21X CREE XML T6 25000LM Flashlight Just When We Thought 18X was Enough

I never thought the 18X XML flashlights actually sold well, but evidently they must have for them to still be pushing the envelope and come out with this one. I don’t really know what to make of this, so I’ll leave the comments to the forum.
AliExpress 21X XML

I actually believe the specs are likely pretty close on this KinFire version. With 21x LED’s, and even underdriven, it has to put out some light.

DealExtreme 21x Flashlight

Just a few photos the AliExpress Retailer, from the link above sent me. They wouldn’t send me a review sample, but did offer to send these photos.

That’s the most heavy duty +B spring I’ve seen yet on one of these lights.

Good to see it can be used in a two cell configuration. I’m sure it wouldn’t be very bright though.

Well they have to offload previous generation XM-Ls some how… :slight_smile:

How many batteries to run that thing,and how long could it sustain max without heat being an issue!!!

I learned in the beginning from these types of companies[t-mart was my first!!] that their numbers are grossly EXAGGERATED!!

HA! Twenty one XM-L’s.
if that could really put out 25000 Lumens, it would melt the Aluminum head after it set fire to all the LEDs, requiring Two RV DeepCycle 800-CCA Marine batteries, and Booser Cables for wires to provide the Amps required to push all those LEDs to 1190 Lumens each. At least is a bright as my supper.

It’s rated at 54 watts and can only be run on 4x 18650 or 4x 26650’s. I’m sure it’s very under-driven, so I doubt heat would be to bad. But I have no interest in purchasing this one. My next light will be the Trustfire TR-J20, expecially if I can get one with XM-L2 NW.

I won’t be getting it either! I get a kick out of these phony specs!

I will stick w/ my modded lights and Fenix/Olight/Eagletac/SWM ect.!!

Thank you for posting it. It made me laugh. :bigsmile:

Good grief! I never thought I’d see a showerhead light made of XM-Ls! My, how times have changed…

So what do you guys calculate for this light? Less than 3000 OTF lumens probably?

i would guess thats about right. Its not likely much more than 3000 OTF lumens stock if lucky. I just noticed in the Item Specifics on that page it says “Lumen: 3800” , - though the title says 25000LM.
I wonder how many un-educated people are seeing that and buying it, ( along with some cheap Ultrafire cells) after reading 25000 LM and expecting something that will light up a Ball Stadium.

they don’t know what a lumen is, so the 3000 lumens seems incredible to them and they believe they are getting 25000 and their money worth

Until someone shows them a X60M or FourSevens XM18. :bigsmile:

My thoughts exactly

most people don’t have flashaholic friends

Their loss! :wink:

agreed :smiley:

Those are the people with only Alcoholic friends and no flashaholic friends.

It’s actually a more efficient way to run a light. Also it really just depends on what kind of driver they have used and how it’s wired. Not that I am too interested in it but with the right driver and wiring it could be interesting. Run a single amp to each emitter and you are looking at about 4,500 lumens. (4,000OTF) It wouldn’t get very hot at only an amp per emitter and with four good 26650’s you would actually have decent run-time for a 4,000 lumen light. Or stick a FET driver in and drop one emitter, wire it 4P5S, 4 mode with a turbo stepdown.

Of course the $125 price tag is a joke but if they have them on sale for 50% off plus a $10 coupon I would pick one up just to play with it. But then again I love playing with these plunger lights. Half the fun is seeing just how messed up they have it right now.

And can we determine the worldwide alcoholic:flashaholic ratio?

Personally, I’m waiting for the release of the to-be-very-much-coveted 105 x xm-l T6 cannon that promises 168,000 lumens and uses 20 x 26650s. Included in the price will be a forklift to carry it around (hopefully).