[28-JUN-2013] How's the site behaving for you today? [UPDATED]

Hi everyone,

I’d like to know how the site has been working for you since about 3:00 AM (GMT –05:00). This will help me to test the efficacy (or lack thereof) of the latest configuration. If you can, please be specific with the time (and timezone) of the error, and any error message you received. I’d also like to know about overall performance. There are always fluctuations in server load and traffic, but in general how has it been performing in terms of speed since 3:00 AM (GMT –05:00)?

Thanks for your help and patience!

Update: 28-JUN-2013 @ 10:00 PM [GMT –05:00]
Well, it’s been another long day. Thanks for sticking around. I recently made yet another important change to the configuration (for anyone who cares: dropped APC in favor of XCache) which seems to have been the root of the instability problem, or at least one of the roots… Anyway, I’m going to leave it like this for the time being. Please do continue to leave your observations here. Thanks!

I have had a few outages, but short lived

At roughly what time and time zone? What sort of outage? Did it not respond or did it throw an error? Thanks!

Is it just me or has the quote/reply button disappeared for every post other than the first?

Hmm, I still have both buttons on all posts. Could you try wiping your browser’s cache? Thanks!

Ah, it’s working now, thanks!

I too had minor outages when the website was loading for too long of a time on my browser a few hours ago, but everything seems smooth now. :slight_smile:

12:41 pm - 502 bad gateway

utc -5, eastern US time

the rest are not showing up in my history for some reason

Refreshing or opening new threads takes about 5 seconds before they start loading.

So far I haven’t experienced any bumps today, but I will start paying closer attention and noting the times of any anomalies if I come across any.
If it makes any difference, I’ve been accessing by both Mac OS and iPad.

Ok thanks for the reports. Please keep them coming. I really do depend on them to tweak the configuration. We’re almost there! :wink:

Roughly about 6am pst I was having some problems getting to the home page, not positive on exact time though,

The website took just over a minute to load just now. :slight_smile:

Me too, I was changing a setting just then.

On and off all day it’s been slow to respond or not at all trying to log in. I switched from Explorer to Chrome to see if it helped but it’s about the same.

Just logged out and back in, this time it was straightforward.

Hmm, that’s surprising. In my case, with the exception of a few blips at the times mentioned above, it’s been running like greased lightning.

very fast. But coming back from lunch a few minutes ago I had to log out, then back in as it was non responsive. Might be that I need to clear my cache if you’ve been making some tweaks cause right now it’s blink-of-the-eye quick.

To me, it's slow. Most of the time (8 out of 10 loads), the front page comes up slow and the ads never load. I just get the animated circles where they are supposed to load, but most of the time they do not load. When it does that, I can't log in even if I see the login boxes. It's frozen till it loads fully or until I give up and leave.

When I do get it to fully load, it is slow to go from the front page to opening a thread and slow from page to page in a thread. Sometimes it opens, sometimes it just sits there. Mostly it just sits there. If I try to post, I always make sure to copy what I have, as usually, in the time it takes to post, it will freeze up and just sit there again. When I do get to post, I get the message about not posting more than once per minute, even though I only hit the post button one time. It does that every time I successfully post.

It's frustrating enough, that if it wasn't BLF, and if I didn't have a contest going, I would not come here any and if it continues for much longer, I may just stay away for a while.

You asked, I am being truthful with you. I love y'all dearly, especially you SB, but it's not worth the aggravation to me, when I know it could be and should be working fine.

Some outages, some slow loads, sometimes I have to scroll down a ways to get to the OP.

Hmm, that’s not good. That actually sounds like a different issue. What browser are you using? I know this sounds like a cop out, but could you please delete all BLF cookies and wipe your browser cache? Thanks!

I did experience a 502 this morning (around 4 AM GMT-5) but when I came back a few hours later it was working.

Sometimes when I press reply the page gets stuck trying to load and then 502 error (like just now!) and I lose my reply.