3K giveaway AAA Minimag - Closed - winner announced

I blew past 3K ( should that tell me something?) and will put this driver into a AAA chopped Minimag, weiner’s choice of color( please , anything but pewter), drive current(up to 1.5A), single led(XML xpg, or Nichia), and mode program( select from Qlite star options as the mcu & parts came from a 3.04A Qlite from RMM.

One post only and top 5 most entertaining entries(as determined by me in double secret probation contest) get tripled down. In other words, dumb luck can be improved by dumb jokes/pics/whatever.

Think about it. Edits are allowed but to one post only.

I have a bunch of different LEDs so for now just pick one and the weiner and I can sort it out later.

I like to use these giveaways as an opportunity to try out new ideas so it probably won’t be just like something I’ve done before.

Contest ends on Friday the 21st at midnight PST. No edits allowed after this time and last edit is the one that counts.

Weiner chosen by random.org.

Duck reserves the right to say oops and make changes to this op.

Edit- 1st amendment to this segment of a somewhat BLF institution: new members are welcome to join in order to be a part of this giveaway but must post something creative to be considered. Dumb luck alone won’t do it but a newbie can earn his/her way in and if creative enough would be eligible for the triple down.

Edit- color choices:
Black, silver, blue, green, red, purple, and gold(handmade brass).

*Edit- led choices:
XP-G-2 R5- 1D,3D, Nichia 219

Unlucky #1! Thanks for the giveaway! Well done on 3k posts

i’m in
and congrats with the 3k post :slight_smile:

I am in on the giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

im in! thx

Thanks for this giveaway !
< My dog’s salivating for this light. :bigsmile:

I’m in, thanks

also not very funny

I’m in!


Daddy Tomato and Mama Tomato decide to take Baby Tomato for a walk after dinner.
Baby Tomato keeps lagging behind, looking at stuff and asking questions…
Daddy Tomato is patient the first 2 or 3 times, but after 10 tiimes reminding him over and over and OVER to STOP DAWDLING, he loses it.
He walks briskly back to where Baby Tomato is inspecting a particularly interesting crack in the sidewalk, stomps on him and yells; KETCHUP!


For the giveaway I am applying

And to win this light I will be vying

It would be such a thrill

To win handmade skill

While the losers all sit at home crying

To the rules I intend on complying

And some humor I will be supplying

Through their envious glances

I will get my three chances

When I've won , then their tears they'll be drying

We all know that there's just no denying

That Duck's mods are reality defying

When I win I'll be glad

And not a bit sad

As the light in their eyes begins dying

I’m in, but I have bad luck. So bad that if it was raining vagina outside I would get one with a penis stuck in it.

I’m in, thanks!

[picture removed]

I will join this fray too

Thanks for the giveaway, Rufusbduck! :)

Count me in!

Awesome freebie! Count me in!!

will edit in some funnies when I get home

Now for some ’bathroom poetry’

  • Here I sit, So broken hearted
    Tried to shit, But only farted
    Better that, Than take a chance,
    Costs more than a dime, To launder pants.
  • It makes me wonder, to see such wit,
    If Shakespeare had been here to shit.
    Would he have wrote of Love and Sap,
    Or was it about piss and crap.
  • Some come here to sit and think,
    Some come here to shit and stink,
    But I come here to scratch my balls,
    And read the bullshit on the walls.
  • As I sit in perfect bliss
    And listen to the sound of pouring piss
    Now and again, a fart is heard
    During the splash of falling turd

Also, a little game. Don’t play this, unless you have time to WASTE!

Play free games at Kongregate

Do you like fishsticks?

Do you like putting fishsticks in your mouth?

What are you, a gay fish?


Enjoy :beer:

i’m entering the dumb luck category…
thanks for the giveaway!