3*AA flashlight with best run time for under $20

So… after that thread about the Starry Light being a disappointment and saw that there aren’t too many budget friendly 4*AA lights out there… I’ve started to consider going the 3*AA route. You all know a lot more than me so I’m looking for suggestions. Also, I know there are lots of **Fire brands out there, and I’d rather not go there since I’ve tried my luck with them in the past and have always been let down. So I’m just looking for best run time. I’m assuming output for most of the 3*AA lights are in the same range so I’m willing to accept a low range output in exchange for great run time.

Orion, check this one. You might be interested. There are low modes for extended run times. But will require some DIY.
RaceR`s 3xAA P60 host
Cheers! :beer:

For under $ 20 bucks, and a Stock light, ( but its 3-AAA instead of AA.) in my colection it probally this Defiant. >> https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/24473#node-28424
it has a very usable Low of roughly 40 lumens and with a 0.09 amp draw on low it will run for a couple days continously on low.

If you don’t mind to raise your budget until $35 (with coupon) then you may try the XinTD X3 from Banggood. I bought mine from them and I do run it with 3*AA once in a while. The 3*AA battery carrier is cheaply made but other that that the light is very well built and nice. It gives you the option of using 18650 or 26650 too.

Never measure the current draw in low mode but it looks quite bright. If you order the IOS version of XinTD X3 you can have the Qlite installed with better modes, but it costs at much higher price at $55. If you know to swap the driver then you can just buy the Qlite drive alone and do it by yourself.

I have some OCD about 3xAA lights, 1 or 2 or 4 is OK but for some reason I can’t stand 3xAA lights even though I have one (Archon M30A).

The Archon M30A is well made and has a good battery carrier instead of the plastic cheap ones that come with most.

Under $20 might be a bit harder, I had a Aurora SH-3A
It was very bright but it flickered on high, I’m not sure if it was because of the crappy battery carrier or the driver. I ended up giving it to a friend from BLF for free.

I know this is BLF and that you want a budget light but any 3 or 4 AA lights for less than $20 will pretty much just be cheapies.

I found this at CNQ: $18 3xAA C8 Zoomie … I don’t like it, but its in your price range.

SK68 clone and 2xAA police light used as extension tube for it, all for less than 10$ with good throw and good runtimes on high :D!

Err… I think it takes AAA instead of AA?

Yes you are right, even worse.

I had a 3xAAA rayovac indestructible… it was one of my first “LED” flashlights.

I actually kinda LIKED it, but, it got “butchered” to make a decent quality “holder” for a infrared camera. (long story, lol)

I always kinda missed the little thing, and just saw at WALMART of all places? that they still have th 3-aaa indestructible? and NOW have the 3-AA version of the light.

i have a couple of 3-aaa small lights i grab up and use often enough? but… th low run times from aaa batteries drives me nuts. I always thought a 3xAA light would “make sense” for better run times.

the 3-aaa indestructible was something like 120 lumens on th package, and the 3-AA version? fatter but saying 180 lumens on th package. fatter looks like it has a maybe slightly better reflector shape… and it has a “low” mode…

…and its under 20 bux at walmart.


my 3-aaa indestructible? it took some dropping and general “abuse” and came thru it fine.

Like this modded side-switch, 2-AA SK68 ?

That looks about perfect, Den :D!

Just jump into this group buy before it ends on 15 March. It’s 4*AA though.

Bibihang—the OP already commented that he had read about the StarryLight being a disappointment, and wanted alternatives…. :frowning:

BTW—I love my StarryLight.
Head threaded on just fine, And its bright and a nice form factor.
I still think it is a great buy at $22

The Starry Light in the group buy has improved threads, UI and modes.

In my OP in another thread about the Starry Light, I updated to say that I ended up caving in and just getting it. I’ve had it for over a month now and I love it. The threading is fine on mine and, as mentioned by another post, only needs to counter the battery spring tension when screwing it in. Once you realize that, it’s fine. I’ve gone threw more than a few battery changes and I’ve seen no wear on the threads. The light does get extremely hot on high after about 5 mins. I wish there was a step down, but I guess you can just manually step it down to the medium mode that still gives you plenty of light. New favorite camping light.