3X AAA (2 pack) Home Depot CREE $6.42 (xmas markdown deal)

I've been watching these to be reduced to the price of my liking, they made it and I was lucky to score, this was the last package I could find. I think their worth $3.21 a pc. They work, o-ring sealed both ends, have a lanyard and put out a good amount of light for a el-cheapo. Just thought I would share in case any of you guys would be interested in checking your local store for some. Here's a few pics.

I also seen some 3 packs of these which had a bonus non-cree headlight (totaling 4 lights), but this store didnt have them, they were $12 at the store which did have them. Below is a link to another thread here with additional info, thanks "motodeficient"


Can't see the pics yet, looks like you are working on them so I'm sure they will work soon. (image tags don't work here). I am assuming which lights you are talking about. Lots more info here if anyone is interested.


Thanks for that, I enjoyed looking at the rest of your album LOL.


Nice Bersa/Firestorm compact... Is that yours? I have the full-size Thunder 9 Pro HC and love it...

Yes indeed, that is my trusty Bersa. It has taken over EDC spot from my forty, I love my Bersa also!

I’ve been playing around with this light a little while and to my huge surprise its brighter and out throws my 2x AA minimag with Terrulux upgrade and my 2x Cr123a Streamlight polytac. I’m gonna be visiting some other home Depot’s tomorrow.

Vintured to other Home Depot's today and found luck at the first stop. They had the 3-packs I had seen before, actually included 2 headlights. Picked up two packs so my flashlight fetish is calm now while I wait shipment of my two new orders from Hong Kong, lol. The Headlights seem to be junk as the other thread says, the lanyards on the 3-pack lights suck as well, much better on the 2-pack, not that it matters. These el-cheapo crees = awesome bang for the buck!

I paid 2 for 10 on these and I went back and bought a bunch more after playing with the first pair ...

When Boaz says a bunch he means...A bunch.... the sales girl had a strange look on her face ..a very strange look ..

Sounds like it's time to go and see if i can get some kick back ....At 1$ it was questionable wheather it was worthwile ..at 4$ off it's time to go see if they have more of these ..And return and rebuy them .

Thanks for posting this and thanks for the shot of your receipt

***** Boaz recommended

I heard about these flashlights a couple weeks ago and picked some up. The price keeps dropping and the 5 pack is now $10 on clearance. They're nice little flashlights for the price. I've been using them to experiment with and really like way it performs with a neutral white XP-G and fresh alkalines or lithiums. The larger 2 pack lights are good too, but there must be quite a bit more resistance in those spring caps between the battery holder. Mod for mod, the larger lights haven't performed as well from what I've seen.

One of the lights in the 5 pack had a bad lens. It looks warped as if it came in contact with heat. Other than that, I don't really have any complaints. Maybe the emitters aren't always centered, but that can be fixed with a dremel.