[28-JUN-2013] How's the site behaving for you today? [UPDATED]

late last night, 12am to 1ish i had some errors too

Yes, at that time period I was working on it heavily and it wasn’t performing correctly.

But seeming to recover quickly…

502 bad gateway - just a couple mins ago

I got that too, Pulsar!

You’re referring to this one here where you lost the post? https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/19646#comment-418259

thats what just happened to me, and was happening earlier when i was trying to reply in the partially serrated blade thread

After lunch when it wasn’t responsive and I first posted here, I ran CrapCleaner to clear my cache…now it’s fast and glitch free.

O-L, have you tried something like this? CrapCleaner is free (they now call it the politically correct version CCleaner), clears cache and keeps your computer running faster. I’ve been using it for years. It’s from Piriform. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/standard

They also have a faster defrag, and a specification software that shows what’s on your computer as well as RAM and drives with temperatures called Speccy, and a drive recovery program called Recuva that can pull accidentally deleted files from drives and flashdrives such as camera cards. All small easy to run programs and all free.

Edit: This double posted on me for some reason, I deleted the second one.

No, I got it shortly before Pulsar’s comment:

Hmmm ok. Well, please do continue to report gateway errors here. Thanks a lot!

I just got it again a minute ago, when posting a reply! ;_;

I too got 502 bad gateway errors tonight (7.30 onwards gords mean time). when its running it’s ok (I’m on my mobile always and live in a 100 year old terraced house, signal is not a strong point lol) but it does keep faulting.

I got a 502 again at 9:42 PM.

502s popping up like cockroaches. Around 1:30 PST. GMT -7

GMT +1 (BST).. And yes, I got it too.

502 just now. Site loading very slowly or failing to load and getting 502 bad gateway, different computer, from work now.

OK, thanks to all for reporting, that helps.

I just now made another fairly significant change to the configuration and I rebooted the server. It’ll probably be a tad bit slower than normal (what is normal anyway?) for a little bit until the caches warm up again.

Sorry I’m kind of shooting in the dark, but I do have a method to my madness. :stuck_out_tongue: I would appreciate your observations again.

Thanks so much!

Running great here all day on iPad and Mac OSx - had a couple of 502s last night, but no problems at all today. Ads are showing, load speeds are good/normal. You’d never know anything was wrong.
You guys are still running those antiquated Bill Gates boat anchors is all… :smiley: me ‘n Steve are doin’ fine here.

(That ought a get ’em riled up!) :stuck_out_tongue:

runnin linux mint... aint my computer

Hi everyone,

I’d like to know how the site has been working for you05:00)e]

30 seconds to load now…