*3/13 Update the Review is in!* G700 "Chip In Fund"

3/13 Update
THE REVIEW IS IN!!! Mhanlen did an outstanding job on this review!

Huge thank you to:
Mhanlen for his awesome review
Slim Pickens for letting his G700 get reviewed
The Miller, 1dash1, Andyman, flashination, and ReManG for chipping in towards the cost of the logistics behind getting the review done
And Richard at Mountain Electronics for donating a gift voucher towards the cause

Couldn’t have done this without all of you guys! :beer:

2/21 Update
Hey guys, sorry for the delay. I tried to ship out the G700 clone Monday, but realized after walking in, that the post office was closed for President’s Day. All last week I was in my yearly recurrent training for the Lear, so I’ve had zero time to run to the post office during regular business hours.

Slim Pickens’ original G700 was received by mhanlen, and the clone G700 is on its way to him as well. We WILL be doing a side-by-side comparison :smiley: I looked at the shipping costs, and the cheapest way to get the clone from me to mhanlen, would be a flat rate shipping box. It would cost about $6.50 each way, so $13 total to get it to him, and then back to me. I took a look at Banggood, and they have the same light in stock at their US warehouse for only $6.99 with free shipping. So I took the liberty to order the light, and have it shipped for free to mhanlen (which he can keep, or ship around with Slim’s G700 to whoever else wants to do a review). I figured this would be more reasonable than spending $13 to ship a $6.99 light back and forth. And it will save $$$ to give to Slim Pickens, and mhanlen.

2/12 Update
I spoke to Richard at Mountain Electronics, and he graciously offered a $10 gift voucher to his shop :slight_smile: 2 members on here offered up their G700’s for the review, but decided to go with Slim Pickens since he had the entire kit that is sold on Limitact’s website (flashlight, batteries, charger, case).

I’m going to send out a message with my Paypal to everyone who signed up to donate to the cause. I’ll to be the middle man for the $$$, so it gets sent to mhanlen and Slim Pickens for shipping. Any extra will go to the guy’s for their work on this. In order to alleviate any questions as to what the donations are going towards, I’m going to update this thread with a breakdown of expenses, so every penny will be accounted for. :beer:

Thank you guys for seeing this through, I’m pretty excited to see the final review!

1/30 Update
Awesome news, I spoke to mhanlen, and he has agreed to do the side-by-side review for us! :beer:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mark’s work (mhanlen), check out his YouTube Channel He’s reviewed quite a few flashlights already, and has some pretty hilarious commentary. He also has a pretty strong following already (one of his reviews has over a quarter of a million hits), so I think this would be the perfect vehicle to get the review out there.

I’m talking to 2 guys who have the G700, and am trying to sort out the details of who has the most original, “in the box” stock flashlight. My MECO “clone” light is being delivered today, so it will be ready to ship to mhanlen as well.

Big thanks to everyone involved already, and to the guys willing to chip in to see this review done. It definitely speaks volumes about this community :beer:

1/28 Update

I’ve approached 2 users on the forum, who have stock G700’s, about donating it for a short time for a review. I went ahead and ordered the MECO “clone” from Banggood, which I will happily donate to a user for a side-by-side comparison as well (I do want it back though :wink: ).

My offer to them was this:
Whoever is willing to chip in, we will pool the money together to pay shipping, and whatever is left over, for a gift card to Mountain Electronics. I know a lot of people want to see this reviewed, yet don’t want to give those scammers another penny, which I don’t blame you one bit. So, I figured free shipping and a few bucks on a gift card to the G700 owner, and to the person doing the review, would be a nice compensation for their time and efforts.

I am starting the “Chip In Fund” list over, as the situation has changed. If you’re interested in throwing in a few dollars to send the 2 participants, chime in and let me know. I’m going to talk to Richard at Mountain Electronics about the gift card, and whether it would be easier for him to receive one lump sum of money for the gift card, or if we should all just send it at our leisure to him.

We also need a reviewer. I’d like to have someone do it that has all of the equipment ready for a side-by-side comparison. Lux meter, multi-meter, nice digital camera etc etc. If you don’t have these things, or haven’t reviewed many lights, lets let someone who can put out a solid review take it first. If there is time, and we can arrange for more reviews to be done, I’m 100% for that. (I’d hate to go through all of this and get a review with details missing).

Let me know what you guys think!

I know a lot of people have been reading the LumiTact G700 TOUGHEST FLASHLIGHT ON THE MARKET thread (+57,000 so far!), and quite a few of you have been offering to throw a few dollars in the pot, to purchase the G700 and review it.

I want to see if there is enough interest for this to move forward and purchase this light. I’m not sure that this will gain ANY interest, or even be able to meet the goal, but I figured it would be worth a shot!

MECO XML : $6.99
G700 : $56.00
Total: $62.99

I’m willing to throw in $10 to start it off and see where it goes. I’d also be willing to do the teardown, and review, but will need someone with a lightmeter, and multimeter to get the specific output measurements. Or someone with those tools already can do the entire review.

Important: I wouldn’t mind shipping this light to a few fellow members who pitch in some cash, so you can enjoy it as well (since you’re spending your money), but there is no guarantee at this time. Maybe we can have a floating flashlight that everyone gets to try for a month?. I’m doing this solely to see a review, so throwing money in the pot doesn’t necessarily get you a flashlight, just a review. 0:)

This list is for people who want to contribute towards shipping costs, and a gift card to RMM for the owner of the G700, and the reviewer.

1. Yourrid $10
2. The Miller $5
3. 1dash1 $5
4. Andyman $5
5. flashination $10
6. ReManG $5
7. RMM $10 gift voucher (Given to Slim Pickens)
Total: $40.00

Expense Amount Remaining Funds
MECO Light from Banggood 6.99 33.01
Slim’s Shipping 6.80 26.21
Mhanlen Shipping 6.80 19.41
Giveaway Brett H 20.00
Remaining Funds 0.00

That is really funny M4D M4X. :bigsmile:

I will throw in $5 for this, I think it would be a good thing to show the BS… Not that we are the CR of flashlights, but some of the claims are so stretched with the G700 or the “800” model by the same company, it would be nice to show the light to those less informed about such things.

We also need a list of better lights for people to get besides the MECO. I have no suggestions except for the Convoy’s (C8, S2+, etc) and Thorfire C8, as it is on Amazon.

HERE is a link to an amazon search page (no affiliate links)

Xtar MC1 charger LINK

Samsung 2600mah batteries LINK

Sanyo 2600mah batteries LINK

An a big paragraph about good batteries that will last, basic LiIon safety, etc…

I am only using Amazon due to many people being able to buy there, but international links would be good too…

I think this is a great idea and the OP of the breakdown/review thread can keep adding whatever names these cheap lights reincarnate under as this goes on, there is already an “800” version with a different spelling. Reverse Search Engine Optimization and bring people to the good lights for less…

I can’t in good conscience support enriching the sellers of those scam lights, perhaps buy it from someone who has it already, reimburse them for their loss instead?


Now that’s a great idea! Maybe someone will read this thread and chime in if they already have one. That would be ideal!

That is cool with me too, I would pitch in my $5 to go toward a convoy or whatever light as a trade with the seller. We would need the original packaging and such too I would think, this way there would be documentation on the lights specs….

Agree in full here!


5 US$ from me to help a scamed one!

Why do we have to prove what is already known and confirmed over and over again…?

Because as of yet, no one has seen what emitter is in there, nor the driver. As much as I don’t want to give those creeps a single penny, buying one directly from them would eliminate any kind of bias on the reviewers part. My original thread about the G700 has had +57,000 views, so being able to attach a side-by-side review of a Chinese light, and the G700 might reach a huge audience.

I couldn’t either.
One doesn’t have to roll around in dung to know it’s dung.

Also, today I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in awhile. He calls me the
“flashlight guy” and mentioned he was planning on buying a couple of “military grade flashlights for his son and himself” Of course I knew he was referring to the G700 and told him so.

Just to prove to yourself how pervasive this scam is, try Googling “G700 flashlight scam” and the first page of hits are ads for that very flashlight. Also on page 2, where the actual articles exposing the scam are located, some of the sites where those articles are located have supporting ads that advertise that same light!!!

In the Netherlands there is a saying, “vechten tegen de bierkaai” meaning fighing agains a too powerfull enemy / no use in fighting them.
This seems the same but people, if paid for by paypal, or via a system like AliExpres, it will not costs anything other them some time.
Count me in for $5 when a scammed person is found who is no longer able to file a claim or dispute.
It would be so cool if we could find somebody and via testing
1 build a case so he/she gets a refund and the scammers feel it where it hurts
2 get into the google results showing everybody not to buy this (of just for $6 because, well to be frank it is worth that amount)

I’m of the mind that it’s a scam and that’s all anyone needs to know. Every claim I’ve seen is totally bogus, like it was used by any military or that it’s the toughest flashlight in the world. I just finally put up a blog post saying it’s a complete scam, and I dare them to sue me. What are they going to do, get a Marine Colonel to say “Yep, our unit used this model in Afghanistan” ? Aint gonna happen.

So, by testing it, I think you make people wonder at the back of their minds if it’s really a scam instead of saying in unison that it’s a scam. You are giving them a small measure of credibility by entertaining whether it’s real.

I'm in for $10. Guys - don't write this off. Check out your google search results - we are up there. google G700 review - you will see a total bogus scam review put up by the same company. If we had a review posted, it would be right up there in the google search results, and a 1000 times more honest.

We have to make it very clear this light is a scam, total scam. I get asked about this light a couple times a week, people taking it seriously. This is getting scary. I see thread titles on this light that are not making it clear what this light is. I agree - we can't critique it if we don't know anything bout it.

Things like this have to be stopped, and we, the independent flashlight experts have to make it clear to the potential non-tech buyer what's going on - they do and will see our threads and posts on this light. People are genuinely coming to us, looking for opinions on this. It's a public service - great opportunity for us.

If this helps:

Yes G700 SCAM 100%, Total G700 scam. $7 light being sold for $56 - same light, same specs.

Btw, the order page only lists credit cards, no PayPal. 2 week back order they claim - another scary thought so many are being sold.

A li’l illustration for this “event” :slight_smile:

Is it these people?


Someone need to do a you tube review of the 7 dollar Meco

Title the Video. The 7 dollar Lumitact G700 flashlight. Review of Lumitact G700 like flashlight. Better than Lumitact G700?

Something that will come up when they SEARCH YouTube for Lumitact G700.

Give a honest review. Reference price where purchased. Then state viewers could also pay much more if it made them feel better.

Link your review on BLF, we can all comment on your review.

IKD Just a thought. I keep misspelling review. I before E dang it.


Sure looks like it. Very shady. They respond with “This case is solved” How do we know?? Sounds like just lies.

They told 1 person that he received the package before he even ordered it… Wow they must of been Pre-shipping his Pre-order.