4.80 AA light from Fast Tech

Got two of these lights from ebay because of this thread. My favorite cheap 1aa. Everyone’s still holding up? Will order more if these hold up.

Mine are still going like a champ. :slight_smile:

Mine as well!

can’t say I’ve used mine too much, only briefly about once day. But so far so good eventho I’m not a fan of twisties. Great for the price, will likely order more.

Note of interest:

Large group of co-workers and our families went canoeing/kayaking today (4+ hours). I tipped our canoe about halfway through. Everything was in a dry bag except the small bag that contained my car keys (I forgot to bring an extra dry bag). My keys were in a zippered pocket but did get wet. I’m not sure how much water got in but everything was wet. On my car keys was the Super Light.

It still works fine :slight_smile:

Not saying it’s a diving light or anything, but it did go through a several minute long dunking inside a zippered pocket and still works.

So I’m still happy with the light. :wink:

I’m sorry to report that it looks like these lights are cheap for a reason: thanks to this thread I have discovered that the emitters in mine are not genuine Cree but lookalike fakes made by Latticebright.

The easiest to spot giveaway is the small square dot in the top left corner: it should be round.
One of mine even has LB written on it, as seen here:

I got mine from eBay and Buyincoins. Don’t know if the Fasttech ones are the same.

Considering how cheap these things are (I paid less than £2 a piece on ebay), it’s hardly surprising that they are fake. First thing I did was change the emitter and driver anyway.

I loaded a couple with fresh batts for my daughter to take with her to a festival, as I can afford to lose these, and yes the tint is far from pleasant, but they still put out a reasonable amount of light even if they aren’t genuine emitters.

In reality the Latticebright emitters are not actually that bad, though how long they will last remains to be seen. It’s just the deliberate deception and lies that is so annoying. Unless proven otherwise, we now have to assume that hardly any budget lights contain genuine Cree LEDs.

That’s why these are just cheap compact AA-sized hosts: mine has a DD driver and XP-L…

OMG I didn’t know there is fake CREE LED nowadays! :open_mouth:

This is not cool at all

Hard use update:

I’ve had this on my keychain now for about 8 months. Gets knocked around, dropped, tossed in a work bag and dangles around outside my pocket when I’m walking around. Still working like a champ. Only thing I’ve noticed is that the light will come on if the side is pressed around the thread area.

So far I still can’t complain about this $3 light. :slight_smile:

Another hard use update:

Well, it’s been almost another month and it’s still working well. I say this because I just posted about my Acebeam L10 which suddenly stopped working. It wasn’t used nearly as much as the Super Light and was more protected at it rode inside the pocket whereas the SL usually bounces around outside the pocket. Just can’t beat it.

Right now I see these have gone up in price. Ebay has them from $4.99 to $10 or more. Anyone have a link to one that is cheaper? I’d stock up on them again for the right price.


I got 3 at the 2.99 or so price. That connection on ebay is no more. All of mine working still.

Was the L10 brighter than the super light? Trying to make an estimate of the actual lumens of superlight. I’m guessing 90 to 100? Using nimh that is.

Hard to compare as I use a 14500 in the Super Light and an Eneloop AA in the L10. With the 14500 the SL is extremely bright. I don’t have a way to rate the lumens, but for it’s size and price I really haven’t found it’s equal yet. I really like the L10 but to be honest, I’m disappointed that it stopped working (while pretty much being babied) while the SL gets dropped and tossed and banged around and keeps working.

Is the SL better made than the L10? No…but yet it’s working and the L10 isn’t. Could be just a simple fix (I hope) for the L10, but still…it needs a fix and the SL doesn’t.

How about 1.96 shipped http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Mini-LED-CREE-Q5-1200LM-Waterproof-LED-3-Modes-Torch-AA-14500-Flashlight-L/281871144421?\_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042&\_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131017132637%26meid%3Dcd617d1429d14821a6bf8fe4e305818f%26pid%3D100033%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D281871144421

Or these at 2.99 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-Light-Cree-XP-E-Q5-350Lm-Screw-Switch-3-Modes-Torch-Flashlight-w-Keychain-/331712004681?hash=item4d3b938249:g:SNoAAOSwnGJWTXuq

Does anyone know if the Fasttech ones are Cree led’s? Is FT good on descriptions? Says xpe :


Original link pg 1.

I like the SK68’S but might have to switch, if these are solid pill +Cree.

Smaller, anyway. How are they at distance compared to sk68? SK68’S good, with zoom.

I think these all have LatticeBright emitters. Think of it as an inexpensive Single-AA twisty mod host.

Just looking at your mod on the first couple pages, were these pretty floody beforehand? I’d think xml2 would make it more floody? Have some xpe’s on the way. Does it throw well now? How far were you from the wall for the beamshot?

Got one from $1.96 link, I think I should be able to waterproof these, which you can’t do with a zoom afaik.