60,000 Lumens X70 High Power LED Searchlight Released

Describing Acebeam’s new X70 as “bright” is like saying a hurricane or typhoon is “windy”. Delivering an unprecedented 60,000 lumens in a 1,115metre beam.

The lumens are served up by a Cree XHP35 HI chip backed by 12 Cree XHP70.2 emitters, fuelled by a rechargeable battery pack with 8 Sony VTC6 18650 lithium ion batteries, and focused by a complex reflector into an epic beam, brilliantly lighting objects as far as you can see. The heat from these LEDs is dissipated by a centrifugal fan built into the carrying handle and powered by a separate rechargeable 18650 cell, allowing the X70 to sustain outputs of up to 18,000 lumens for 50 minutes and blast out 25,000 lumens for 8 minutes or 60,000 lumens for nearly a minute – durations which are not practical without active cooling.

The X70 represents a new benchmark in portable lighting. Darkness stands no chance against anyone armed with this flashlight, which is uniquely suited to search-and-rescue, military and marine operations, forestry and game-park management, and so much more.

Please view more: http://www.acebeam.com/x70

Oh my god I’m ordering one

Does this thing recoil when you push the trigger? :open_mouth:

Of course it does! Grip’er tight.

I’m really looking forward to the test of this!
Just hoping the guy testing it has blind neighbours, or they will become blind after this monster… :open_mouth:

Can you post more pictures of the light? What material is the handle and fan enclosure? Flashlight, fan handle Waterproof?

Definitely want one, gonna buy if I by time can afford it.

Nice, but way out of my price range at $629.00

The handle and exterior material of the fan definitely look like plastic.

Cost NO thanks

-Proprietary battery pack-No thanks

To each his own,throwers are so much more impressive

Found another picture, looks like it is basically a flashlight and a fan/hadle combo…

More pics…

I wonder if we could buy only the fan/handle for use with other flashlights like the BLF GT-70…

Nice. Looks like Acebeam finally got someone to write the description.

does it have a steel bezel or not ? first pic shows not and the second shows ?

What no centering rings for the 70.2’s? ( right click, click view image, right click, to enlarge)

I was super excited and was going to buy this for sure if it kept the internal fan design instead of this obnoxious looking handle. Acebeam, why did you abandon the original design?

Imagine dropping that thing on some hard ass concrete! I would say Fandle no more :FACEPALM:

311kcd is impressive. Hope it was done outdoor and no more surprise for buyer.
And where is the charging port? Is it Acebeam has out of Kodak film and can’t take more pictures? Go to to shop and buy some films please.

By the way, Imalent MS12 design is with some holes on bezel so that it can clip the shoulder strap on, that’s very strange design as the hole and clip will be in the way of sea of lumens.

at the speed this Imalent Acebeam dual is going i might just sit back wait wait for the 100,000

With this pace the next “lumen wars” will be changed to stepdown wars :))

i hope the external fan is durable and not will break down easy if u drop it from 1meter or more.

What about R90C? :wink: