501B $7.80


I don’t know anything about them so buy at your own risk. Not that $7.80 is a lot to risk.

I’ve often wondered how that particular model performs… There are so many variations of Utrafire WF501A, 502A, 501B, UF, WF Q5 … I get lost trying to find a review on one or another : (

I bought three of the bodies a while back for just under $12 and they all worked fine. It won’t tail stand though and the “attack bezel” is stupid. All it’s good for is scratching your leg when the light is in your pocket. Other than that they are half way decent for what they are. The tailcap is not bad, nice spring, the threads are smooth enough and the o-rings set in well. Not much heat sinking but it’s a cheap tiny light so it’s about what you would expect. I actually think for less than $8 that it’s a steal. If you are into modding you can de-dome the T6 and direct drive it for a one mode pocket semi thrower with a nice tint. Or as is it’s a nice little light to walk the dog with.

Bought 3! Nice one for moding.
Thanks for sharing. :beer:

ive bought these off DX but trashed the emitter and all the internals :X Back then they were used for laser hosts and i didnt care about flashlights……MUST DIG UP the emitters if i still have them.

I don’t understand buying these cheap UF lights when you can get the Solarforce for not much more. In my opinion, the Solarforce is 10X the quality and maybe 2X the price. Well worth it.

the point of me buying them so cheap is because i didnt care about anything other than the host :stuck_out_tongue:

Please recommend/link best source for Solarforce.

True ... most people buy them for the opposite reason .. the drop in .

This is what we use 501b hosts for :stuck_out_tongue:

Clicky switch cover over the lens to keep dust out

My latest build is a unmarked C6 host

I wish I could build lasers : (

if you can build a flashlight you can build a laser, well shouldnt say that since ive never built a flashlight. i your interested in buying a laser PM me and i can help you out, maybe build one for you if you dont think you can do it yourself

what is the obsession with lasers? Is it like flashlights?

Here. This is the site where you buy solarforce hosts/flashlights from.
The L2M is like $10 and it’s insanely awesome (I tihnk Foy has a review on it).
Click on the top left drop-down box and you’ll see a list of all the hosts they sell.

I went to my buddies house tonight and played wirh a green laser that I could see touching the side of the mountain 3/4 of a mile away. I think, I get it now….

Solarforce makes/sells hosts. They are much better quality than __fire. You can even order individual components from them direct… mix n match heads, bodies, and tails.

Us lasers guys know about solarforce too :stuck_out_tongue:

@lightning210, lasers need to be treated with the utmost respect and caution. anything over 5mW (AKA every laser basically including every ebay 5mW pen) can damage your vision. even though ebay sells 5mW pens, they normally end up being 50-100mW easily. any time you use these indoors or to burn things, proper safety glasses need to be used.

My 1.5W 445nm (the blue 501b shown above) can easily shine 5+ miles on a bad day. they go a lot farther than you’d imagine :smiley: i now have a 400mW 532nm that could probably outshine my 1.5W 445nm since green is the best for brightest and furthest beam

The obsession with lasers is the pure beauty of them in the night sky, amazing photos that can be taken and the sheer power of them. Do you guys have flashlights that can light a piece of paper on fire (other than the stupid WL Torch) or light a 2x4 on fire? Its all a matter of likes and dislikes i guess. I started off as a laser nut but have since bought a Convoy C8 T6 and Sky Ray M4 (Kung) and these lights are sweet :smiley:


Actually, we guys do. Unfortunately, if we told you about them, we’d have to kill you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…I think I’ve only posted one or two times, so I’m not part of “we guys” quite yet!

Very nice

Great pic! How powerful does a laser have to be to ignite something? Is it easy to get parts to make them? And what websites would I visit to acquire the parts? My friend and I had that exact discussion regarding responsible use of lasers… A man was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law here in Phoenix for directing his beam into the FLIR Camera on a Phx PD helocopter causing significant, but thankfully temporary eye damage to the piloting officer. He wound up with a felony and some prison time.