Meta


I added support for it in my themes, assuming BLF did the same thing… and didn’t even realize it’s not on BLF until I tried it today.

I’ve also generally been trying to ensure other upstream stuff works, to make sure everything will be functional whenever sb updates the forum. Like, I started on adding support for the new chat system… though I have no idea if he plans on adding that or leaving things as-is. I’m not sure it would be worthwhile. But the table of contents thing is pretty neat.

Eventually I’ll probably have stuff updated to the point where forum admins can install my themes just like any other Discourse themes. But first I need to do a bunch of stuff to convert my css overrides into an actual theme.

OK it didn’t show on my browser.
Deleting the cookies for the discourse website did the trick.
Now the discourse site shows content.

The BLF Forum FAQ Page has titles in the first post to test New BLF forum engine FAQs
But no, the funktion isn’t there (yet)

Maybe the content shows only if there is only a single post?
This post Now I've got Chat 💬 what do I do with Personal Messages? - community - Discourse Meta has headings and I don’t get content in the sidebar. (But it is an older discourse thread)
Also a new thread 3.1.0.beta3: Search optimizations, Resizable chat drawer, New API scopes, and more - announcements - Discourse Meta doesn’t work

I feel so dumb.

Don’t. :slight_smile: I’m a geek, but you’re a genius at creating stuff with your hands, which is something that I’m pretty much incapable of doing and have a healthy envy for.

It looks like this is what they’re using over on Discourse Meta for the automatic TOC:

I agree it’s a nifty feature. The only thing I don’t like is that it requires an admin/mod to click a button to enable it on specific threads, which explains why some have it and some don’t.

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We have more than one mod now?

Nope, I was referring to the parent forum of the creators of this forum software.

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Ah, that changes things. There’s a huge difference between “install and forget” and “install then be required to update it manually every day forever”.

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Yep, that was a major consideration of mine too. Discourse has basically two ways to extend its functionality, 1) Theme Components use the same JS / CSS override mechanism that we’re using here to apply your CSS as themes. They’re non-invasive and non-permanent (they don’t change the database schema or records), and if installed from a git repo they get automatically updated with the rest of the site engine and/or can be manually updated with a single click and don’t cause any downtime when updating. They can even have a UI associated with them. Some Theme Components are officially maintained by the Discourse project, and other 3rd party ones seem to be pretty stable and well maintained. In the worst case if they break they can just be disabled and the site will simply return to its former presentation layer before the Theme Component was enabled. 2) Discourse Plugins include Ruby code to modify the core functionality of the forum and optionally its database. Plugins need to be listed in the .yml file for Docker to include and compose. And they require a rebuild of the site to add or remove or update them, which requires 5 - 10 minutes of downtime, and they can break the core forum upgrade process if they’re not updated in step with upstream Discourse.

So I try to keep the plugins to a bare minimum, and all of this functionality mentioned here was via Theme Components.

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Dumb and illiterate.

With sore hands. :wink:

That’s quite a nice way… but I needed a little bit of time to figure out how it worked :slight_smile:
I didn’t understand what to do at first…

Weirdly, the light/dark toggle isn’t doing anything for me. I have Dark Mode enabled in Windows too and tried disabling that to see if it made any difference, no luck. If it is working for others though, maybe it is just a security feature blocking it. Does it utilize a script?

Hi there @CollectEverything , yes it does utilize a script, but if the forum engine is working for you overall then I doubt anything is blocking that particular script. Try doing a hard refresh of the page by holding Shift + Reload. Also try switching between dark and light mode in /my/preferences/interface .

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The quick switch button also doesn’t work for me.

Your suspicion was correct. I went to my profile and switched to Light mode and now the toggle works. Looks like the profile-level Dark Mode setting overrides the toggle.

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Can you please make sure you started with this (and don’t forget to hit the Save Changes button all the way at the bottom) and then do a hard Shift + Reload of the page?