4.80 AA light from Fast Tech

Anyone have one of these? It looks good, especially for the price.

I think I see a very ringy reflector on one of the pics…
Could have a really ugly beam.

Its a nice light for the price. Good output. Takes aa or 14500. Will not take protected 14500. Its a rather compact light compared to sk68. Only downside is plastic lense and reflector.

I have two, work very well…currently on my keyring as we speak


The others are also spot on

Definitely not ringy. I have 6. It works very well.
Very nice light for the price. Brightness about 100 lms with AA. 225-250 lms with 14500.
I thought 14500 would fry the driver easily, but not in my test.
I’ve been playing rough upto 20 min (with Sanyo 14500, like 20-25x), amazed that it still endures very well. I used thermal paste on the star.
Somehow I expected the test unit fail with 14500 after rigorous tests, but so far so good.
Basically, I left it on table for 20 min untouched with no additional air circulation (like a fan), measuring the head with IR temperature gun.
15 min - 60C
20 min - 65C
Room temp: 32 C
If I hold it in my hand for 15 min, I can feel the heat, but still able to hold it without a problem. It feels very warm with my hand absorbing the heat.
Plastic reflector, but glass lens


- Alkaline AA - 55 min

- Sanyo 14500 840mah - 50 min

- Fake Trustfire Flame 900mah - 20 min :bigsmile:

- Sony NIMH 2000/Eneloop 2000 - 55 min

  • Eneloop Pro/XX 2550 - 90 min

Looks good. With that price I won’t worry too much about it being scratched and abused. Does anyone has a photo of holding it in hand?

That’s a good idea to understand very well the dimension, thank you.

I bought one... glass lens, plastic reflector.

No pics, but:

It will take a 17mm driver.

It will take any LED on a 16mm PCB.

On mine, the driver sits a bit deep, so I had to add a ring of solder around the negative contact ring to make contact when the battery tube is tightened.

Protected cells fit.

Good thermal path as the LED doesn't reside in a pill, but a flat shelf that is a piece of the light.

The pill shelf is flat, so you would need a good adhesive to center and retain the emitter. Although, there is a divot in the middle of the shelf, directly under where the LED PCB will sit. I used a file, followed by lapping the shelf smooth to machine out the divot and make a mirror-polished flat surface for the PCB to sit on.

Reflector is an oddball size, I haven't been successful in locating a good aftermarket reflector or TIR optic.

I was able to use a rotary tool to slowly sand the reflector opening to fit a standard XML centering insulator. The emitter sits deep in the reflector, but is well centered, and at a good optical depth (die surface is completely visible around the full surface of the reflector).

Mine now has an XM-L2 emitter with the 2-mode DD-High driver from FastTech, running 14500s. With fresh cells it is very bright, but extremely floody. This light also gets very hot very quickly. With good (better than my two-year-old Trustfire) cells, I can see this light getting so hot that you would be unable to turn it off without getting burned (danger of a twisty).

It's a cheap host. During my mod attempts, I accidentally and destructively dedomed three XM-L2 emitters trying to get the reflector centered, before I got it sanded down to the right size. I kept working on it though, and finally got a working light. I would prefer it didn't have the keychain loop. Compact, ultra-budget, single-AA mod host, one of the only I've found to date.

Thank you very much for the informative sharing man. Now I am seriously considering to buy one of these. Since we have XP-L nowadays I think I don’t need to force an XM-L2 in there, or maybe I will put an XP-G2 for a little throw. :slight_smile:

I'm sure an XP-L would have been best, but I didn't have one of those on hand.

Now I want to order a new light and an XP-L to mod out... see if it works out better than the XM-L...

For those that are on the fence about the Fasttech price. How about $3.74 ? I’ve ordered quite a few from buyincoins and they took about 12 days to reach the US.


Thanks, All,
I decided to order 3 and give and them a try. If they are OK I’ll order more for gifts. I have been gifting the Tank 009 TK701, but they have gone up to around $9-10.

I received these lights yesterday, and for the price I like them. The threads are not so fine that they would strip easily, and the front easily screws on. I got 3 hours run time on high with Tenergy Premium batteries, and with Chinese Alkalines from Harbor Freight got 6 hours on low mode.
It is smaller than the Sipik 68 although it does not zoom. It has two modes and strobe, which I could do without. The beam is not ringy and has a nice center hotspot.

I like them and believe they will be reasonably rugged so that I will gift them. I prefer AAA lights, but these are not bad.


Does anyone know if the ones from buyincoins are also 3 modes?
I know in the description it says 1 mode, but wrong descriptions are a normal thing.


Answering to my question, in case someone was wondering the same.

The ones in BIC are 3 modes with next mode memory ( :Sp )
Pretty small, shorter than a MXDL 3w (AAA) that I have. (only the body, not counting with the keyring clip, obviously)
If it had a clip it would be a nearly perfect cheap EDC flashlight (size wise), but the keyring clip isn’t bad either, just a matter of personal preference.

Bought two (actually bought three, but were on two different orders and the last one arrived first, go figure)
One of them is pretty decent, draws ~0.9A on high, ~0.25A on low (on a Ni-MH), just great for a small EDC light.
The other…draws ~0.9A on high and ~0.75A on low, no wonder I didn’t notice much difference between modes.
Dunno, might have been a one in a million problem, or might be a usual lack of quality control.
But hey, it’s a cheap AA twisty, you don’t find them very often.

Disassembled the one that draws 0.75A on low. (the other one works great so I don’t want to mess it up :wink: )
No thermal paste under the star.
But has an o-ring between the lens and the reflector (shouldn’t it be between the lens and the head? ), an o-ring on the head (in the middle where it unscrews) and another between the body and the head. overall it’s well equipped with o-rings. :bigsmile:

The .9A and .25A seems like a much better spread of Hi to Lo, the .9A to .75A is the High and not so low modes, wish it was lower

They are good little lights

When I saw the title I thought it’s a 4.80 *A*mps light :slight_smile:

no it’s a $4.80 AA battery light

I know, disappointing :smiley:

Don’t know how reliable the seller is though.