3/aa battery carrier

Anybody have a source for a 3 aa in series battery holder that is of good quality
Just got a xin td x3 and would like to upgrade the holder, thanks.

Ive been wondering the same thing. The one at fasttech is cheap, like the one that comes with the x3. We need a nice 3xaa holder that fits well in 26650 lights

I’m not aware of any high-end 3AA carriers currently being manufactured for sale separate from flashlights. In fact, the only high end battery adapters I ever knew about being sold separately were for Maglites and Surefire lights. None of those are still available so I’ve been working on 4AA and 3AA carriers (for Maglites).

Unfortunately my 3AA design purposefully spaces the cells apart in order to fit nicely in the Maglite tube. The OD would probably be much too large for this light. Can you post the diameter of the stock 3AA carrier and the ID of the light?

It’s kinda hard to get an accurate measurement of the carrier ,but the flashlight inside tube is 1.232 inches.

Wayne from Elektrolumens (a member here) has 3 AA carriers for sale on his site. I read in another thread on here that they are able to provide 3A, no worries. I think they are the same size as a D cell.

I've got some 30mm boards I did more than a year ago, 3Oz copper (3 times the copper on regular 1Oz boards), Gold finish and you can make your own carrier, 3AA in series if anyone is interested.

Full manual assembly, manual threading

Damn. Those are nice looking. Great Job. Why don’t you just make and sell these carriers on a regular basis?

+1 :slight_smile:

@ hikelite, how much for an assembled 3aa in series?

Hikelite, that’s a lot of copper! They look very clean.

Thanks guys!

Well ordering a 3Oz board is not cheap, then cutting, drilling and manual tapping thin aluminum bars is not easy, takes a lot of time and it's quite frustrating. Then soldering springs and brass pills with a soldering iron is not exactly simple, I'd need a hot air gun for that part to go easy. So a couple here and there is ok, but not large numbers.