22mm / 24mm / 26mm Contact Board - OSHpark project

Larger contact boards are a rare item. Thankfully several members here had designed some contact boards and published them as OSHpark projects. I took the liberty to make a line of boards to my latest needs and I’m quite happy with the result.

22mm contact board
24mm contact board
26mm contact board


This is how the 22mm version came out.


The design derives from the well known 20mm board and has the following mentionable features:

  • 11.4mm plus pad allowing large springs
  • 5mm center hole, so the Nanjg 105c spring fits perfectly
  • Center hole as via and additional Plus vias
  • Ground vias have 0.9mm drill size and are arranged on a 15mm circle so that any version of Nanjg driver can be piggybacked with wire (3x, 4x and 8x Nanjgs have different ground via positions).
  • 3 different sizes to choose from, so filing and cost are kept to the necessary. They’re costly enough for a contact board, but much easier than copper rigging the 20mm board as I used to do earlier.


Comparison shot with the 20mm board.

With some Nanjg boards.

Here’s the 22mm version in use on an Ultrafire F10 build.


Feel free to use.

Thanks HQ. You will have to get a link put in the Oshpark thread.

I did post a short message there too :slight_smile:

Looks pretty sweet to me. I’m looking at the picture with the Nanjg boards: is there any issue with components touching the large exposed copper area on top of the adapter? Are you just using kapton tape or is that not a problem?

Good work.

So it would be about $15 for three of each board then? Am I reading their pricing policy correct?

Also, thank you for designing these, I can think of uses for these already. Particularly for my BTU Shocker, which has a jury-rigged 20mm contact board right now, a 22mm would work perfectly.

The contact board sits on the 4 AMC7135, which are the highest parts of the Nanjg 105c on the spring side. But admittedly the difference in height is small. If you solder the board askew, you might touch the stock capacitor. You really wouldn’t want to do that :slight_smile:


Goodness, no.
When you click on ‘order’ for the 22mm boards it shows:

“Your design will cost $3.75 per set of three.”

That includes shipping. So it’s 1.25 apiece. That’s way more than the 20mm boards from Fasttech, but it’s still reasonable, at least for me.

I saw that after registering. It’s very reasonable for a custom printed contact board, but I don’t like how one can’t create a composite order [no ‘add to cart’ button]. Also, what’s their average turnaround time for making an order?

If you upload the files yourself boards usually ship in about 10 days, ordering other people’s uploads are slightly lower priority, usually they ship within 14days. Nothing is set in stone tho.

Boards look good HQ, I have a 26mm contact board I’ve heard from a few people work great. I have mine most masked but you can scrape the mask to expose he copper pours underneath.

Edit: here’s mine
I like watching everyone’s eagle skills progress, seems most of us start out with something like this (this was my first shared project and look at me now). Keep it up HQ.

Hi Cereal_killer,

these Eagle/OSHpark combination is a hoot - and is getting addictive.
It’s fun to see how many already contibuted to the OSHpark projects thread, if only by making boards for their needs, and in that way helping and inspiring others.

Will do.
I made these boards some time ago. It took a while for them to get made, being sent to Europe, surviving customs and getting in use by me.
I was quite busy in the meantime, learned a lot. H)
Had good help. :beer:

My mistake! I should have known that without looking - I’ve relied on the height of those 7135’s myself. When I looked at the picture I saw something shiny touching the contact board. The shiny thing I saw was the copper you used to sew the two PCBs together through the vias (nice!).

FYI if you order several things in a row they almost always ship to you together. They have a system which combines orders for shipping as long as the orders are produced on the same panel. Generally only about 1 panel of boards is produced per day. It’s not the same as having a cart, but it’s something.


Run this by Rufusbduck the OSHPark thread OP, so he can add there (if he hasn’t already)

Dang these look awesome! Gotta order some 22's - that was an impossible size to find before this. Closest was 21mm I believe from IOS, and other sources.

Hi. HarleyQuin,

Just ordered some of these, my 1st order on OSH Park!

Got about 10 Ultrafire F13’s with this size board that the Late Great Old Lumens did a Special Price on with one of the Chinese suppliers.

Been meaning to get around to Modding the awful driver (has High, Not So High and Medium Modes with good HIGH PWM, plus blinkies) before gifting, but only managed one 17mm Nanjg swap in so far due to the odd 22mm size.

Many Thanks.
S-L :slight_smile:

Hi Splott-Light,

thx, it’s nice to see these boards can be of use.
When your boards arrive, I’d be interested to know:
Does the center hole (a via) still come plated?
Which Nanjg do you use and does it’s spring still fit through the hole?
Happy modding



I’ll let you know when they arrive.


S-L :slight_smile:

Hi. HarleyQuin,

Arrived today.

Via in centre Is Plated.

Using a 17mm Q-Lite 8 x 7135 Rev.A and spring is just about a perfect fit, slightly moving a fraction of a Millimetre, but not a problem as via plated.

Hope the above helped.

I just realised I forgot to order wire for the 0.9mm holes to put the boards together!

Any advice on width to buy, or recommendations for a source, I’m in the U.K.?

S-L :slight_smile:

No source for you, I’m continental.
It’s called bell wire here and small but solid copper wire.

Multi conductor for irrigation control is solid single strand like bell wire. A foot or so of scrap wire in a variety of sizes goes a long way.

@ HarleyQuin,

Many Thanks for the info.

S-L :slight_smile: