[4K Review] Astrolux MF01S - The most fun pop can light?

Nice light, gets a bit toasty!


Another great review.

Great review as usual thanks! Throw is amazing for that type of light. I ordered the 4000k and may regret it when it arrives.


I regret getting the 4000K D18.

I only like the 4k tint of the ROT66 219B, it’s outstanding.

I'm already thinking of selling when it arrives if it's too yellow for me.

Ordered today. Thanks for the code.

I opted for 6,500k so it could go apples to apples against my D18. Kinda blue, but VERY bright.

Nice entertaining review as usual. Love that giant focused hotspot with little spill. That throw is simply amazing considering how big that hotspot is. It seems to throw more than Astrolux claims. I would have considered getting the 6500K version considering how much brighter it is than the 4000K 95CRI but that greenish tint I see in your video makes the 6500k much less attractive. Btw, Texas Ace worked with Mateminco to procure the SST-20 4000K FA3 and FD2 tint bins that are much less green than the SST-20 4000K FB4 tint bin that was used in the D18. The FA3 and FD2 should appear a little closer to the ROT66 219B but not as rosy.

Also regarding the change in design from the MF01, TA served as Mateminco’s consultant on this light and got them to add those functional heat fins (I think it was about 2.5x the surface vs the original MF01) and a much thicker mcpcb shelf for heat sinking. The previous design might look sleeker but would have a harder time handling the increased power.

If TA had his hand in the 4K tints, then maybe I did make the right choice. Will be my first 4K light in my collection.

Well he was originally hunting for the FA1 tint bin, which would be near identical tint to the 219B SW45K but couldn’t find any. Luminus most likely never made any of those.

I have the X80 which is bright enough, so I just had to try a different type of color temp and tint just to see if I was missing something. Now that I know the MF01S can throw really good too, it's a bonus for me.

If Astrolux measured throw at 616m ANSI then turn on throw will be a lot more, maybe 680m.
I really need to start measuring throw as my flooders are now throwers too.

I have always wanted to ask what your neighbours think of the times when night turns to day, with occasional unforecast lightning storms :smiley: Do they shout and throw bricks and eventually form a rampaging mob, or is that just my neighbours :wink:

Neighbour usually comes wandering into the back yard about midnight from the pub and gets shocked that I’m stood in the middle of the yard in complete darkness with a gimbal in my hand

I have one set of neighbours that make a production of drawing their curtains, to show their disapproval :) And then theres the neighbours I don’t like. They actually asked my wife if she saw the lightning last night, as it woke them up :)

The Neigbour to my other side is a pot growing smackhead and never has his blinds open.

Well he sounds lovely, but on a more positive note he is unlikely to notice any serious flashlight action unless you have a Nitecore SRT7 with the police lights mode :slight_smile:

I have a Nitecore MH27UV, never seen him shift as fast.

The guy walks around picking dockers up.

He need to come to Canada where it's legal.....

Can’t imagine the smell in places it’s legal, must be rancid.

We lived next to an illegal Cannabis farm for 8 months and it was hell. Headaches were intense.